Alphas, Betas, Omegas: A Primer by [personal profile] norabombay - all you ever wanted to know about A/B/O'verses, in detail. If you could only see the conversation this came from.

the social issues hit us: twenty hours of knotting and nothing to do )

You see this is a complex issue that should be explored very fully. I'm stuck on teh laundry sitch. I mean. Dear God. Rubber sheets?
Your Glass Dildo Buying History on Etsy Is Right Below Your Resume in Google - seriously. No, seriously. Etsy's done a Facebook and my God. I am so glad I do not a.) have an account there (I think?) and b.) did not buy any glass dildos if I had.

The de-privatization is apparently opt-out, so if you have an account, please to be going to check it. Real names are apparently visible, as is feedback history. Please read the article if you have an account and are concerned with privacy on etsy.

We need a Web Privacy newsletter for this kind of thing. Who's willing to start one? I'm getting nervous, no lie. I don't think I've used my real name in many accounts, but honestly, now I'm not sure.
In case you somehow missed this:

Review of the movie Splice by [ profile] makesomelove. In all caps. Because it kind of has to be.

Warnings for triggery content and sheer wtfery. If you are thinking of seeing it, I--maybe you don't want to be spoiled? Except seriously, maybe you might really need to be. Oh my God.

*re-reading in horror*

Just. No. No.

ETA: Rotten Tomatoes has it at 74%. I am seriously losing my faith in humanity.
Up at Unfunny Business:

It's Saturday Night And SPN fandom Brings the Unfunny

I'm doing this as a meta link and non-flocked, not only because it's at UFB, but because I don't think by any definition this is simply a fanwank. I've been reading this since--er, pretty much since I got home this afternoon from the zoo and I'll be honest; this isn't just a single fandom-specific issue, it's one that I think affects pretty much all of fandom.

Originally posted to Wank Report here.

Then when you're done, read This is bri, from silly to pissed off in 30 seconds flat by [ profile] brihana25, who possibly has written one of the most eloquent posts on the subject I've read. I'm going to say this is a must-read as well; this is brilliant, and she's brilliant for writing it.

FWIW, at least to me, the con-comm's actions here are incredibly reassuring to me as someone who goes to cons, as a fangirl, and as a woman. So personally, thank you.

I'm going to quote [personal profile] morgandawn's post on this, originally posted here:
As brihana25 put it...."I refuse to let internet fandom change the values that I hold in the real world.."

If you or someone you bring to one of my events (public or private) causes a woman to feel uncomfortable or threatened, you will not be invited again. Nor will I stand quietly by and allow people, however well meaning, blame those who complained or imply that they are whores, sluts or liars. If it is my party, it is my judgment call, right or wrong. Blaming the people who filed the complaint only creates a culture that silences and shames victims. So when it comes to the safety of women, I would rather act than do nothing. And that's my line in the sand.

Go read now.

ETA: All of journalfen is being very robust. Like, really robust.


It's Saturday Night And SPN fandom Brings the Unfunny at DW. Go!

ETA the Last, Please

This thread is frozen and anyone wanting to practice Rape Culture 101 fail needs to do it somewhere else; not like RL and the rest of the internet aren't there for you, so I feel comfortable practicing sanity here. I apologize to anyone who had to read that and were forced to respond; it's not an excuse, but I didn't watch these threads nearly as carefully as I should have and I'm sorry anyone had to deal with that in my LJ. Thank you for responding. You didn't have to be polite; in the future, feel free to flame if I am not there fast enough and make it a party.

Next person to fail rape culture goes to insta-ban. Just so we're all clear.
meta: the ghost in the room, or, why modesty is a dirty fucking word by [personal profile] synecdochic - regarding women, modesty, the imposter system, and being, you know, awesome and knowing it.

Okay, normally, I wouldn't caveat for like, "do you want your day to possibly start to suck", but I'm warning for reading two of the posts syne links to for context may kind of make your day suck, because let me tell you, I don't do well with unsettlingly pointed thoughts about how if you are really awesome, you a.) would be acknowledged for it by like, magic and stuff and b.) you shouldn't like, want to be acknowledged or something? The posts are marked so as not to stumble unknowingly. I totally own I realized what I was going to read so yes, that was my fault, but I seriously, seriously didn't get my first instinct was to wonder, and this is not the first time, is there anything on this planet about ourselves that women aren't supposed to erase. My second was to like, act crazy. My third was to read syne's post and see if that made me feel better. I think it will. Just not right now.

There's only so many ways you can use a short skirt analogy without it becoming tired and better used for the humor value, but seriously, my accomplishments now have too short a skirt and need to be a bit more modest? I mean, think about this one; we are like, three thousand something years from the apocrypha that the best reputation a woman can have is that no one knows she exists (paraphrased).

Tell me someone else is having a better day? Seriously, lie to me while I run get a Pepsi and ponder the ways of the universe. I blame the lack of coffee; I was never this unsettled when my caffeine came in brewed form.
Comm rec, found on my dwlist posted by [profile] hillarytamar, which some people on my flist and dwlist might be interested in and might not have seen yet:

[community profile] disabled_rage, moderated by [profile] hillarytamar. I'm going to paste part of the bio directly:
This is a community for all of us with disabilities to rage about the overwhelming ableist bullshit in the world around us. It's a place to vent our anger and frustration with the inaccessibility, the condescension, the ignorance, the mistreatment – in short, the rage-making things we're forced to fight every day.

This is a rage community. We like anger. We think it's healthy and happy to be angry. Rage is most effective when it stays more or less on target, though, and to that end, the comm has a few guidelines:....

Introductory post is here.

Membership is open to people with disabilities and non-disabled allies both. Comm profile has guidelines posted. Also on the profile is a list of five related communities that may also be of interest.

...yes, I am catching up on my flist, my dwlist, and I cleaned my room. Um. Some. And bagged an entire bag of clothes for donation. And have new underwear! Okay, TMI. This may be a frequent posting week.
Friday, April 9th, 2010 05:47 pm

adding a title

Actually, this is a test of crossposting. But I will add content, because finally I can read my LJ Flist.

Complete disclosure: work has weird issues with some websites at random times, and DW and several other sites (like, say, CNN) go out on me for no reason I can work out other than pure technological spite. So crossposting might be spotty when posting from work.

Part A

I have five spare DW codes. Comment and you are welcome to one of them.

Part B

The great debt clearing of 2010 is almost over. I did a more extensive flocked post on this, but I spent the last year overpaying to my 457 and playing with my honest to God ridiculous stock account and managed to save enough to pull one third of my stock profits and borrow heavily against my 457 to do a mass payoff of what will end up being a total of four credit cards, my Dell account, and a personal loan I got forever ago. This year was very--not bad, but let's say it will be nice to be contributing a normal amount of my check toward my 457 (plus loan payback) and have like, normal disposable income.

