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A rec.

Jump to the Left AU by [ profile] princess_bunny - It's--just *fun*. Blissy, running through fields of dandelions funness. I'll leave it to the reader to enjoy the many pieces of this universe, shuffled and dealt out at random in scenes and bits and pieces. It's kind of like reading while having a very low grade hallucination--in the awesome way. The very awesome way. Sheppard/McKay, etc etc etc.
Hmm. I haven't recced in a long time, mostly due to sheer laziness and so forth.

But my gen kink is showing.

Long Road Home by [ profile] friendshipper, gen, John, Rodney, Teyla

If my OTP is John/Rodney, my OT3 is John/Rodney/Teyla. Gen, slash, or threesome, I love them, and they make me happy. AU, set in Texas, with retired vet John Sheppard, undocumented alien Teyla Emmagen, and border guard Rodney McKay. Bittersweet and dry and beautiful and as hot and dusty and uncertain as west Texas itself. It's very, very good.
Tuesday, November 21st, 2006 08:50 pm


I've changed my music playlist to ones that mention breathing. I won't even tell you what the last scene of Crimes Against Humanity I wrote involved, but hey--physical pain and low grade panic? Do not lead to happy furry places of ficness. Let's just--go with that. I'll probably post tonight or tomorrow morning, since I am just reviewing it now for spelling errors.

Weirdly, this has illustrated a weird point for me on moving--I think I'm going to to have to drop the idea of moving to south Austin, because that will put me *way* outside the range of pretty much my entire family. It's kind of depressing, but, otoh, I can certainly find something up here I like or can live with, and it's not like I'm buying it *today*. I can wait until I find something I want to live in.

In other less interesting new, I really really really am tired of the exhaustion now. I mean, seriously so.

Happy fic rec. Because in all honesty, *happyfic*. I *needed this*>

Vertigo by [ profile] beadtific, All parts here. Oh *happy*. Blessed, pretty, happy, romantic funness.

For kicks, adding in Pure Bodies and Clean Hearts for the cuddly factor.

Also, [ profile] likethekoschka has posted two parts of a new fic. Oh, happiness.

Um. Rec me your cuddly fic. Atlantis, John/Rodney. Old or new. There's always a better than good chance that even if I've read it? I'll want to read it again.

ETA: Irish cream added to coffee. Mmm.
Take Care of Your Feet by [ profile] filenotch

Heh. Men in love. Sort of. And denying it. Mostly. This is *fun*. Read now.
Classified AKA Wanted by [ profile] toomuchplor

I laughed myself *sick*, sighed dreamily, and loved every second of reading it. Go. Read. Enjoy.
Off the [ profile] mensa_au:

Sweeten My Imagination by [ profile] hotspur_18

*thinking* For those certain ljers with a taste for the more sociopathic side. Rod/Mensa!John, Rod/Weir, other. I really really liked the speed; just enough time to get the image, sharp, a little staccato, and a little jarring.

And that last full paragraph. Yeah. I like this.
Old Soldiers Die Hard by [ profile] friendshipper

Summary given on page:

Summary: The old guy in Room 30B was about the most disagreeable human being that the nurses had ever met. But he did get visitors -- including a retired Air Force Colonel.

I have no intention of spoiling, because it's so rare that I'm genuinely surprised by a fic, so when it happens, I want to share. But I will say this. There is no way you cannot love this.
As the Stars Fade Out by [ profile] cottontail73

SG1/SGA crossover goodness of plot and action, a vivid Rodney pov, a spare style, and some very nice McKay/Sheppard. I really enjoyed.
Wednesday, September 20th, 2006 02:00 pm

midday, later than

It was actually kind of funny.

When I woke up this morning, my mouth tasted very--blue. Silvery blue, metal but not blood, but I ignored it and got dressed. By ten, the ache in my cheekbone sent me to our new supervisor, who looked me over with a half smile when I said I could probably last two more hours but I really didn't think I'd make it through the rest of the day. She nodded and remarked she hadn't thought I'd come in today, considering, which made me think, God, did I look that bad?

Apparently, yes.

So I sat down and took twenty five calls in two hours, or about what most of my unit takes all day to answer, bringing me to forty-seven or so, which is how many I usually answer in a day. Part of it was distraction and to make up for the fact I'd be out in the afternoon. Mostly, I'm making my unit look like shit comparatively speaking. And you have no idea how very much I don't care. Could be how tired I am, or my jaw ache, or the fact that the stitches in my gum came out spontaneously at work yesterday and freaked me out--but you know. I don't have time to be mediocre.

I can't take narcotics at work--my attention span isn't great on my best days, and as a friend last night remarked, it's hard to talk to me when I'm up because I can't track multiple conversational topics well. It's--frustrating. I guess it's also a little embarrassing.

But anyway, home, drinking warm milk and trying to check for swelling on my gum and cheekbone.

Right now, more comfort fic. It's a habit. When I feel like crap, I like to make other people feel good. So.

Your Cowboy Days Are Over (Mammas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys) by [ profile] samdonne

I don't think, even to the author, I've really been able to articulate why this story is right now my favorite, bar none, in any fandom. A lot of it is the worldbuilding, which is extraordinarily rich and detailed, that she made familiar and real so fast it's hard to believe it's not canon. A lot of it is the range of characters used--from Ekaterin and Ben--God, *Ben*--to Kolya, whose extraordinary characterization and utilization still leaves me breathless and a little sad that canon would never take this path. The sheer quality of the writing is a given.

spoilers for fic )

I thought I'd be able to write more, but instead, I'm going to curl up for a bit until the drugs kick in.
Monday, September 18th, 2006 10:07 pm

three things.

First and most interesting thing: rec!

See the Possible by [ profile] thepouncer - John Sheppard, gen, in five senses. I cannot recommend this highly enough; each piece is self-contained, beautiful, and *sharp*. God, I love gen in this fandom.

Second and less interesting: dental appointment.

I'm lazy, so I'll just paste what I wrote to [ profile] svmadelyn when I got home.

