Do to Reasons, those being overwhelming spam this week, anonymous commenting is off for my LJ only until it slows down somewhat. My DW will still allow anonymous commenting. Seriously, I get more spam from LJ right now daily than all of my email accounts combined and I don't even like purses. I don't even think I own a purse right now. At least spam me within my interests, for God's sake.
The mods of fail-fandomanon put up a quick tutorial for a layout/custom comment page that looks like the original here. I just switched and so far it looks fine for a stopgap until livejournal lets me have my goddamn s1 style back or someone who feels they owe me their lives and wish to repay me by rebuilding my old style in s2. I swear I'd do it myself but my css is about a billion years out of date and I cannot for the life of me visualize negative margins no matter how logical I know they are.

In other news, I'm at work, and really, I think that's illustrative of my current feelings about my life and for that matter, the lives of others. Also? Gah.

That is all.
Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 01:38 pm

elves gone rogue

Open Note to DW

In view of yesterday's--events?--thank you for continuing fantastic server performance. Considering right now that every page without custom comments in LJ is causing me loading problems, posting problems, and doing anything at all problems, there's a level of pathetic gratitude that I can hit reply on DW and it works.

LJ Users

The fail-fandomanon comm has what appears to be an (almost) perfect copy of the old style comment page on LJ. Does anyone know if the mod is friendly and will share code? I couldn't find it in the threads, but I'm almost sure I saw it there. I did a fast and dirty switch to a layout I can live with (sort of), but ff_a's comment page is precisely what I want.


I have feelings on The Hobbit and Batman trailers. I mean, in theory, you can only rewatch them so many times before boredom ensues, and yet, not bored yet. So much want.

Also, is series two Sherlock premiering on 1/1/2012 or is that a vicious, terrible rumor that will break my heart when it doesn't happen? Tell me this is true. This is very relevant to my interests.

ETA: Sherlock Series 2 on 1/1/2012 is confirmed in comments by [personal profile] norabombay and [ profile] apetslife! Now going to quietly squee in my cubicle, as people get very uncomfortable when I do it too loudly even if I explain why. Real Life = very strange sometimes.
Hey, does LJ know someone hacked them and completely destroyed usability and readability on vast, vast tracts of LJ territory and the entire reason most of us like to be there; aka the comment page? It's hideous! The hacker is obviously evil and possibly made of snails, due to their myopia that would cause them to think this hideousness is okay.

Fine, yes, I knew this was coming, but holy mother of God what snail-possessed programmer thought that was a good idea?

I'm saying, we can go with a.) complete loss of interest in usability of their site or....b.) evil snail people. Who at least have an excuse not to care if the site is usable; they're snails, how many comments can you make using your amorphous lump to press one key at a time? Also, I suspect they have to replace their keyboards regularly.

ETA: For LJ users, in case LJ's a little behind in fixing this obviously horrific comedown from a truly terrible acid trip (assuming the evil snail theory doesn't pan out), DW has free account creation so you don't even need a code!

ETA HELP ME: Um, okay, can anyone tell why I can't reply to comments in my own LJ? Or comment to my own entry?

To [ profile] apetslife - yes I wrote text in the box but the button doesn't enable in my LJ.

Update to that: apparently, unchecking "View comment pages from my Friends page in my own style" on My Account Settings was the problem. Because that, I'm sure, is supposed to make sense. You may or may not have to uncheck "View all journals and communities in my own style", which is directly above it as well.

I'm going to have to actually change my style. I do not like this at all.

New Update: Annnnd it stopped working again right after I replied to someone and the reply ended up as a not-reply but regular comment.


Update Yet Again to Comment/Reply Issue: Clicking on Insert Link and entering something and adding it enables the Post button. It has been relatively consistent on the last three comments I made, two in lj-release because while I have never done the enraged online mob thing before, by God, it's time.
Thursday, October 27th, 2011 10:59 am

random lj question

Okay, in light of the entire--um, LJ thing--I wandered over to stare blankly at the posting interface that seems to have a retro-DOS theme going on (that's a font?), and so personally I haven't had any problems, but then I realized there is something called a "context menu" and no matter how much I hover, I cannot get that thing to work.