Before anyone looks at the stock thing and goes, really? I will be honest with you. This should not have worked. I spreadsheeted worst and best case scenario. I did better than my most realistic best case scenario and this proves the stock market is evil and very possibly controlled by the spirit of Loki, and I need to repeat this--I don't know how this happened.

However, this is not to say anyone shouldn't or couldn't do it. I'll be honest--even if I'd done not so great, it is fun. I started a second custodial account for Child, and while I'm a lot more conservative with him than I was--or I am--with myself, it's still something I think now I'm comfortable doing. So there you go.

Part C

I celebrated my somewhat-freedom with netbooks for my sisters and my personal gift to myself is a new Netgear N Router, which has the highest ratings for a dual-band and will help with the immense amount of internet traffic in a house where the number of computers outnumber the number of people who live here. I'm staring thoughtfully at Road Runner national mobile, which will supplement my phone in assuring I will never suffer the deprivation of not being online at any given second. My major city of visiting is Chicago, where [ profile] svmadelyn lives, where there is access to it through G3/G4, so it seems like a good idea , along with some other cities that are out there and I could end up in at some point.

(I should get her ten year plan for if she intends to move so I can check those cities for access. Or maybe just give her a list of acceptable cities to move to? What do you think?)

Part D

Gakked from [personal profile] everysecondtuesday here: the community formerly known as fanspastic changed its name to [community profile] fangasmic, moderators' post and counterpost on the subject.

I apologize to those that were offended or upset by the name--I didn't recognize it as ableist language when I posted the link in my LJ until [ profile] ratcreature pointed it out and another person confirmed it soon after. I hadn't ever heard it used as a medical term (though I know it's connected to cerebal palsy, I'd only read that and weirdly, that didn't translate to my verbal vocabulary), but that doesn't excuse my ignorance of it being used derogatorily. As an aside, is this where the term 'spaz' comes from? I checked slang entymology on google and I'm pretty sure it does (and even if it doesn't, it's close enough that I really don't feel the niche it has in my vocabulary is so important I need to keep it around), but I just wanted to check.

Part E

I cannot believe how much dw specific html I forgot. Gah.

I'm still torn on the import function for DW, so I haven't made a point to import my entire LJ here, though I'm still archiving it, and I'm seriously leaning toward it if LJ's servers keep up this. For me, ti's been doing the slow-service thing for a couple of weeks now and it's getting both irritating and worrying.
Sunday, April 4th, 2010 04:18 pm

meta and music

Part A

Is Grumpy Old Fic Queen by zvi on DW, in which Zvi speaks on original fic in slash archives and kind of encapsulates the awesome that is fanfiction:
I like fanfiction because it is fanfiction. Because, even if someone fails to get across in their 374 word meditation on how the light falls in character X's hair, I can go to Wikipedia and discover (a) why anyone in the world gives a damn about character X and (b) by hair the author meant swirling id vortex about to swallow all of existence, unless character C does something about it.

The rest of the entry is about original fic in fanfiction archives and makes some good points about why that's odd. I've never had any strong feelings either way, but I agree with why she doesn't care for it. I mean, I read a lot of fanfiction, but I also read a lot of fiction that is not fanfiction (or pretends it's not fanfiction, which always amuses me in a variety of ways). They are different in what expectations I bring to them (my standards for loving professional work have changed dramatically), and not just because of the word derivative being involved either; this is the only place that it's perfectly acceptable to write second person pov future perfect and people that don't have PhD's in literature think it's freaking awesome.

I actually have this entire thing on why fanfiction satisfies the part of me that loves literary risk-taking even when it fails; I might think they did it badly, but I seriously love anyone who sits down, pops out their word processing program of choice, and says, "Let us shuck the bonds of literary convention like whoa. With porn." Baby, go for it. Double second person pov sex with no gerunds in non-chronological order? Bring it.

Part B:

It's that time again; I need new writing music.

After nearly a month of searching, I have seven songs that I keep listening to because I don't actually like them--wait for it!--but I know that I will. I don't know why I will--something will click, basically--but it's the uneasy knowledge that right now they are the equivalent of nails on chalkboard and suddenly one day I will turn them on and they will work. It can take years--I'm serious, I've bought songs on the future expectation I will love them, which is why I have stories written to songs made in like, 1998 or before--but they will and I'll be grateful later.

Recent Examples of Song Bought on Expectation That Became Awesome For No Reason:

Say When, The Fray - second fastest turnover, three weeks. I hated it when I bought the album. Then it came up on rotation and boom. There.
Enough for Now, The Fray - fastest turnover, three hours. I hated it so much I almost removed it from my playlists altogether. Then I got distracted, it came up on rotation, boom. We're done.
Don't Cry Out, Shiny Toy Guns - sixteen days. See above.
In My Head, Jason Derulo - months of listening to it on the radio, hated it, loved his first single. See above.
Hum Hallelujah, Fall Out Boy -, years? I heard it I don't know when and could not get into it. Then I was reading bandslash and turned it on for background music and boom.
I cannot talk about my musical relationship with My Chemical Romance, but let's just say I never had a moment where I doubted myself as much as the horrified realization I couldn't edit fic without it. It works best when in conjunction with Lady Gaga's Paparazzi and any cover of any Cyndi Lauper song. I think the beat and mood change like, does something, IDK.

Recent Acquisitions That Are Not There Yet:

I Don't Want to Be, Gavin DeGraw - I have no idea, but I was listening to the iTunes sample and going, whatever, then the chorus--did something. I don't know what. But there you go.
Closer to You, The Wallflowers - my long-lost ex-roommate lived and died on them and Counting Crows. I was very much not impressed. Then it came up in iTunes Genius and. Yeah. God, I hate this song. And yet. I won't, eventually.
Closer, Ne-Yo - actually, this one has an explanation. It's on Dance Dance Revolution 3 and for some reason, I know it will work for something. I just don't know what yet.
Breakeven, the Script - I heard it on the radio and tried to change the channel, so you know, I went to listen to it again. Basically, if I loathe it the first time I hear it, that's also a good indicator there's something there.
You and Me, Dave Matthews Band - I don't hate this. I like having it on background. I just don't feel anything specific except every once in a while, I hear something and go, oh, that. Then it's gone. Whatever.
I'll Run, The Cab - God. No idea. I just know okay?
Nutshell, Alice in Chains - ....I kind of think the intro is what keeps making me listen grimly.
Also on this list: Tantric, Course of Nature, and Parachute, who I ended up buying the album in a fit of insomnia because there is something there.

*pokes playlist* The Cab thing really is getting to me.
Part A

Is complaisancy a word? I have seen it written but it keeps being picked up by the dictionary as misspelled and this is working against my zen.

It's bothering me, okay?

ETA: Complacency. I love [ profile] cofax7 so much. I was kind of going crazy.

Part B

More podfics of my Five Things fics! by [ profile] fleurrochard, including Five Times Merlin Couldn't Take His Eyes Off Arthur, Three things (or four, or five, depending on your inspiration!) that Merlin doesn't know about Arthur, but will do, eventually, and Five magical creatures Arthur didn't kill. She makes them sound like, amazingly deep and awesome.