Besides the fact i was so tense I was preetty much touching the chair only with my shoulders and my heels? Pretty good. I was fond of the part with the warnings involved of all the things that could go wrong, including breaching my nasal passage.

No, really. I wanted to hear that. I did.

Actually, it was just weird. I was numbed down--and I tested the area with my fingernails a lot prior to him coming in--but he kept trying to *explain* and I'm like, no, please do not. So he settled on warnings--you will feel pressure, an epic understatement that cannot be enough debunked--and the drill was an experience I do not ever wish to repeat, but sadly, it was repeated twice, and he's like, presure, which is layman's term for, this will feel liek we are trying to dip into your brain and pull out things. It did not hurt? But it was also far less pleasant than sleeping, eating,or biting my fingernails. Lessee--there were unnatural grating sounds, and scraping sounds, and you know, terror, but got out fairly fast. Am now gauzed and thinking I wish he hadnt' told me he had to *cut it out*. Because I really could have lived without that.

So, no talking while I bite down. So far? Big fun.

Adding to that: everything tastes like blood. No, really. I mean, serious copper taste. At this point, it's got to be my imagination, but well. Let me just say--this proves I'd starve to death as a vampire, cause this shit gets old awful fast. Also, I really can't get over hte stitches. The ends are just long enough to be *just short* of my gag reflex, so I don't gag, but I keep getting the strange feeling I should. I--yeah. It's weird.

Third and least intersting of all: wrote fic. After a month long dry spell or so, last night I had a--thought. The thought grew into an idea. For the three hours before my appointment--and you'll note if you read here a while, blind panic and me writing are kind of close--I pretty much did not get up from my bed and for about two hours after. So now I am staring at it after sending it off for pre-reading to wonder if it makes sense.

I am having One of Those Days. I'm not sure how I feel yet. I kind of miss my tooth. In that way you miss horrifying things that cause you pain but you get used to. Like, I don't know, sisters. Or July in Texas during a drought.

I'm looking at my John icon for comfort.
Okay, been up for an hour with--shocking!--tooth pain after *four hours* of sleep, so basically at this point, we can just go with I'm clinically insane and no longer responsible for what I do. My first act will be to declare myself queen of--hmm. Actually, I have no idea. But I would like to belatedly thank all the people on my buddylist for distracting me most of last night, since this has been getting steadily worse for the last couple of days. I love you all. Should I ever be queen of anything, I swear, brownies to everyone. And you know. Hot sex slaves. That sort of thing.

Okay, so comfort fic. Currently, and I honestly am still surprised I'm saying this, the prize for making me ungodly happy is Coming Home by [ profile] xanthestories, prequel to General and Doctor Sheppard (link leads to part 1).

This isn't a conditional rec, but a--hmm. If you really liked General Sheppard, you'll like this one. You are group one. This is not aimed at you. If you, like me, did *not* get into the first one, okay, this rec is specifically for you. You are group two.

I didn't like the first one--nothing against the author, but I'm fairly specific on my bdsm and *really* specific on my John characterizations. The compare/contrast of universes did not work for me mostly because the AU was *too* different and I couldn't get context for a *lot* of the behavior. Coming Home, just for the fact that the author managed--and I have no idea how she did this--to build the freaking universe these people belong to? AWESOME. I mean--seriously, that is freaking *cool*. It's like candyland. Everyone's hot and wearing leather every day and being growly and possessive and seriously, who cannot love Miko in PVC boots, okay? Christ. The internal logic is sound, there are very intersting variations on characterization--but this is a strong enough AU I feel fairly comfortable with a wider field of characterization than I usually do. It's a wonderful, cuddly BDSM romance, Harlequin taking a trip to the toy store, but more than that, it's a good story. Just with floggers and collars and things.

I love that she's trying this, that she obviously put *thought* into this world and how this society might/could work, and frankly, she gets a ton of credit off the bat for attempting something this ambitious. I love how she keeps good internal logic. I love that she's hitting and bouncing on a lot of my kinks, period. I love that I am, for the first time in a long time, *obsessively* following a wip to see what on earth she'll do next. I am happy. I'm hitting *refresh* obsessively from midnight to one-fifteen--which seems to be her window of posting.

After much begging and promising things there is no way I will be able to do, [ profile] miss_porcupine said she would do a story from the military side in the Teacher's Pet universe. Then! It got *better*! As she decided to do two!


Teacher's Pet: Lorne. Set after Teacher's Pet Nine, The One Where Rodney Made John Fly a Jumper, and it's *totally *cool*. And so Lorne.

And my favorite bit didn't paste. Hmm to lj too.

And so while their hour is still mostly a story hour, now instead of tales of far-away Jaffa and funny-voiced Goa'uld, Lorne talks of Pegasus. Forgetting what it says about the adult Sheppard, John needs to be convinced that he won't grow up to become a monster. He doesn't get to spend enough time with the marines to know that just because you know how to use a gun doesn't mean that all you want to do -- all you can do -- is kill with it.

Happy place. Happy place. Very happy place.

Also, watched the ep. Still thinking. Hmm.
Tuesday, September 5th, 2006 11:04 am

things of today

First and most important thing:

Here the lovely [ profile] ltlj gave *hysterical* comment fic set in the Retrograde universe. Post-Vegas. Adorable. Wonderful. OMG JACK.

You can see why she's one of my measuring sticks of my own work in SGA, right? That's just *cool*.

DVD Commentary Challenge

Okay, I've sucked with keepingn up with the challenge responses and I got very lucky. [ profile] general_jinjur has offered to help out, so we're splitting it between us and bringing it up to date. And I will not let this fall behind again.

I owe her, God, I don't know. Maybe I should hunt down her fandom of choice and write her something for it? But yes. Cookies for [ profile] general_jinjur for being so awesome.

Dental Continuance

You know it's bad when your dentist comes in, opens your mouth, takes a look, and immediately offers you a stronger painkiller. My white-lipped silence must have said a lot. I don't even want to know what that tooth looks like. I mean, seriously. Not at all.