However, my memory vaguely implies that it did used to work, and I hated it like I hate fire (I do not like random things popping up in my line of sight covering other things; it's a thing), and so I disabled it, but how did I disable it? It's not greasemonkey and it's sitewide and I think there was a checkbox involved?

(Strangely, DW's hover menu doesn't bother me, due to it being very small and possibly I trained myself out of using it. IDK.)

Anyway, I'm curious now about the context menu. Does anyone remember where that setting is?

ETA: From [ profile] traveller:
It used to be in your display settings, and it WAS just a checkbox, but now it is a console command:

...I was getting mildly worried about my sanity there.
Okay, with Lj's new and improved update, question to those that still use or crosspost; how long has it been that when you deleted a message in your inbox, that bolded line saying that i'ts been deleted no longer appears? I went to delete some spam and the deleted message message that replaced the actual message is now gone.

I know this was still leaving that placeholder a month ago since I do a monthly cleaning of anonymous spam. Does this happen if anyone deletes their comments from your LJ or just anonymous or just--something else....?
This is just a quick test for crossposting.

Um, to make this relevant to anyone's interests, the Atonement library scene.


ETA: *sad*
Okay, so....

When did crossposting to LJ stop working exactly? As I just realized that my last entry didn't, and then I tried again and it didn't, then I checked my flist and the last time anyone's crosspost went through that I can see is July 24th circa 10:00 PM CST.

I was going to ask why it stopped working but apparently LJ was downish for a bit, so. This is weird. Anyone?

This is a manual crosspost: Entry at DW.
Okay, so....

When did crossposting to LJ stop working exactly? As I just realized that my last entry didn't, and then I tried again and it didn't, then I checked my flist and the last time anyone's crosspost went through that I can see is July 24th circa 10:00 PM CST.

I was going to ask why it stopped working but apparently LJ was downish for a bit, so. This is weird. Anyone?

Manual crosspost to LJ as soon as this is posted.

This is a manual crosspost: Entry at LJ.
This is not a crosspost since it's pretty much All About LJ.

Belatedly--I'm pretty sure anyone reading here probably already has a DW code if they want one, but if you don't and do want, comment, as I have eight and they should have good homes.

Er, and repetition is repetitious, but to be fair, I was indulging my id for days so missed this, I don't crosspost to facebook or twitter and I'd prefer any comments in my entries aren't crossposted either. Not like I can stop you and let's face it, the chances of me finding out are fairly low, but still.

Actually, what is the point of crossposting just comments?

These links are as much for my reference as anyone else's, since this weekend will be Update Everything Weekend at home and as my family's tech support, I have one desktop, two laptops, and a netbook to update, so I might as well do this.

....God. I have to update their McAfee and their Windows and install Office, too. How is this my life?

Via [ profile] rissabby - Are you, too, frustrated by the new lj facebook and twitter connect buttons under your comments?, link to [ profile] eruthros's LJ. Thank you!

Via [ profile] trobadora - You can no longer post a non-anonymous comment without logging in. You can no longer post a comment under one account while remaining logged in to another account.[...] (edited per [ profile] trobadora's eta and comment here)

Via Anonymous - Stop Others From Crossposting
Dear LJ,

Your fail has progressed beyond irritating and reaching epic levels of "Where the fuck are my notifications?" and you will note, I am descending to profanity to illustrate how very much this is putting me out.

Please stop making me contemplate the fact that a.) I was once a teenager and b.) I tried to write sex using metaphors before the age of consent, because I will post that shit and people will cry. And possibly embrace celibacy. It was that bad.

I hope we understand each other.

Love you like feet love fungus,

I opened a ticket, but in case anyone else suddenly has this happen:

[Note: I removed the links and username, since it's an flocked entry.]
The comment by a user is not visible while reading the post, though it is not screened, the entry is flocked, and she has access as a member of my flist. THe only way it can be seen and replied to is using the reply-to from inbox and Reply from the mailed comment in my inbox.

If it is replied to, however, the comments become top level comments and the user's reply reply is still invisible.

Clicking on a direct link to comment goes to the entry and does not show the comment.

*scratches head* This is just--bizarre.
Is it just me, or is LJ being slow and very weird for anyone else?
Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 09:59 pm

in continuing wtfery

I don't think I've used LJ Support more than once, and it was solved fairly easily, but the one I did regarding the vanishing replies is suddenly been recategorized from Entries to Abuse and made private.