I love podfic.

Part C

The Broccoli Test on DW, which makes me kind of nostalgic for a time I wasn't in fandom.

So it's like, not uncommon for me to rec new comms I'm reading, but usually I do it under flock in case it turns into a dark place of wank or for plausible deniability I was ever there or posted anything ever, but this one I'm still curious about because I'm not sure where they're going with this. Fanspastic advertises itself thus:
Fanspastic is a space by slashers, for slashers, by women, for women, and unashamed of it. It is not your mama's fandom knitting circle. There are no communities, we have no membership or cliques. Fanspastic has an editorial staff and an editorial point of view. It's not personal: it's fandom.

[Disclaimer: I have been reading it from a link from a friend for several weeks and posted the Broccoli Test link to metafandom since I thought it was funny and I was in the nostalgia mood for fandom gone by. And I admit it, I want to see how other people react to it, since I'm in the positive but confused mix of the spectrum.]

Anyway, on the strength of this entry on the new Dr. Who, I kind of fell in love. Well, that and the fic header breakdowns.

It's not that I'm against in any way the way meta in fandom has grown and expanded, but a leavening of fannish meta-ishness (meta-lite? meta-fandom-specific) is really nice as well. Yes, I do indeed miss ship wars sometimes. Shoot me now that I can still say that without irony.
PSA: Fandomnews and Laura Hale by [ profile] cofax7 with an update here. [ profile] cofax7 outlines why being involved with LH's projects is um, she didn't say skeevy, but I will because seriously. Skeevy. Along with links as to why her projects and methods are problematic (read: skeevy).

Read, review, joy. How is it only Wednesday?
From [ profile] sparkymonster: A lesson in good vs. bad irony thanks to Amanda Palmer.

Amanda Palmer of the "Dresden Dolls" and "Evelyn/Evelyn" fame decided to talk about her dislike of Lady Gaga last night on twitter. Among other things, Gaga is a sell out, is just like Justin Bieber, and Palmer really dislikes the product placement in "Telephone".

Then Amanda Palmer shared this:
ironic product placement is only ok if you take no money & beyond that give all the income to something ironic. like the Klan.

Let me just repeat. Something ironic. like the Klan.

*****This might be potentially triggering for violence, as [ profile] sparkymonster illustrates her point with pictures of actual lynchings of African Americans in the US.*****

Amanda Parmer's bizarre feats of self-promotion have been questionable at best and plain offensive at worst before now, but this is--I keep erasing what I was going to say here. I don't know what to say that encompasses how revolting this is, how lightly she takes a horrific and destructive part of both our past and our present, the systematic murder of African Americans because they demanded equality, the deliberate attempt to use murder as both a method of silencing and a warning.

Okay, just--what the fuck was that? I can't even tell how the hell that train of thought starts.

Go read [ profile] sparkymonster for more information, links, and commentary.
Huh. You know, I really want to do an Unpopular Fannish opinion meme, but most of it right now would be about a.) Merlin b.) Star Trek Reboot c.) Torchwood, and d.) miscellaneous. The problem isn't wanting to do one--it's that right now, I want to be offensive about it, filled with absolute statements sprinkled with the word douche in liberal measure.

Which is a problem, as like right now, I have like thirty things on my list, and only like, five of them on a normal day even break my irritation zone.

So, instead, a meta rec: Major Fannish Events by [ profile] thefourthvine, which is spoilery for everything ever and awesome. This is her question.
What is the big fannish event you wish you could have seen? (Seen the live reaction to, anyway.) But even more important, to help me in my fantasizing - what are the big fannish events you'll never forget? What were they like to live through?

Spoilery. For. Everything. And so freaking awesome.
As This Is My Life
So apparently, someone doing roadwork cut through our cable line, and we have a.) no cable, b.) no internet and c.) no phone. Which means tonight, may not be on if I can't get the tethering to work between John II and Arthur. However, Arthur the G1 and I are going to bond like whoa. Just. G3 is not very fast. So we'll see how that's going to work out.

ETA: Have internetz! They fixed it! Shocking.

Sexual Assault, Triggering, and Warnings: An Essay by [ profile] impertinence

Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery.

In response to this essay, I've had a complete reversal on my general attitude of whatever on warnings. Sure, it should not take someone gutting themselves publicly for me to work out why this is so important, but there you go, that's what it actually took in this case. That is perhaps one of the hardest things I've read in the last year, bar none. Recommended reading no matter what side of the warning debate you are on and in my opinion required reading if you're going to debate this topic at all, ever, anywhere.

Also recommended:

Warnings by [ profile] zvi_likes_tv at Dreamwidth, with an alternate perspective on the warning issue, along with very good conversations in comments (actually, both essays have both great and faintly terrifying commentary). I'm going to say whatever side you are on, this, too, should be read thoroughly before engaging.

ETA: [ profile] reginagiraffe linked in comments to [ profile] kalpurna's post on easy ways to do warnings. We shall all read and learn and do better.

For me, I think I'll just automatically add a line to all headers (and if I don't, someone for the love of God slap me for stupidity; I'm adding it to my autotext header in MSWord now) for Warning and either enter None or See Cut for a separate section before the story starts. I don't often have the more common trigger issues in my fic, but honestly, since I haven't thought about warnings, I very well may have and just haven't paid attention to it.
On rape and men (Oh yes, I'm going there) by [ profile] cereta on rape, culture, and being That Guy.

Reading both the essay and comments is the profound type of uncomfortable that always accompanies the moments that you see yourself.

I can't tell a story that hasn't been told a hundred times, and that's a story in itself--there's something I can't describe in the sheer mundanity of reading and saying, yes, yes, yes, that's me, that was me, that could have been me, that was my friend, my sister, my mother. It shouldn't be this common to be reminded how much I'm defined by what I carry between my legs.

There should be a difference between being an object and a woman; they aren't synonymous. Most days, I try to forget it's common to confuse the two. Usually, I can't.
Read this right now. If you are having a bad day, you will feel better. If you are having a great day, it will make it awesome.

Let's Talk About Books!: Today's topic: Oh My God, I Can See Your Id! by [ profile] brown_betty - the comments. Are. Hilarious.

Just--you know, run along and giggle hysterically. Though now I do want an argument related to profic id as opposed to the fanfic id--ie, is it more acceptable to drown in your id in fanfic than in profic?

I dunno. Now I want to see how many of us are aware of what we are writing. I will admit my awareness is sporadic and carefully contained between four and six in the morning when I go look at my tags for indulgence and notice a pattern.
Just because I was thinking on the differences (though more facetiously), linking this.

The Moving Pixel Writes by [ profile] jonquil on how argument works on the web.
I'm in bed with "flu-like symptoms" and am waiting for the doctor's office to be open so I can call. Meantime, here's some stuff that's been percolating in the back of my mind. This is based on my isolated corner of the Web, namely LiveJournals and political bloggers, as well as experience with a lot of other bulletin boards, mailing lists, USENET groups, and so on dating back to 1983. Your Web may vary -- which is part of the point.