Anyway, he referred me to an oral surgeon, so I'm calling this afternoon to get that out of the way and scheduled while waiting for my script to be finished. I took two more vicadin when I got home from the dentist, since I hadn't been sure if it was okay to take them right before a dental visit. Expect more of the warm and cuddly jenn wandering around--seriously, if this didn't make me itch like an attack of hives, I could easily be a really functional junkie on this stuff. I sit around thinking how much I love everyone, am moved to tears of sheer joy and gratitude when [ profile] svmadelyn chats with me, and offer up dirty weekends to [ profile] amireal while telling her about my feelings. It's all very glossy and not a little creepy. But luckily, in the glossy place, I lose my line between friendly and scary. Or I'll be the one between doses who snaps short and that's very not of the good.

Um, so if you are the person I snapped at? I'll be apologizing tonight. It wasn't you at all--I just had to wait for the next dose and it was screwing with my mood. If I'd just stayed off for anotehr hour or so, I wouldn't have been like that.

Okay, the new dose has kicked in. Let's do some more comfort fic!

Comfort Fic Recs, Group Two

Quarks, Quantum Chromodynamics and Other Unproven Theories by [ profile] amireal

I love this one for so many reasons this, too, will need numbers.

fic spoilers ahead )

And one more, before I pass out in the pretty place. Or just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling feeling *way* too good.

Fearless, Mindless Fancy by [ profile] giddygeek

I love this one just for being so freaking *fun*. A haunted house! John the psychic! Rodney as Scully! Evil supernatural thing! How could this not be the funnest, happiest, cutest thing *ever*? Made of love. One of the Harlequin Challenge responses that made me all "Awww" and "Mmm" and *pretty*. I want a sequel to this like no one's business on their next wild adventure. So. Much.

Link here for your reading pleasure.
This is fairly random. I'm kind of stoned and my jaw is *killing* me, so I turned to my comfort fic.

Retrograde (and sequels) by [ profile] ltlj

I can see the blinking of, what, comfort? Yes. Yes this is.

fic spoilers under cut )

Geeks and Goons series by likethekoschka (cowriters Koschka and liketheriver), [ profile] likethekoschka

Okay, there is no way I can do a number one here; a.) it's too long and b.) my concentation right now sucks. I loved koschka's gen series, Geeks and Goons and I adore the slash Guides group that's set after that. It's--God, it's plot and adventure and romance and it hits my OTP button hard and never lets up. It makes me happy just to know it's there. I love that it's a complete and utter romance as well, mixed with action/adventure and mortal peril and a lot of snark. I love their shared quarters and their shared lives and their weird idiosyncracies and their happiness together. I feel *good* after reading it, happy and at peace with the universe and wanting to see what whacky hijinks they have next.

And link to that one: [ profile] likethekoschka

And finally.

The Roads Never Lead Where They're Suppose to Go by [ profile] eleveninches

A lot of this one is the fact that the very premise should not work. But it totally does.

fic spoilers under cut )

Warm and fuzzy feelings everywhere. Mmm. Fuzzy.
Five Ancient devices they really shouldn't have initialized. by [ profile] miss_porcupine - I just like the entire concept of it. And I loved the fifth one like a lot.


Being grumpy with a toothache always puts me in the mood to write. For those who are unaware, I was stoned on painkillers--I mean, seriously, I was taking three Vicadin every four hours because it escalated into a jaw infection--while writing Happy Little Sounds, which in this day and age would be called "crackfic".

God, those were good times.

Anyway, so this is the active WIP report, or anything worked on in the last two weeks.

crimes against humanity, the continuing melodrama )

teacher's pet )

daedalus )

strangerverse: field )

ETA: 9/18/2006 Completed! What You Can't Leave Behind

common ground tag )

Pets and Things

I always keep thinking I will use my lj to keep track of rabbit feeding changes and always forget. But the current line up is as follows.

Salad: romanine, green leaf, red leaf, kale, parsley, spinach, cabbage mix, celery and carrot as main vegetables.

Okay, so next up is to check on watercress and boston head and some other greens I've seen that look tasty.

Also--this mix makes an excellent salad for people. Child swears by it. Except when I put in the cilantro.

Speaking of, there are brownies somewhere in this house. Hmm. If chewing did not hurt? I would be all over that.

Seriously loving my icon for this.
Cause I am in the rec zone....

Enlightenment by [ profile] luthien - SGA, Elizabeth pov, also McKay/Sheppard. A very odd mission on a very differnet planet. Very--introspective. I enjoyed both the mystery and the look into Elizabeth's head. Just lovely. And also? Nicely long.
Matter, Form, and Privation by [ profile] miss_porcupine, gen, SGA. Oh wow. In the grand tradition of SGA's fantastic gen epics, [ profile] miss_porcupine brings another one. And no, I don't say this because I had the privilege of looking this over early--I mean, wow. Outsider POV, tight, engaging plot, moves fast, and with an amazing look at the Pegasus galaxy and the things people are pushed to. I honestly cannot do it justice with this rec--it has to be read. Excellent, excellent Sheppard voice, perfect OC voice, great characterization of both Ronon and Elizabeth, and pretty much everyone is note perfect. I literally did not want to stop reading.

Read now. You will be made happy. And very, very thoughtful.

Oh, and using my new John icon, courtesy of [ profile] eleveninches, God bless her for bringing the pretty.
Them Other Boys Don't Know How to Act by [ profile] eleveninches - spoilers for Irresistible. Roofies, Rodney, and um. You know. I want to have its *babies*. Tiny, evil roofie-giving babies.
Dear God. Thank you [ profile] just_like_rogue for the rec.

It's Not Citrus by [ profile] nudaydreamer, Sheppard/McKay - this can best be expressed by the concept of Most Significant Donut Ever. Written for the What's Your Filling challenge.

I--God. This was *hysterical*. Run, do not walk.

P6X-930 had seemed like a nice enough world. Courteous natives, insentient flora with medicinal properties, and nary an eccentric sex ritual in sight. The inhabitants had shared a simple but hearty meal, asked curious but not intrusive questions about their customs, and offered to trade herbs for medical knowledge and textiles. They had even gone so far as to offer their guests the gift of a ceremonial pastry, which they claimed would have a flavor with great significance to the recipient.