...does that mean anything? Or just that they couldn't find a technical reason, so are seeing if it was Something Dodgy?
...and to continue the carnival of wtf:

All my replies on this page are gone. You know, I'd go with psychotic break and imagined answering--I can see it--except two threads have people answering my replies, and I know I didn't delete them.

Already support-requested, but that's just weird.
Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 01:16 am

hate, and also, rec

Dear Livejournal,

You cut me off [ profile] astolat's fic at the climatically emotional growth moment. People have rampaged for a hell of a lot less.

finishing ballpoint pen shiv,

Speaking of.

Reciprocation by [ profile] astolat - Arthur's people skills leave a lot to be desired. In a very sexy way.
Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 01:53 pm

not amused

Dear Livejournal,

I will cut you if you don't stop erroring out the Merlin porn. I am at work and it has been a long day and I. Need. My. Fandom. Fix.

Sharpening a ballpoint pen,
Livejournal Bear Slash Redux (yes, i do find this funny as hell)

Backup Services

[ profile] liz_marcs has a post up with links to lj backup services here for windows and mac users. And I don't even resent anyone who can back up their Ljs right now while I am stuck at work with outdated work rules about what constitutes an emergency. I suspect now that work rules will not understand needing to correct someone who is wrong on the internet is an emergency, which worries me.

And here I thought this would be a boring day. *settles in*
Gakked from everyone. And I do mean everyone.

Livejournal: The Russian Bear Slashes a Social Network which I read at first as "Slashing Bears" and got really, really worried about my flist (I don't want to slash bears. Is that the new thing? Slashing bears? What kind of bears? Can I pretend to slash bears who turn into humans? WTF are you people watching?). Very upsetting.

I mean, the slashing bears thing. This is too! But thank you all for not slashing bears because I love you, but oh my God, I don't think I can deal with that.

[ profile] synecdochic talks (not about slashing bears!) here and is reassuring.

I feel we should all talk about our feelings, but most of mine are revolving around the fact I'm at work and apparently, I can't take off using the excuse MUST GO HOME AND BACK UP LJ NOW KTHX as that does not qualify as an emergency under current work rules. Yeah, no clue what's up with that kind of crazy. If this is not an internet emergency, I do not know what is.

Is anyone getting email with incorrect timestamps? Not hugely, but a two hour difference, and yes, accounting for GMT standard. It's getting weird.

Random Neat Fact

My mom participated in a later variation of the Milgram obedience experiments at UT. Not the original, but one the psych department did circa early 1970s. She described the little shock console thingie and is pretty sure she was not a special snowflake that defied authority. Would those results be publicly accessible?
Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 01:37 pm

peering at peers

*wary* So it looks okay. So far.
This is a time where spontaneously breaking into song would be very, very appropriate. I just can't think of a song worthy, really.

IJ: Seperis

For when withdrawal becomes too much for you.

(I am sure this is going to go swimmingly. Also, there will be Oh My God My LJ Is Gone Forever Porn somewhere, because let's face it, we'll need it.)
Okay, so I've been running profile in beta since they offered it, so granted, I'm really used to it. But I'm seriously confused; what exactly is wrong with it besides being rather stark?

(Also granted, I'm a huge fan of stark and simple.)

I'm reading the complaints and while some of the issues (the bio customization) aren't ones that relate to me since I don't put anything in there but text, the rest seem to be talking about a profile page that is nothing like the one I'm looking at.

I am also all over those tiny arrows that close and open up sections; that pleases.

Controversy at [ profile] lj_design here and here, and featured on Fandom Wank here.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check your profile for the new layout.

ETA: [ profile] niqaeli reminded me of this: Kat's Page, please squint. This, two failed frame experiments, a period of black background/white text and thinking it was a brilliant idea to make a single image a background and imbed an imagemap on it is why my webpage is exactly three colors plus simple images. Those were dark times, people.