And now, back to work. I am not fond of having all this work when there is meaningful discussion out there, let me tell you.

(I wonder if we could get an lj-fandom specific version? I think just for one section entitled "You Want to Sue For What Again? Really? Because seriously.)
Fine, so it is my day for posting links.

and then, randomly, there was a STARGATE: ATLANTIS Fandom Primer on your flist. by [ profile] bookshop, in which she tells a terrifying amount of truth about a not-so-great-show and the fandom that is the equivalent of a Grateful Dead concert.

Also, this.

Certain fics are written entirely in mathematics. Certain fics are written entirely in made up languages. Certain fics are structured around theoretical physics. It's not that you never see these things in other fandoms, but SGA is the only fandom that sees them on such a consistent and pervasive level.

And sometimes, we did all three at once.

I also call it how [ profile] astolat made me google freaking unsolvable math problems on a regular basis. And let me say, for no other fandom would I read The Elegant Universe nor make sense of it by slashing quantum physics with relativity while reading and finding the quarks named Top and Bottom proof of Sheppard/McKay's true love.

And then there's entanglement theory, which one horrible day I sat up and thought "I hate math. When did this become my life? And where the fuck are the numbers in this equation? And why am I excited some guy in Jerusalem solved the Road Colouring Problem?"

(Please don't ask. Just know I bought a box of colored pens and toothpicks and tried to model it three-dimensionally and I have no fucking clue what you do with that. It's pretty though, in three colors that always know where they're going, if they don't know where they've been.)

Thank you SGA. You have totally screwed me for life.
A couple of Several posts I ran across regarding the outing of [ profile] coffeeandink and assorted context to current discussions.

Shorter Kathryn Cramer by [ profile] zvi_likes_tv gathers summary, argument, denoucement, and brilliance into a brick to beat the hell out of ignorance. Also a ton of good links and context to what's been going on.

Shetterly & Cramer: Once More, With Failing by [ profile] vito_excalibur, which I am recommending for being both incredibly good and funny and very, very true. Basically, anyone who starts out with xkcd is already in a winning position, and she makes some interesting points about the shift of media and book culture and also some great links.

Cultural Appropriation and SF/F: Once More, With Apathy by [ profile] shewhohashope on conversational redirections, internet pseudonymity, and basically everything. Also, links.

Also for those that have been thinking of the implications of Cramer and Shetterly's blatant outing of an dissenting voice as a form of punishment and silencing opposition, PSA: Protecting Your Pseudonymity by [ profile] tacky_tramp has some practical advice.

I know that a post about You and Your Online Life and Times went around last year around this time, so if I can remember what it was and where I saw it, I'll post that too. I could swear it was [ profile] astolat that posted it, but my memory is not what sane people call good unless it relates to obscure fic about Clark's penis (God, that I could forget).

Yes, the antibiotics are indeed kicking in, and I have a lot of reading to catch up on here.

ETA: [ profile] par_avion found the post by [ profile] astolat about the outing with more practical tips for pseudonym protection.
Well, Then. *Puts on her Magical Merlin Meta Hat (tm)* by [ profile] solar_cat is an answer to [ profile] thingwithwings's post on Merlin and Merlin fandom.

Interesting reading and some specific rebuttal points on Merlin and misogyny. Especially interesting is the Morgana examination, since I tend to agree with her assessment of how the show has set it up.
tnh: the fail years by [ profile] chopchica

I don't know but I can make an educated guess how many people here have been reading along with the cultural appropriation and race debates going around LJ. For context, [ profile] rydra_wong has a fantastic collection of links here.

Up until now, I could squint and kind of see how the defenders of [ profile] tnh were seeing the situation. And to be honest, considering how often I've lost my temper online and said things I regret, I wanted to believe it wasn't--well, what it is to be honest. It's not a hotheaded reaction or--I mean, I fail this one, too. I don't know what to call concentrated malice dressed in self-righteous hypocricy.

This post isn't defensible. The comments aren't defensible. There's nothing that can justify the level of malice expressed there from what I've read over the last week in [ profile] rydra_wong's links.

See link to [ profile] chopchica's post for more, please.
Of Course Everyone Is Just Like Me [poll] by [ profile] trobadora
Just curious: When you write original characters and you don't have a reason to specifically make them gay or straight, what happens?

Interesting stuff in comments on default assumptions, in case anyone is curious. Default assumptions as a concept has been simmering in my head for a while, with an entire train of thought on writer responsibility in teh face of JK Rowling's post-canon outing of Dumbledore. It's all very confused.
Because I needed the pick me up, and Fanlore reminded me....

books to make my flist's heads explode: John Ringo - there is nothing, and I repeat this, nothing on earth that cheers me up as fast as [ profile] hradzka's review of Paladin of Shadows books. To put this in context, when I'm unhappy, it's Robin Williams standup from the late eighties/early nineties, Eddie Izzard and flags, anything George Carlin I can find, and this. It is like an absolute good but you know, in that way that leads down the primrose path of Gor novels and softcore fantasy porn from the sixties, which let us never speak of again, because I'm having flashbacks.

Instead! Let us speak of the books! Or let [ profile] hradzka.

Once you get past GHOST's initial spleen-venting, the PALADIN OF SHADOWS series falls into a much-maligned, much-loved genre which, for lack of a better name, I call "Man Builds Stuff and Gets Lots of Pussy." This is, quite frankly, what got me reading the series: I am not much for stories of a guy just killing terrorists and getting laid a lot; but let him start building a small kingdom while killing terrorists and getting laid a lot, and I am there. I confess that have a soft spot for these kinds of stories. I suspect that *lots* of men do: even if we don't build things ourselves, we like to *read about* guys building things: castles, weapons, companies, societies. It's really very soothing; it combines the pleasures of fiction with a those of a do-it-yourself manual.

I still love that bit. Because it's true. My favorite books and favorite fic, at some point, have one of three things: creating a new county/barony/principality; creating a new kingdom/empire/fief; creating a new religion/religion/religion. Organization is soothing and watching the step by step process of it is very similiar to curling up with a cat and a good spreadsheet. It's not quite a moment you take notes on How to Get Your Godhead Declared (protip: giant worms make everything easier), but it also reminds you that in this world, there is still room for creativity.

If you missed it, I have no clue where you have been, because really. My God. Greatest book review ever. Also, I feel it is less likely I will find myself ending today standing on some sort of roof and waving a fist toward the sky. No idea where that might have come from.
For those interested, [ profile] truepenny just finished her reviews of dS seasons one and two and is about to start season three. Which I, for one, am trying not to hyperventilate over, because I love her grasp of both character arc and mytharc. As the season one reviews were fantastic and season two were extremely thoughtful and you know, I'm a junkie. Like this is a surprise.

Tag for Due South reviews.

I'd read them all so as to be ready to start when she posts for Burning Down the House (Jesus, why couldn't it be today????).