And hey, while I'm here.

As Lost As You Get by [ profile] lilysaid - absolutely *stunning* Ephiphany extension and alteration, making a lot of the original ep made sense. I liked the ep before--I like it even more now. Beautiful writing, very much lilysaid. And an interesting look at Ascension from Rodney's pov.

The Dark Side by [ profile] astolat - you know, I *still* don't know what to say about this one. It's just so--terrible, terribly appropriate. No spoilers even for concept. Just you know, thinking, huh. Yeah. *Excellent*.

Okay, this has been a good day for fandom. Just saying. *Six stories I loved*. That is just pure happiness.
Home Fires Burning by [ profile] shusu - Saying pretty much anything spoils it. So let's go with this. Read it. Just trust me. Read it.
If you haven't read this, you really, really should.

Sojourn by [ profile] ltlj - pre Siege II, roughly set somewhere within Retrograde universe or an AU thereof, but really, it stands alone *just fine*, John/Teyla, hugely funny, insightful, and wonderful Post-gift fic when Teyla goes to the mainland to tell the Athosians what she is. It has fabulous lines, really hot sex, and pitch-perfect characterizations. I can totally see this.
I Feel the Earth Move by [ profile] janusglance

How utterly beautiful. I thought it would break my heart, and it didn't, and I thought it would hurt, and it did, but I feel--wondrous. Like I'm flying. Gen, John, Rodney, an extra alien, and a galaxy stretched around them. So highly recommended I just--wow. It's Atlantis at its most brilliant and John and Rodney at their most amazing, and--read. Dear God people, *read*.

ETA: Forgot! Recced to me by [ profile] shusu, who is obviously both brilliant and discerning.
Liberty by [ profile] yin_again and [ profile] ladycat777 - go get your mind blown now.

Me? I'll be taking a long shower.

ETA: That's not quite as enthusiastic as it should be.

When I say, mind blown, I mean, oh. God. Yes. Not just sex. It's--it's *romantic*, the good kind, with sandcastles and poi and surfing and *happiness*, and I can taste salt when I breathe and feel the ocean against my skin and I didn't ever want it to end. Wow. Seriously. I owe them feedback like you would *not* believe, but I just can't get past how perfect this is to get the words out. This hum I can feel and I just feel so *good* after reading it, *happy*. Just happy. Yes. It's *that* kind of story.
Seconding [ profile] amireal's rec for The Body Holographic by [ profile] springwoof and Leah, sequel to Left to Fend by [ profile] springwoof

Okay, *intersting*. And I don't say this lightly. The original story was interesting, but this one, which the authors call a remix--a past, present, and future for that story, giving it a huge and interesting backstory and context. Very non-linear, but fairly easy to follow, painful, brutal--but man, that ending totally screwed with my head wonderfully.
The New Frontier by [ profile] harriet_spy, SGA, John, gen. Highly recommended. In that way that I don't have time to type right now, but usually, I'd include a OMG SO GOOD YES and Christ, why do I call myself a slasher when all my loves are gen, and *thank you*.

It's John. It's so John it hurts me, and it broke my heart a little bit and made me love it.

One spoiler beneath the cut, though....

so.... )
Scheherazade by [ profile] in_wintertime, rec stolen from [ profile] 2naonh3_cl2

I really--I mean, *really*--want to devote a few hours to talking about this, but it's one twenty in the morning and basically I'm already screwed to zombiedom tomorrow at work.


This and [ profile] samdonne are the reason the lure of the gen side of the force is so fucking *powerful*. [ profile] ltlj, [ profile] pentapus, and [ profile] miss_porcupine gave me a taste for it, and [ profile] in_wintertime and [ profile] samdonne have just helped it along. This story is amazing.

And for our next assignment: compare and contrast Your Cowboy Days Are Over by [ profile] samdonne with Scheherazade. Mull on character-based plot and truly alien species. When you get done, thank God this is our fandom and we get to *read these*.

Fifty five thousand words, give or take. Bring coffee and some food. You won't be getting back up anytime soon.
Sometimes, I need *Romance*. Note the capitalization. I need *fuzzy* Romance. Again? Capitalized. I need falling in love in exotic locales and shipboard romance, reluctant separation, broken hearts, and OMG HURT and OMG COMFORT!

You get the end part, right? OMG COMFORT. Yes. I think we have it.

This, ladies and gentlemen--do I have any gentlemen?--is how h/c is *done*.

You've seen the movie. Now read the fanfic.

An Affair to Remember, McShep Style by Tira Nog.

Long. Long long long. Over ninety-one thousand words of unadulterated deep romance and love forever and OTPness and yes yes yes, I am so in that warm and fuzzy place. Run, do not walk, do not pause.
Predatory by [ profile] frostfire_17 - whoa boy. If there was ever a time for Sheppard to turn flirtation into a mechanism of war, this is the time, and if ever anyone was ever qualified to make it an art form, that would be Sheppard. That was weirdly and so inappropriately hot.

You've never--this is something that girls do, use this kind of thing against people. You're drooling at them as they drape themselves over your bed wearing nothing but one of your dress shirts, and before you know it, Pierre's? Uh, sure, we can go there on Friday, and you're shelling out a hundred and fifty bucks for your next dinner.

Wow. Seriously. *Wow*.
My supercool electric stamper came yesterday. To say that was the highlight of my working day is not an exaggeration. I got to play with its keys and open it and set it and then go get people to come over and look at it. I am just that kind of a person.

Yes, I went and found people to look at my stamper.

The stamper's name is Frederick. I taped a large post-it note to the top with just that written on it. In marker.

Now, the reason for this entry.

Vegas by [ profile] ltlj, sequel to Retrograde, Recovery, and Movie Night, found here. To say these are my favorite stories in SGA is officially an understatement. This is my favorite stories in pretty much every fandom I have ever read in. The perfect balance of action, adventure, pitch-perfect characterization, wonderfully AU while still being as canon as the show--if that makes any sense at all. I--really have no words for how *much* I love this series. And it just keeps getting *better*, more complex, more interesting, expanding the universe wonderfully. I am happy. Okay, I am ecstatic. I'm even taking the time to code in italics to show my deep, abiding love.