...seriously. I created that background myself. I leave it there when I get flights of fancy with css to remind me of the dark side.
Dear LJ,

NOT FUNNY. If I wanted to experience powerful withdrawal symptoms, I'd get addicted to heroin and then go to recovery like anyone with sense. Livejournal a.) does not have the same sex appeal as drug addiction, b.) will not do much for a heartwarming Lifetime movie of the week about my life and tragic times, or c.) will not lead to a latex allergy. Granted, the third one is a positive--go Livejournal!--but you really can't work with the other two. Plz to be not stressing me.

Also Your Fault: creepypasta will be giving me nightmares for the next thousand years.

Is anyone losing all css and formatting for livejournal and also some icons? As this is happening to me and I hate being a snowflake. Tell me I am not a snowflake.

Problems - userinfo page, flist loses half of icons, some communities no formatting on main page.

Also, superslow load time like woah.
Thursday, September 4th, 2008 09:18 am


Despite being a Thursday, this is not what I would consider a very motivating day. I feel vaguely like I should be doing something--say, working--and then I go and read something really boring.

*helpless* It's very, very, very strange.

Also, confused. When you look at your userinfo, does something about it seem odd? I will admit I am not the most observant person in pretty much any room I enter, but when did we lose people off our Friends list who deleted their LJs? Now we can't even see their sad strikethrough'ed little names to remind ourselves of their tragic loss. And made me freak out when I couldn't figure out who had vanished.

...or is this just me having some kind of episode or new function of a Firefox extension?

Clarification: What I mean is, when the person I friended HarrySuperSlut deleted her lj, her name used to hang around my Friends but bolded or with a sad strikethrough (we are now returned to strikethrough). Now there is not that, and I know it was working as of three months ago.
Okay, is anyone besides me having weirdish lj comments issues? They're timestamped correctly but they come in clusters of a few instead of when posted?

I'm beginning to wonder if this is lj or my email being odd. It's done that before with email in general.
Legomymalfoy posts about threat to her and her family

There is a lot I could say here and just can't quite find the words.

Corrected link. I have so many tabs. *sighs at them* For days now.
[ profile] bookshop makes a call to all community mods here regarding the lj advisor election. If you moderate a community, please read.

On the community [ profile] fandom_votes, [ profile] svmadelyn has posted Get Out the Vote and why we need to.
[ profile] fandom_votes has discussion of the ten candidates and their various platforms, along with the platforms, here.

You know. That was a lot of formatting. *thoughtful* I want porn now, kthx.
Friday, May 23rd, 2008 03:42 pm

comm of votingness

So for those of us (possibly like me? Who were this morning saying stuff like "election? for what? huh?), [ profile] svmadelyn's opened up [ profile] fandom_votes for us to get a look at the candidates currently up for the LJ Advisory Board.

...I seriously only recognize four candidates. Should read up.
So LJ Advisor Elections:

After reading the comments in my last entry, and reading the ljers who have been mulling about this, I went for [ profile] legomymalfoy and [ profile] rm (I have no idea who I did third: I think squeaky).

Now I'll show you why.


1) What do you think is the value of LJ?

When speaking about value, I feel that the irresistible value of LiveJournal is in its community. We are what makes LJ valuable. The users who post about their day, about their kids, about their last BDSM encounter, about sex and food and everything under the sun. Without its users, LJ is nothing but an empty husk. To continue being valuable, LJ needs to work on retaining existing users by keeping the aspects of the site that are most valuable to them, while at the same time attracting new users by making new features available and taking advantage of new ways of thinking.

More points below that one. Interesting reading. But more important to me; has this person been recommended by people I trust on my flist, the username, and the fact they work Abuse, which means they have some idea what they are talking about.

A complete list of platforms for the people up for election is here.

I hate taking things seriously. Also, may be taking mother to George Michael concert. I--mentioned it? And wow. I've never seen anyone light up that fast.

ETA: [ profile] rydra_wong has some comments here on the election and candidates.
Friday, May 23rd, 2008 11:01 am

(no subject)

Livejournal Advisory Board Election is up and running.

I--you know, here's the thing. After what happened with Brad, I just, personally, cannot take this seriously as anything but a titular--thing.

...though from comments in that post, it is being taken Very Seriously Indeed.

Hands up--who even noticed the elections? I discovered it while skimming sf-d THEN saw one person on my flist represent.