Also, she uses pararealism, surrealism, and contrarealism sometimes in the same paragraph! I honestly don't know how I avoided a vocabulary high. Perhaps I have one now.

You know, it wouldn't hurt to watch the eps before each review at all, I think. *mulls*
[ profile] ithiliana has a post up here regarding [ profile] amireal's idea to buy a Variety ad in response to the cancellation of SGA.

I think what weirds me out most is that the idea needs a defense. I mean, I can see disagreement and everything, but really. Pretty sure fandom can support many different initiatives, not just one. We are good at that, being multitaskers and all.

In other news, my dentist called me at work this morning to make sure I was feeling better. I fought the urge to propose over the phone; that sort of thing should be done in person, y/y? Y.
So today, I thought, ahh, fandom will have a nice wind down and start mocking something that doesn't cause us all rage blackouts and whatnot. Which is true and false.

Law and Order: London (gakked from [ profile] tzikeh)
No, really.

Law and Order: London
What would that Law & Order "clonk-clonk" noise (see video) sound like with a British accent?

We'll find out this fall when the Dick Wolf-produced legal franchise heads overseas with ITV's Law and Order: London.

Okay. Martha from Dr. Who and Apollo from BSG in Law and Order. I have no idea how I am going to wait for the premiere and not have some kind of cognitive break. I also start a countdown on the first LAO/Dr. Who crossover, which even if it's bad, is going to be awesome. It just is.

Jensenvention (gakked from--well, a lot of places)
It took several reads, a google cache search, and two people to explain to me what I was reading.

Explanation here. And an explanation of Jensenvention here. I think I worked it out. Never said I was all that great at deductive reasoning.

Here's what I got: correct me if I'm wrong.

So there is a website, Jensenvention. It is satire regarding Jensen Ackles life and career. It got a C&D and was shut down. some people are upset.


Syne and Internet Business
For those curious, [ profile] synecdochic posted Internet Business Numbers for the Layperson.
So, thanks to several simultaneous issues going around, there are a number of people who are pointing at various internet properties that "fandom" uses and trying to place a valuation on them: how much money they're bringing in, what their operating costs are, and how much 'profit' they're making. I don't want to link to any of those conversations, because (IMO) every one that I've seen has some serious flaws in their methodology, either by overestimating income or underestimating costs, leading to vastly-inflated figures (for cost, income, or profit) being bandied about, and I don't want to perpetuate them. What I do want to do is talk a little bit about methodology, about how to make a estimation of the economics of an Internet property, and more importantly, how to spot grossly inflated numbers when they're slung around in an argument.

Some enlightening and nicely non-technical explanations of income, profit, overhead, and other--stuff. Did I mention I have not and never wanted to be a businessperson? Yeah. But if I can understand it, anyone can.

And with that, I am going to read something in porn. Maybe with handcuffs. It just depends.
I’ve got the thingie. Half in English, half in squibbly by [ profile] ciderpress - fantastic essay on entire icky ickiness of LH and the self-centered pursuit of personal enrichment at the cost of actual people.

My fundamental problem with Laura Hale and her friends is not that they are making money from fandom through googleanalytics or whatever is on the site now or trying to sell the wiki to the highest bidder on content and information that does not belong to her, that was not created by her except for the parts she... fabricated. My problem with Laura Hale and her friends is that they are making money from fandom by lying, by causing distress and real life repercussions, they're making money by gleefully soliciting and generating wank, by making our fandom a fundamentally unsafer and unhappier space. They cause misery, not *just* because they can, but because it puts money in their pockets. All of this is because it's good for *marketing*, it's her viral strategy.

This is not right. I don't care if this is capitalism at work. This is absolutely not right.

(Bolding mine.)

I think she has expressed my feelings on the subject completely. Fantastic piece of meta.
So it's not over, or at least, not yet. As we are--wait, let me quote this--right. A unique marketing opportunity.

[ profile] liviapenn talks here about partly bouncy's ultimate motive for being an asshat--to wit, selling her wiki.

Quote from partly bouncy:
Had a great big chat with the major Fan History sysops regarding Fan History and its potential and if they'd be comfortable if I ever sold it, etc. The people who are the sysops pretty much realize that, for some of that, I'm sitting on a really nice, pretty comprehensive market research tool. That doesn't even begin to get into various other things I have compiled, like lists of LiveJournal communities that you can advertise your in fandom material on, contact lists, private demographic studies I've done, polling data, etc. The potential there for using that from a marketing perspective at fandom is nice. (It is why Fan History does NOT have a GNLU license and why our privacy policy is rather vague.)

*thoughtful* Well. I am glad her sysops were also awesome with this when she told them about it.
[ profile] svmadelyn has some thoughts on what partly_bouncy is up to with her open outing of fans and breaking fannish privacy here.
Read these now:

Dejana and Ithiliana on invasions of fannish privacy.
Meta recs:

On bandflesh and anonymity in fandom by [ profile] wistfuljane. It makes an interesting argument about the reasons for anonymity and the pitfalls.

If you as a community of bandfleshers are willing to allow things to be said without facing retributions then you must, I think, be able to accept things said against your community without punishing those who said them.

On the other side:

re:bandflesh by [ profile] impertinence. This one is pro-anonymous and I like her explanation of the attraction and why it works for her:

Have you ever posted something, went to bed, woken up and thought OH SHIT WHY DID I DO THAT D: but known it was too late to stop people remembering you as "that chick who posted that opinion I REALLY HATE"? Yeah, me too. But on bandflesh, no matter how dumb you are, there's always the chance for forgiveness, because you're anon. People's grudges might last into forever, but they're not grudges against you and don't color further interaction.

I think [ profile] wistfujane comes closest to my feelings; it can't be a one-way street. The problem isn't wanting somewhere to post that's anonymous; stripping away individual identity is freeing as hell and allows people to say what they don't feel they can say otherwise, or that they feel they will be reviled for, or heck, as [ profile] impertinence states above. That's why anonymous memes are so popular.

But, at least for me, giving up individuality to a group does, in fact, mean you take responsibility for asshattery that happens in the group. That's part of the trade you make for that freedom.

ETA: The Place With the Thing by [ profile] quettaser. I liked this one too. Also in defense of anonymous comm, etc.
Saturday, May 17th, 2008 09:27 pm

saturdays are boring

Most Hated Books in [ profile] glitterandlube's livejournal. I'm feeling a strong sense of solidarity atm, because dear God am I tired about being told about meaningful books and blah blah blah.

Here's why: in the greater scheme of things, it's rare that in fiction, meaningful trumps entertaining for me personally. I don't often go out, stare at the fiction section, and think to myself, I need a course of philosophical thought. Let me find something fictional to act allegorically on this. No. I'll get out my fucking Plato like a normal person. It's also why I love CS Lewis up to the last book (and I like the last book, just I hate Narnia ending, and he took off the kid gloves too hard and too fast near the end).