And a second rec, gen, strong characterization, excellent plot, though some of the phrasing kind of threw me? Still worked wonderfully overall.

Cusp by Sealie. I picked up the rec on my flist, and SGA being one of the first fandoms I've ever *wanted* to read gen in, I ran ran ran to read. Really interesting plot, use of the control chair, always a plus, and a strong Carson presence that I'm not used to seeing.

Ah yes. Good stuff.
Wednesday, May 24th, 2006 10:23 pm

a roundabout rec thing

We had this whole--*waves hands*--thing with requisitions and chairs and you know, hell at work. It's not often in my life that I am suddenly tempted to join the a convent, but if they can swear to me that requisitions aren't involved? I may be listening.

The first story of the Rabbit Fortress is complete. It took about a hundred of the cordy things for the base floor, which I'm thinking after The Great Snip Snip of 2006 (yes, I will refer to it as that; it still amuses me), I'll fill with pipes of various sizes hooked together to create a miniwarren for the Warren to crawl through. Thank you to the person who responded in my last post for the idea--I am inspired.

So what we have right now is twenty panels in a rough open box shape, opening down, one panel high, two panels wide, two panels deep. The entire open-one-side thing will epically not work, so open on short side off atrium that I went ahead and added. This will not be easy to remodel once it's done, so I want it to be easy to get inside to do the changes after all my boys have moved beyond the physical. They'll be like Ancients, in a way.

Okay, and suddenly, I have really scary thoughts about how the Ancients avoided worrying about bodily--things. Yeah. Let's not go there.

Anyway. The bottom layer is set and really quite large. Later, I'll add in a yard type to it for them to play in. It's goinng to take, at an estimate, probably about a thouand tie-things for this to work. But it looks like there will be plenty of running space, and I'll add in rabbit size lounging areas. This project is actually going to end up kind of scary, since I'm also planning for ways for them to climb upward and practice jumping more.


Okay, because of the horror of requisitions failing again, I needed comfort fic. And lookie here, found some.

The Slow Braille of Touch by [ profile] beadtific - this one just melted me into goo puddles. Like, good goo-puddles of happiness. Sweet without being at all syrupy, warm and hot and--well, wholesome, which sounds just weird of me, but I read it with this warm glow of happiness and hope and strategically placed yellow light feeling. It's a wonderful John, and God, I love this Rodney, and pretty much the glow place can be found here. Oh yes, comfort fic.

Less in the way of comfort fic, but equally good--wait. Did I ever tell you this story? Okay, when I was a kid, first grade, my school made me take an IQ test. Now I went to a normal public elementary school, nothign weird here, except possibly they put me in remedial reading. I'm not sure. This was twenty something years ago. This was remedial *something*. But anyway, there was some thought I was stupid, not merely completely unable to listen to more than three words of directions, since back then, they didn't diagnose ADHD at the drop of a hat.

Okay, this a long-winded way to start a rec for a story, but bear with me. In third grade, we had competitive timed math quizzes in addition and subtraction (yours truly kicked ass), and we had something called greater than/less than, with the > and <.

Okay, it looks easy, but it's totally not, because it took me three years to learn how to use those.

In fifth grade, long division kicked my ass. Kicked ass to teh point of almost failing math.

And in eleventh, I cried through my first three six weeks of geometry. I mean, my teacher curved my grade until we got to sin/cos/tan where I was happy, and part of it was the fact I was AP and Honors, and part of it was utter bewilderment because I was taking trig concurrently and I was getting As.

I won't even go into the horror of taking Precal in college, because me and my professor could not, for the life of us, figure out why I varied randomly on what I could understand instantly and what would never, ever click without an intervention and a grade curve for sheer effort.

There's a pattern with all of these things--they are things that no one has problems with when they listen to the directions. If you sit in class and not phase out, you'll probably get it right off the bat. Or in the case of fucking proving a fucking triangle--honestly, that was just unnatural and I don't care what anyone says. I copied the stuff blindly and believed what I was told with no understanding of what I was being told. And I have notebooks of this crap that I still can't understand at all and it kind of blows my mind, because this was the stuff that anyone could learn and I simply could not.

Almost there.

In geometry, I had to take a lot on faith. I couldn't understand it, so my teacher taught me to memorize it. And by memorize, I mean, go through teh book and learn *every variation* that might show up on a test so I could write down the answer. With no possible way for me to know I was right. I had to trust the book was right, my teacher was right, and my memory was that good.

Academic by [ profile] miss_porcupine - it could be just me with flashbacks to geometry, but that hit me *hard* in the best possible way. He fucked with their understanding of the universe when he fucked up their math. That's so damn *cool*. I mean, that is totally me, sitting there in class, and my teacher just taught me that a triangle's sides do not equal 180. Well, okay, not quite? But damned close.

Sweet. I didn't even know I was waiting for this until it was here. Though I did amuse myself sometimes with thinking of an AU where teh Genii get away with Elizabeth and Rodney after The Eye/The Storm, and Rodney builds them all the nukes they want then sets them off while dashing madly for the gate while the Genii try to figure out how this entire nuclear thing works.

Also, it has this line.

"Torch this place," Sheppard ordered. "Nothing intact."

If God is kind, that line will appear in canon. And be followed by obedience and things blowing up. I'm hoping for a.) large things and b.) many of them.

I'll be having a quiet moment imagining it now. 'Scuse me.

Deflection, Conclusion by [ profile] ltlj - all questions answered! All mysteries put to rest! Happy bits of John-touching! Happy!

Oh yes. Good stuff.
Ooh. Ficness.

Nothing at All to Do With Henry VII by [ profile] pentapus - Ancient rave! Except not really. But whoa. Okay, huge points for interesting things done with structure--basically, she and [ profile] cesperanza get my love for the month for stories that made me sit down and *read* to get it--and wow, once gotten, it got good. For those interested--definite pre-hetishness, *definite* pre-slashiness, but honestly, *cuddly John*.

Really. *Cuddly John*. Oh yeah. Happiness. There should be a whole genre of cuddly John. Just John, being cuddled and/or cuddling. It's--a sickness. Yet one I do not want to be cured of.


Coookie icon for happy place.
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006 12:57 pm


This week is Public Service Recognition Week, in which we, and by we, I mean, we public servants, are rewarded with hot dogs. Well, hotdogs, cookies, chips, soda, and assorted things. Let me say, I am *all about* being rewarded regularly with large amounts of food. If this happened weekly, I can almost guarantee morale would go up.

Next part of [ profile] ltlj's Deflection is up here -- for those of you who live beneath huge rocks in a galaxy even more distant than Pegasus, it's--well, I have no idea. She's asked no one spoil or spec in her lj. I am asking the opposite. Please, in comments, give me your theories. I have like, two or three and many many pointless asides, but all have huge holes that one could easily fly a good size Wraith cruiser through and therefore, we should all gather together to speculate.

You realize that the next part, if the pattern continues, does not go up until Friday? Okay, I'm tense enough about House--this is too much stress.

General fangirl rambling

I had a fit of vague paranoia last time I updated my recs, partially from that thing where everyone discussed recs again, and no, I don't mean, oh those monsters, they hurt my tender budding rec feelings--more like, hmm, I wonder if I do those things? There were several things listed, and I agreed with most.

i really need to be given more work at work )

Okay, now will you tell me what you think is going on in that story? Seriously. House stress. I shoulnd't be this tense over two different wips in two different mediums.
Second Skin by [ profile] toft_froggy -- I--well, that was hot. I--yeah. It's possibly the best fic that involves crossdressing and lipstick ever written. I admit prejudice--the concept of John in lipstick pretty much shorts out all higher brain function--but this one has everything. Fantastic characterization, a wonderful progression of how events fall out, Rodney being himself so much I could *see this*, and both of them freaked out beyond words.

I mean, it's hot, yes, but it's also incredible. Cookie icon for convincing me I could see this on-screen. I literally have read it five times already.
Deflection by [ profile] ltlj - I have no idea where the hell this is goinng and it's creeping the hell out of me and wow. I have to read it again to get all of that.

This is jennspeak for get thee to *reading* now, please.

I...was going to quote something here, but there's just--seriously. I need to see where this one goes, because wow, if this is the beginning...damn.
How To Reduce Negativity by [ profile] lemonbella - oh. Oh my God. It's...

it's just...

"We don't even get cake?"

Elizabeth thought she'd seen the height of Rodney's anger until that moment. "I'm not sure this is about you getting more cake, Rodney."


In retrospect, contracting a business management consultant to review the personnel interaction on Atlantis wasn't the best idea Elizabeth Weir had ever had.


"I think it's important that we touch base with each other in order to synergise our team dynamics," John drawled

Keywords are:

Incentivise, synergise, faciliate, positive reinforcement, incentivise positive reaction.

I cannot do justice to this. I don't think anyone can. And now I owe serious porn. *starts thinking*
Hmm. . A mea culpa moment.

Okay, this series--it's so not my usual style. I'm not a huge fan of the epistolatory (so?) writing, I'm seriously not a huge fan of OC's being the voice, and I'm *really* not a fan of the format at all.

Now, I'm saying this because I want to explain why I was stupid and didn't read it when it started posting. It didn't appeal, I skipped, then I got home and [ profile] svmadelyn is like, I AM BUSY GO AWAY. Oh, I said. Okay, it wasn't like that, something about homework and not failing and it's not that I'm not okay with not failing, it's that I have no one to keep me occupied.

That was a digression.

Ripples in the Space Between by [ profile] miriel. I actually read it middle to end to beginning, and then went back to do it chronologically. It's told from the POV of an OC scientist brought on the Daedalus, covering a bit over a year in Atlantis in the first part, three years later on the second, and the third covering the same period of time as the second but from a different pov. It's *interesting*, and I don't say this lightly, viewing Atlantis from the equivalent of a Lower Decks person, to use Voyager terminology. I would give--God--a LOT to get this more fleshed out other than in glimpses, but on its own, it's a marvelous and original story, and I really didn't expect to become this engrossed. The author's done a fabulous job in putting this together. The OC is a ob/gyn, dealing with medical, along with pregnancy rays, mpreg, and assorted, but it manages to be funny without being comedy, and very much how I imagine that the non-main characters of SGA must feel. This is a very, very good story, and again, my only wish would be for the author to go back and fill in all the history between the first and second story, flesh out the fascinating changes that occurred in those three years.

So yeah. Big fun. Happy. I mean, I'm abandoned and all, and not that I want A Certain Person to feel guilty or anything, but you know, this almost made up for it.
Well. Who knew? One Twix, one fantastic story, and my life-destroying mood has eased, replaced with harmony with the universe and a strong desire to purr.

Movie Night by [ profile] ltlj - continuing my slavish devotion to all things [ profile] ltlj, I rec to you this, following Retrograde and Recovery. It's warm and sweet and fuzzy in that way that Atlantis so deserves, and it's just--it makes me all happy. Like Twix and coffee do. Better than coffee. Go read now. Feedback. Promise bribes.
I put it off because I'm a huge hypocrite about WIPS--I mean, sure I read them, I just totally pretend I do not.

Recovery by [ profile] ltlj - I--this is one of those times I just can't figure out what to say about it. It's the sequel to Retrograde, it's this sprawling, beautiful, fantastically written SGA AU. And it's one of those stories I'll carry with me for freaking *ever*, saved in my hard drive, that I'll measure all fic against. It's perfect. It's action and adventure and so much perfect characterization my teeth would hrut if they didn't already for the, yes, dental work I just had. It's just--God. I can't even put it into words. It pissed me off and made me cry and happy and inspired me and I just fell in love with SGA all over again, like I wasn't already its whore, but it's--I'm never going to say this right, okay? I just want to have an icon better than cookies to symbolize *how much* this story rocked.