(I also love the fact freaking Bacchus is in there. You cannot hate anyone who has the god of wine and sex showing up at Creation. That's kickass. The after party of Narnia Creation must have been for the record books, people. Bacchus. Oh Lewis. Sometimes.)

(I'm also still confused by the misogynist argument about Susan in that one. I don't argue that women in Lewis' books weren't exactly treated with the care of the men, but even when I was twelve, I read Susan's defection as worldliness and narcissism and materialism, not sexuality.)

ETA: Link fixed. *sighs* That's what I get for having a thousand tabs open of SPN spoilers.
Okay, found it!

That Ain't White by Matt Ray (American Sexuality Magazine), link found here in an entry by [ profile] sinsense whilst lj hopping. It covers the etymology and histroy of the term "white trash" which, I'll be honest, I had no idea was actually pre-Civil War (for some reason, I was convinced it was Reconstruction, but I have no idea where I got that idea. Out of My Ass Encyclopedia probably).

The article covers the origins of the word and an interesting link with eugenics and the legalization of sterilization back in the twenties as well as current usage and misusage. The classism connotations I'm intimately familiar with, but the racial, as discussed in [ profile] sinsense's lj, make an interesting addition.
While not directly about the last few weeks of stunning lapses of intelligence (IE OSBP, Kristallnacht most recently), this is an interesting conversation about how fans deal with events, people, things that cross our lines (sexism, racism, etc).

Why Is There Not More Shunning? by [ profile] poisontaster

I'm not going to quote, because I don't want to remove anything from context. There are some interesting conversations and commentary going on in terms of shunning, dogpiling, the whys, the ethics and the various ways all these things intersect.

From a purely intellectual standpoint (for whatever value assigned to my ability to be objective about the behavior of my tribe, so to speak), I find this utterly fascinating. Personally, it feels like reminder, warning, and question all at once. What it's asking, though, I'm not sure yet. I'll get back to you on that.

Short version: read.
Well. Okay. Still in the meta link phase of my fannish development while trying to write a blowjob between two assassins. One this time:

Don't Be That Guy by [ profile] synedochic - I'll quote below because summarizing won't cut it.

And I pulled that together, and I thought about a dear friend of mine, who is -- genuinely and with all sincerity -- one of the Good Guys, someone who understands the fact that he has straight white male privilege even if he doesn't always spot it in action in the wild. We were talking about privilege (in another context, before this blew up), and he said something I found really sad -- not that it makes me sad about him, but sad about the society -- which was (paraphrased) that he knows he has this privilege and he doesn't want to fumble around and make things worse for people by accidentally displaying it. So he stays out of those conversations, because he doesn't want to impose and make people uncomfortable. Which I think is an admirable attitude, really (because, you know, not making things worse is a pretty good starting point). But he's scared that he's going to accidentally be That Guy, and he says that he knows some of the things that would make him into That Guy but not all of them, and he really, really, really doesn't want to trip over one of the others.

But all of this input came together, and I think I'm finally ready to take a stab at this. I'm going to try to articulate the concept of That Guy, as I see it. Disclaimers and my epic longwindedness behind the cut.

It's--well, amazing at articulating a lot of what's hard to articulate; how do you explain a feeling or an instinct, quantify an exchange you know felt wrong and aren't sure why? It's hard to do.

Anyway. I'm still thinking about it; it's good stuff.

ETA: (this happens *every time* I post a link. I find another one!)

When You Take The Fun Out, They're Just Bags - I am going to express my glee in quotes:

I gotta say this about nerds. They're ingenious little bastards. Out of the core raw ingredients of desperation, fetishism, and limited worldview, they are able to create completely new and innovative areas of Dumb. They are the MacGyvers of stupidity. They are, quite literally, idiot savants.

The only way it could possibly be more awesome is if the word 'veritable' was placed before McGyvers. And that's just because I like the word veritable and feel strongly we should use it more. Read it all.
[ profile] hradzka is checking on interest in an Oh John Ringo, No charity t-shirt. I'll pull the exact text from the livejournal entry.

It's official. The T-shirt project is now JOHN RINGO ENDORSED, and he's approved the Helen Bamber Foundation as the charity beneficiary for the T-shirt sales. (Yes, they'll probably be horrified, as they complain about Gitmo on their web page, but the Foundation helps a lot of women who've been forced into prostitution -- and I ask you, isn't that exactly what Mike does? his way.) No design entries so far, so I'm going to talk to some fanartists and get something nice drawn up. I'll send the word out when we're ready to go.

Entry on Charity T-Shirt

Awesome shirt for a good cause; what's not to love? I can't wait to see the design.
Okay, so not last link, but I really loved this one:

A Straight Geek Male's Guide to Interaction with Females by [ profile] timjr -- I liked a lot.

And bonus in the comments that made me laugh:

Hmm, I had been thinking about writing such a post. Now I can be lazy and just link it far and wide across the land, spreading it to our less enlightened brethren, who still live in darkness and filth.

And darkness caused by filth.

Seriously, guys, deodorant is cheap. I shouldn't be so much higher on the ol' attractiveness scale just because I follow basic hygiene.
--[ profile] vampirehunter85, on hygeine, here

ETA: (I'm like a junkie)

"sex-positive". what a loaded term by [ profile] synedochic -- fantastically informative, insightful, and explanatory for those, like me, who were geeky and yet managed to not stumble over geek culture all that much in the real world. And other stuff. I am explaining it badly. Go read.

Okay now. Is it just me, or--I have to admit, I'm almost grateful for this mess. In the last three days I've learned a *lot* and more importantly, learned how very much I actually don't know (which is far, far more). I'd say it's embarrassing, but I'm too excited at the wealth of information being basically handed to me as a gift to even go there. Some of this is primer level stuff, some of it is far above my current understanding, and none of it beyond what I can learn. So you know, thank you internetz. The responses have been awesome.
Okay, one final link, since it won't show up on [ profile] metafandom yet:

I Want A Great Big Stick And A Large Can of Whoop-Ass by [ profile] emrinalexander totally brings it.


"I don't get it," you say, scratching your heads. See, I wish I could feel sorry for you not getting it, but see? Life is inherently unfair and part of that unfairness is that I don't freaking care if you actually understand all the whys and wherefores. Not one damn bit do I care. I don't understand why most men can look like the back of bus, be toothless, and only have one leg, and yet they still think if they hit on the 20 year old blonde girl she's going to maybe give them a go. See? Life is unfair, get over it.

And this is why I love her. A lot.

ETA: (I thought I'd linked this)

Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Project by [ profile] vito_excalibur

I would like to start the Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Program. Here's my pledge: if I see somebody groping you in public, and you're not moaning Yes! Yes! Yes!, I will break through your Somebody Else's Problem invisibility field and come over and ask if you're okay. If your situation looks dangerous enough I can't help on my own, I will call over friends or, if it's a situation in which I think the cops would be on your side, I will call the cops. If you're being harassed by a guy, you can say so to me, even if you don't know me. I pledge I will distract him so you can get away, or I will tell him that he needs to leave, or whatever I can do to the best of my ability. I pledge that yes, actually, because you are a woman I will give you the benefit of the doubt. If you tell me that a guy just did something shitty to you I will not refuse to look at any evidence and tell you that I know him and he's a great guy and you must have been imagining things. I have great loyalty to my male friends but I will not allow that to blind me to the fact that none of us are saints and even my best friends can screw up and may need to be called on it. I pledge that I will walk you to your car if you don't feel safe walking alone at night, and then you can drive me to mine.

Yes. This. Right here. I'm in. Yes.
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 02:04 pm

this day doesn't rhyme

To do a final roundup of the Boob Idiocy, because as of now, I will use the words open source in relation to this over my dead body (and breasts), Unfunny Business at Journalfen has a really good roundup of a variety of the links.

Separately, Scalzi's blog has an interesting commentary (a year ago, I didn't even recognize his name; now I can pick his name out of a line-up and quote lines from his blog. I find this funny on a variety of levels) here.

because irritation contributes to dry skin )

ETA: Also adding The Right of Making Available by [ profile] rivkat, which hands down is one of my favorite responses yet.
There is no part of me that did not flinch.

The Open-Source Boob Project, and even writing that, I feel like I've given up something.

Okay, here's the thing. Short skirt, pantyhose, tight pants, tight shirt, no bra, no underwear, high heels, lipstick, eyeliner, perfect teeth, perfect breasts, smile already, you look sad, straighten your back, chin up, posture, nice ass, that's my life, kids, that's our lives, that's what we see and what we hear and what we're asked to be--I was born wearing green and will wear it until the day I die.

Now you want to legitimize it? I want to take that color off.

Thanks a bunch. Really. What we actually needed here was agency on top. You don't get to ask this. You are not entitled to it. You have no fundamental right to the question. Why, in the name of God, is this. So. Hard?

For people who are actually articulate and not on the point of tears of Jesus fuck, why are you not getting this:

This by [ profile] springheel_jack, this by [ profile] kate_nepveu, this by [ profile] the_red_shoes, and this by [ profile] brown_betty.

I keep going back and thinking it cannot, cannot actually be what it reads as, and every time, it really, really is.
Drive by meta rec, originally linked off my flist.

Repeat to Yourself, It's Just a Show by [ profile] popfantastic:


But I am suggesting that talking about social and cultural issues in fandom educates me about how to understand, explore, and respond to them in other contexts. And I'm grateful to those who put in the mental and emotional energy to carry on these conversations, which are often frustrating at best and devastating at worst. So to say that it doesn't "do anything" or "accomplish anything" (in the offline world, in relation to "real-life" events) to talk about racism or misogyny in TV shows is not only beside the point, but also factually incorrect, at least as applied to this fangirl.

I'm still curious how much crossover there is between my RL and OL. RL does affect OL big time, but I've never actively tried to quantify what I bring from OL to RL either. Possibly because my fandom life is better documented, so to speak. I'm not sure if it's even quantifiable, to be honest, but I know it's there. I just don't know to what extent.

Anyway, fascinating post, and some of the comments are equally interesting.
In my continuing quest to be lazy....

Part A

You were all waiting for it; anti-fanfic bingo!

The AntiFanfic Bingo Card by [ profile] ithiliana.

But wait! There's more!

The Anti-AntiFanfic Bingo Card by [ profile] entropy_house

Next argument, everyone meet her with their cards and pens; winner gets the deep satisfaction of worrying about the state of humanity! Whee!

Oh, but it doesn't end there...

[ profile] ithiliana, being of stronger stomach than many of us, has also quoted us this from Scalzi's blog:

i, all. I’ve been following this discussion for four hundred comments or so, and I just have to say your talents at writing analogies have really kept up my fascination. Fanfic is like using the neighbour’s pool! Like painting with watercolours instead of oils! Like decorating someone else’s sandcastle!

Has it occurred to anyone here that what you are all doing is writing copyright law fanfiction? You’re having so much difficulty communicating about something so huge and blurry that you’re making up your own little stories to explain it to each other. You’re creating a shared community, expressing your opinions, and exploring meaning by telling stories that are based on the original laws–and which acknowledge the source you’re talking about–but which are, in the end, an individual response to a “canon” that someone else (IP lawyers) have written–and you’re sharing your interpretations with the people around you. (You’ll notice, of course, that I’m doing the same.)

It’s IP fandom, and y’all are having a ship war.

Comment 455 by Zulu

Okay, pony up--er, if you want to. Share with me your favoritest quotes from Scalzi's blog. Come on, let's face it; the guy who compared fanfic to rape* deserves his moment in the sun for such a deeply beautiful analogy that totally expresses the relationship between a fanfic writer and her deeply, deeply phallic pen keyboard.

* I didn't see this one, just heard about it.

** To clarify--this statement was (presumably) made in comments to the entry, not by the owner of the blog itself. Clarified in the above comments. I was horrifically unclear in that particular set of sentences.

ETA: Heads-up. Who got banned over at Scalzi's blog? Anyone know?
ETA 2: That was in the Heinlein thread, courtesy of [ profile] scalzi. My thanks for both correction and clarification, sir.
Admin Post from the mods of [ profile] daily_deviant.

Short version: removal of term, reversal of earlier stance, etc.

ETA: the below cut was more than I thought it would be. So it's less mod-actions at this point and more the concept of kink defintion.

hmm )
A fantastic post on the origin of the word miscegenation and the world that surrounded both its inception and the laws that used it.

What surprises me vaguely is I remember that being a vocabulary word in high school history class, specifically related to the proliferation of the law after the Civil War.

A link list of posts on the subject. For those who ignored their flist until, er, a few hours ago? [ profile] witchqueen posts here about her email exchange with [ profile] daily_deviant regarding the use of miscegenation for their prompt. It's interesting reading.

below cut thing )
Mmm. Discussion in the morning--er. Afternoon.

[ profile] trobadora talks about seeing subtext the author didn't intend. Some intersting food for thought in how we read fanfic, authorial intention, and what constitutes subtext.
I'm going through a depressing country music phase, where I want to listen to breakup and death songs. My music tastes are almost constantly at odds with what I want to read. Lemme tell you, anytime the rotation includes one song about murder, two Johnny Cash, and this? There's something odd going on with the playlist.

Currently on the rotation--What Hurts the Most, Rascal Flatts. The video is wrenching as hell.


I had an interview on Friday. It was kind of bad, in that way that bad romantic comedies are bad. They told me one, but teh calendar said two. I assumed that meant they'd changed it--it was Friday, people go to a late lunch. It's the state. It happens. But no, it was one, leading me to run desperately to my computer and print out the calender function off Outlook and shoving it into the interviewer's cubicle with a desperate expression. So the interview went off at two, and the question and answer portion was fine. I'm good with those.

Then came the practical.

I want to give you an image. Let's go with a Stargate image, because hey, it's my lj, I can do that whether it's relatable or not.