I'm going to just think how supremely happy, how utterly fulfilled I am, and go with that. I'm *high*. It's wonderful. It's probably the very best fic I've read in this fandom. It's one of the top I've read in any, ever.

Cookies are inadequate, but I'll go with what I have. If I ever make a list of the top ten fics in this fandom that I think everyone should read, and I'm actually pretentious enough to try, this is the first. Well, this and Retrograde together. Yeah. I'm happy.
Okay, so happiness can continue for *days*, apparently.

Next up on Jenn's Favoritest People Ever In the Universe Forever (like [ profile] eleveninches) comes [ profile] pentapus, who is just the coolest person *ever*.

Oh *wow*.

Planet Megalodon Wraith Defense Force by [ profile] pentapus, which also wins for coolest title in history, gen-ish teamfic, with sharks and magical squares and God, Rodney the healthiest of the bunch, and it's like being at Schlitterbaun--or a waterpark, for those of you who have never experienced the wonder of Schlitterbaun--but the funnest Schlitterbaun ever. And you will totally understand the comparison when you read. Second season, pre-Runner, post Siege III (roughly) and so so so so cool I can't even stand it.

Read and love and give her puppies. Really. Or fish. I think she likes fish.

Cookie icon for sheer coolness.
The Roads Never Lead Where They Are Supposed to Go by [ profile] eleveninches

I have apparently been waiting my entire fannish life, or at least the SGA portion, to read this. I totally have. It's--oh my GOD it's so cracked and hysterical and funny and *fun* and it makes an amazing amount of sense, whether or not you are high at the time. I want to have its tiny velociraptor babies and tell it long stories of dead civilizations and possibly teach it to love coffee.

Oh my GOD, this is the kind of stuff that I am in fandom to read. You just can't get this kind of thing anywhere else. Read now. Now now now. No, seriously. Read it. Read it *now*. Total cookie icon moment.
Sunday, April 9th, 2006 01:46 pm

random rec

Okay, it turns out I am not as OTP as I thought I was, or I'm way more OTC than I expected. Or at least, for this one story.

Behind You All the Way by [ profile] janedavitt - Sheppard/Ford. It should not work as well as it does, but it's lovely and wistful and hurt a little, subtle and sweet.

Sheppard knew all the places. Had to. Part of his job. Knew which empty rooms still showed signs of being used, knew not to look too closely when the control room screen showed life signs, two usually, but sometimes more, and sometimes, quite often, one, in those unused, deserted rooms.

People never went there on duty -- they did and he'd haul their asses out, bare or not -- and people didn't talk about it. That was fine with Sheppard. This wasn't any normal posting; this was home, where most of them would live and some of them would die and part of home was a little R and R.

Just not for him, or Elizabeth.


Yeah, it--pretty. I can see this. Just like this.
The Greatest Rescue Mission in the Pegasus Galaxy by [ profile] _mausi - I have *no words*. Oh my GOD, they rescue...they rescue...

No. You have to read it.

"So," John says, pointedly ignoring Rodney, "I'll get Teyla down here, we can come up with a plan, and nobody tells Elizabeth, alright?"

"Oh, fantastic. Just how do you suggest we, I don't know, dial the gate? Or are we just taking the jumper to the nearest gate – which I have to say is over fifteen hours away – besides, this is not a good idea, and I'm going to suggest you seriously think about this, Colonel, and not go off half-cocked on a so called rescue mission."

John pauses halfway to the door and says, "you know you're coming with, right?"

Cookie icon for being this freaking cool.
It feels really tacky to meta on your own fic when you're still in-progress and oh my God the *remixes rock*, but let me just state for the record, I have never, ever, in my entire fanfic career, enjoyed writing anything as much as I'm enjoying Crimes Against Humanity.

Also, for the record, quick rec on another remix, of [ profile] auburnnothenna's You Must Remember This, titled You Must Remember This (The Same Old Story Remix). The sheer desperation and the feeling of time running out--wow. Serious wow. It is definitely a worthy remix to an amazing story.

because it is kind of like getting a little high on paint fumes--you know it is not good for you, and better drugs are available, but still, the *rush* )

I'm taking a short nap, my head is killing me. Final note: read the remixes! I'm about halfway through SGA and seriously, they rock. Smallville next. *bounces*
Tuesday, March 14th, 2006 10:43 pm


Sometimes, I want to bang on a story until it just--works. I mean, print it out, sit it on my bed, and *jump* until either it's a crumpled mess or I gain enlightment through ink absorption through the soles of my feet. And you know, I think it just might work.

After a scary few days of oh my God die everyone (people, I was going to re-read Smallville story Grail's Immortality. The one that guts you slowly with a spoon? Remember that one? The one I have yet, after *four years*, to be able to read again?) and that, people, *that* is when you know you either need to admit you have a problem and go rewatch the end of Titanic, or invest in weapons grade chocolate.

I'd like you all to meet Duncan Hines, who is my new tasty best friend. Sanity at a dollar forty five plus eggs, oil, and water.

Regaining my sense of humor, I'm re-reading Refraction. The problem I'm having is--I have *read this*. I know I have. I mean, I remember going into hugely excited convulsions--PLOT! ACTION! GOA'ULD! PLOT! I'm a plot whore. But I don't remember *any of it*, and seriously, I suck at so many things, but my memory for fanfic is like ninety-nine percent. I can remember things I read in *Voyager*. I can *quote* things I read in Voyager still. So....

*shakes head* It's all brand new. Please excuse me. I'm going to purr now.

ADDED: Okay, now that [ profile] luvmax1 has weighed in with Koi's Mercy--what's the story you can't read again? It did horrible things to you (in a good fic way, not a never-will-think-of-corn-oil-the-same-way way), it broke your heart, it required epic chocolate, etc.
Sunday, March 12th, 2006 02:58 pm

gloomy sunday


Okay, apparently, I have vacation ADHD, in which I have realized that oh dear God, there are reasons I am all over fangirly and conventiony type things and far less with doing this myself--there are far, far, far too many choices.