You are given a series of copies of something in indistinct patterns written in Ancient and told to creat a spreadsheet from all twenty something pages. Some of the time they black out the name and claim number, sometimes not. Those two things are the only parts of the entire damn thing you understand. MBI number? Account? (Okay, I know what account is). A dizzying variety of acronyms. Some things that refer to money. Some--you have no idea. There are dates. You look at them like they're nuts.

It's STAR and STAR+ and Medicaid related, in case you're curious. You're probably not. Unless you work the programs, I cannot imagine a more boring topic of conversation. God, you should hear our jokes. Even I sometimes shudder in horror when I realize I'm laughing hysterically when someone makes a Medicaid/Medicare misnamed acronym joke. On the other hand, if you work with the implementation, you find yourself feverishly interested in the monthly policy updates, changes to providers, and being deeply and personally invested in whether or not you need prior authorization for non-generic medication.

Okay, what I said above would be very funny to one of us. You see why I don't really talk about my job much anymore.

Anyway, the pay is nice. The fact I'll be doing something new is nice. I had a horrific moment of comprehension today when I broke into my boss' office to reorganize all the personnel files that are about six months to ten months behind, or basically stopped being updated since I was his admin. I am that bored. The height of entertainment....

Wait. I was talking about the interview.

Well, the best part was, we had forty-five to do the spreadsheet (were they *fucking with me*?), the questionaire, and a letter that--God, okay, a letter to a clinic's owning company explaining why we wont' cover something. No, really. I have this--weird and strange need to--do the hardest thing first. I did the questionnaire really fast, but the spreadsheet fascinated me. I had never seen so many sheets of paper in legitimate English composed of such nonsense. Contextually, they were rejections of billing due to third party insurers--I can see people's eyes glazing already, but seriously, this is the height of chic social chat at the office--but mostly, they were long rows of acronyms with monetary value assigned. I read through it all in horror, worked out I was looking in the face of hell, and went back and looked for commonalities.

I'm good at pattern recognition--this is why I interview well for the state. I can usually figure out what they're looking for by paying attention to the wording of questions. This is why I was a good caseworker. That's all pattern recognition in policy. The problem was, it's pattern recognition of a foreign language. And some of the commonalities--like name and claim number--were blacked out on some and not others. I pulled everything that appeared on every sheet, named it something that sounded like I knew what I was talking about, and set up the spreadsheet. I was half way done when my interviewer came over at the thirty minute mark and asked if I would be willing to do the rest on Monday.

I almost laughed. Sure, I said, because seriously, it's not like I'd figure this out without a character map even if I had the whole weekend. I did hte rest today. Didn't finish the provider letter. Didnt' really care. I wasn't qualified for this job when they asked me to interview. No, really. So that I got the interview at all was a surprise. Mostly, I tend to rest a lot of my value on the fact that I'm always good at my job. This isn't bragging. This is boredom. If I'm not good at it, the days pass a lot longer than they should. Being good is being given a lot to do, and look at that, five comes fast.

Work II

Short version--in 2005, the state sold off a lot of their social services to a private contractor, Accenture, better known under another name as the people who worked with Enron. No. I'm not kidding. I kind of want to cry, but this is typical of the current administration, so whatever. This included caseworker jobs. I was one of those, and changed jobs before they could start pink-slipping us. Well, as predicted, they made a mess of it. A huge mess of the CHIP program, the Medicaids, the--well, name it, they fucked it up royally. Tuesday last week, my mom called me while I was resting my feet in Millennium Park to tell me that the contract had been severed.

I won't try to explain my glee. It's hard to describe without going into strange, surreal comparisons to the Rapture, but suffice to say, there's a level of joy going on here that defies description. It's like--I don't know. I'm ombudsman--I know the level of fuck-upedness going on in the state due to both Accenture and the fact that the state, in prep for the rollout, started pink-slipping like crazy and we lost the best and brightest of our caseworking staff. The tenured. The ones that knew policy backward, forward, and sideways. The ones that coudl do the work. Leavingn the entire state with underqualified trainees in temp positions--so we weren't getting, in some cases, the best people. We were hiring people who knew how to read. Maybe.

Just suffice to say--I am very pleased with the universe.


I had this thoughtful topic on gen, slash, and het, but I'm still overthinking my instinctive response to the treatment of non-canon slash and non-canon het unequally, which was hostile. I'm less comfortable with diametrically opposing points of view than I really thought I was. Over-emotional reactions to stories, sure, I know I go places there, but that at least makes sense to me--it's *fic* and the point of fic is emotional engagement. A sudden hostility to a meta surprises me. I got over it quickly, because above and beyond that, it was interesting and thoughtful and brought up some questions I've been asking myself on the blurry lines between slash, het, gen, and the canon that rules them all.

Here [ profile] abyssinia4077 talks about het, slash, gen, and labeling stories.

A part of this the way I set up my flist; I keep myself fairly isolated from things that really annoy me, so I'm unused to being highly annoyed unless I'm linked or someone points it out to me. A part of me does wonder if we lost something in switching to lj and being able to, in essence, pick our mailinglist mates, instead of having to deal with the annoying people daily and building up a certain level of tolerance for it. Or it could be just me; I'm getting more fixed in what I'm willing to deal with and what I'll blow off because I just am not willing to listen today. Etc. Etc. Etc. Which is a sign of either creeping intolerance or sheer laziness. I'm not sure which. I think I prefer the laziness.

interpretations of canon, etc )

Singing along to Buffy the Musical soundtrack. God. It's so good that no one is close enough to have their ears start to bleed.
Okay, to cite correctly.

Followed a link from [ profile] muj's lj to [ profile] rachelmanija entry on bitter memories of X-Files and the Fans That Wanted To Watch It Die, God, Die Already, leading to....


Oh my God I forgot how much this rocked.

But then, Mine followers brought the red-haired one called "Scully". She appeared to Me as manna in the desert, she was a Slug of Sharon in My eye stalks. And I beheld her and yearned to drill her spine and make us One together. And Scully desired it too, for she willingly gave her weapon over to The Current Host and surrendered in that moment her earthy life, turning her thoughts to higher things. And My followers caught her and held her and, ignoring her shrieks of worldly pain, I began the Holy pilgrimage to her brain. I called to her as I chewed my way into her back and told her, "O My dove, that art in the secret places of the vertebrae, let Me munch thy brainstem, let Me find gray matter; for sweet is thy gray matter, and thy spine is comely."

The slug reviews make the episodes sound so good.

SGA related, as we do not yet have a Jebuslug--though God, I want one, I want one so much--[ profile] liviapenn John Sheppard's unbridled libido and how it destroyed Tokyo.

In summation:

God. Jebuslug. God.
Still incoherent. But luckily, [ profile] svmadelyn is not.


This? Is wibble worthy.

Also, [ profile] linzeems says everything I want to say and then some here. Wow. Yes. And yes again and again and OMG again.

I am going to be high on this for *days*.


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