Child, like me, goes *Shiny!* every time we see something new, so we managed to actually expand our options from "something involving dinosaurs" to "something involving climbing Mayan temple (Aztec, Egyptian, prehistoric people) ruins", something involving "beaches", something involving "sea animals", something involving "zoo", something involving "bridges" and something involving "snow". For the hell of it, we narrowed our worldwide search to "places where Mommy will not be arrested for not wearing a burka", "places we will not be killed for being American", "places we are pretty sure sanitation is a premium", and "places we can be relatively sure we will not be taken hostage for the revolution/money/Americanness/universal peace/saving the rainforest. Just to see what would happen, we also removed "places likely to be shot while asking directions". And everyone who has ever attended Slumberparty knows--I will have to ask directions. If we're lucky, I won't be doing it in really really distubingly bad Spanish.

That still leaves a surprising number of places. It also cuts out places I'm pretty sure would require me to engage in activities only legal in Nevada to go to. But still.

I really, really like Cancun and Cozumel. On the scale of bankruptcy, it might keep me at relative solvency, it's relatively close to home, so wiring money when I'm arrested for something would be nice, and I figure if all else fails, Child's resourceful and could eventually find his way to the border, probablly adopting dangerous reptiles along the way and righting wrongs in the various cities and/or villages he encounters. A tiny Starman or Pretender, if you will, just not supergenius and vaguely grumpy during the hottest part of the day. It could become a made for tv survival movie. I'd like to think my tragic death on the beaches of Cozumel, Cancun, or Puerta Vallarta (and you can probably guess why this one made my list) will lead to good fortune for Child.

Of course, first choice will be survival.

I'm trying to blackmail and/or convince my best friend to come along--she's levelheaded, smart, and works for lawyers. That is always a good combination. So far, this isn't working. *bitter* I'd hate to have to sneak a camera into her boyfriend's apartment, but I'm not seeing a lot of other options.


Also, my apparent epically bitter and unhappy mood finally gets a montly contextual reason. For the life of me, I could not figue out *why* I was on the verge of hysterical tears for three days and hating everyone so much that I was restraining myself from posting for fear I'd start with paranoid accusations of everyone hating me combined with a plea for chocolate. Ah, but now, totally am there. I'd like to say that this mood has't passed and wont' for another, oh, five or so days, but on the other hand, I may stop shutting down my chat programs without saying goodbye, convinced the universe is plotting against me.

Also, there was this thing with a rock.

Okay this is very--you know, I don't know what this is, but I want you to see where my head was as of Thursday.

I am about to cross the street between my building and Walgreens with it's convenient Easter chocolate aisle, and I see a small, roundish piece of broken asphalt in the middle of the right lane. My first thought is, someone is going to run over that, and it will hit me in the leg. I will collapse and have to use my new and confusing cellphone to call to get someone to come get me and take me to the hospital, where they will pronounce amputation followed by blood poisoning, and I will die slowly and dramatically with a morphine drip, wishing I'd actually tried that skydiving thing, despite the fact I have similar reactions to heights that I do to anacondas and other snake-like reptiles. Which is to say, not pretty.

It occurred to me, as I was crossing, that I could kick the rock to the sidewalk and did so, using herculean effort to restrain myself from the scenario of me running to escape traffic when a car accidentaly doesn't stop for the red light, falling, and dying slowly of a head wound surrounded by mourning family and my son clutching my life insurance policy and wondering if he can get a ball python now. That also reminded me to get my living will in order, which I made a note to do once the craziness wore off.

Short Pet Update

Added Broccoli tops and three-lettuce combination to meal plan. Cilantro starts today, giving them a rest from the All Parsley, All the Time.


Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose by [ profile] synecdochic, and Christ, everyone's recced this, but why should I be any different? I'd like to blame the story for the fact that yes, hysterial near-tears and the fact I really, really need some Janis Joplin right now. Seriously, if you haven't read it by now, you must have skipped LJ all weekend, I counted more than twenty recs in under twenty minutes. It totally earns them, too.
Okay, yes, the non-standard web formatting makes it hard to read, but...oh God, so worth it. Hell, copy and paste and hit find/replace if you can't read it otherwise to get the spaces; otherwise, you are totally missing something just *amazing*.

Jam Every Other Day by [ profile] arionchan - part 1 and part 2 - it's very--the author said Wonderlandish, and yes, surreal as hell, but it's so damn *good* and easy to follow and just--wow. I loved everything--the virtual environment, the ship, the way Rodney has to succeed and the way that he really needs to move on from that water related death thing--it just works in every way.
I just--total embarrassment of riches in fic tonight for SGA. Happy place. I mean, seriously, almost as good as bunny therapy here.

Scenes From a Lesser War by [ profile] amireal - okay, I know I'm prejudiced. I love her, I love her fic, and I beta'ed the damn thing, all fifty freaking three pages of it. Or so. But I loved every word. Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and how the ending of it can be as complex as having it around. It's thoughtful and hot and interesting, and I love how all the characters deal with the ramifications of it.

Resonance by [ profile] harriet_spy - season one, pre-Siege II fic, with a fascinatingly complex John. Don't get me wrong, I like all Johns, but this one *resonates*. Rodney's desperate need to be more than he is, even when he doesnt' need to be, and John's understanding and not at all, and that *connection* that he's reaching for and fumbles in weird ways. I just--can't get over it, how she nailed what I saw in The Storm/The Eye--hell, several second season eps as well. It's beautifully, painfully done, and you NEED TO READ THIS, 'KAY?

Letters of Credance by [ profile] of_evangeline - a post-disaster Rodney is a thing of just amazing complexitiy, and of course John goes after him. It's wonderfully, sweetly done, and three words for you--chocolate ferris wheel. Yes. It's *that* kind of a story. Happy place.

Try to Turn the Tide by [ profile] minervacat - wonderful post Siege III fic. Rodney and John are both *great* in this, and it's--well. It's *good*. I mean, there you have it. Read.

Pretty. Yes. Zen like the bunny here. Cookie icon for so much goodness all in one place.


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