...I'm not even sure who the candidates are. Except Jameth seems to be doing really well, and his campaign posters are awesome.
Thursday, March 20th, 2008 03:23 pm

and more news.

From the [ profile] the_lj_herald

Newsflash: Sponsored Accounts and Sponsored Layouts

From post:

Sponsored accounts, which we briefly mentioned back in September 2007, will start being beta-tested "within a month". This new type of account will be then made available to the users using Cyrillic services then possibly to all users. In exchange for displaying banner ads and using sponsored layouts from a chosen sponsor, Sponsored accounts will have all the benefits of paid accounts except the ability to create custom styles. Paid and Permanent users will not see the ads but will see the sponsored layouts. More details here at [info]no_lj_ads. (Sources: 1, 2 and 3)

Huh. Link to sup_ru in post.

Am I the only one kind of wishing they read Russian now?
Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 10:47 pm

sup speaks at lj_2008

[ profile] lj_2008 has posted an apology and some future possibilities for Livejournal here. I'm--

Hmm. I'm cynical, I admit it. I'm lazy; I admit that too. I'm really, really lazy. But more than those two things, I'm situationally cynical; this is why it is really creepily easy to have a semi-flamewar with me and a week later I will like, talk about your awesome because you posted a picture of John in boxers New. Best. Friend. I like low-stress and prefer not to worry until forced into the situation. I also have no memory to speak of--that is why sometimes entries have weird details sometimes. It's how I keep a context memory.

my navel-gazing, let me show it to you )

So. I think watching and waiting is a sensible idea. There is stuff on there that makes me wary, but with the advertising, as long as it stays out of the venue of the paid, and I mean, completely out of the venue of the paid, I'm cool with that.

But this bit.

* Revenue sharing - Should users be rewarded for their content and contributions?
* Advertising – What are the best ways of integrating commercial opportunities (for both users and brands) into LiveJournal?
* Subscriptions – Should moderators be able to charge for access to closed communities?

A. If by revenue sharing, they mean, giving access to invite codes/equivalent for basic or paid accounts? I wouldn't actually be opposed. I don't feel comfortable at all with the money side, but blogging for extra icons or gifts of paid accounts doesn't hit my uncomfortable place. I don't think. I reserve the right to change my answer after more thinking and/or other views.

B. No, not so much.

C. Hmm. Okay, that one--I don't know what to make of it. I think I'd contribute, for example, as a member of Community of Awesome to get it paid status or permanent or for perks for it, but for that community. Other than that, I'm kind of confused. But I'm also aware that the comms I am enthusiastic in are fannish and have totally different content. Maybe there are comms that would use/benefit/like this kind of thing? No idea.

Um. YMMV, per usual. Still mulling. I really wish we had a metafandom equivalent for lj where all the lj meta is collected for reading and mulling. And no, I cannot imagine how huge that project would be, but if anyone starts one, I'd be happy to volunteer on it. Or is there one of those already? *curious*

Interview with Anton Nosik, the director of the blog division of SUP corporations, translated by [ profile] russianswinga, posted by [ profile] darkrosetiger. Original article is here.

Brief quote:

Reporter: Users that are unhappy about the fact that the right to a base account is reserved only for bloggers that registered before the 12th of march, are calling for a boycott of your resource. How massive do you expect this boycott to be?

Nosik: I don't know any of LJ posters familiar to me, those I have friended and commented, that would want to join said boycott. I honestly don't know any people that would seriously take up that initiative. So I am presuming such an idea to be marginal at best. Something like calling all the advertisers in the American section of livejournal and calling on them to cancel their ads

Reporter: Have they actually called them?

Nosik: Of course not. Where will you find such idiots that will call serious companies? It's one thing - to call a newspaper in hope that they will give you 15 minutes of fame on their page. But a proper firm? The first thing you'll get asked is "so who exactly are you trying to reach? What is this about and why the hell should we care?"

Read the rest. Charming. Really.
So there's a livejournal content strike approaching.

I'm not participating--if I do, it'll be literally because I fell asleep or died or something--but the mass mocking of the concept got my back up.

There's this thing--crazy, I know. You can save whales, work on world peace, and care about livejournal! Really. You can. It's one of the many uses of higher brain function. It's like keeping several tabbed webpages open all at the same time! Yes, we live in a world where you can, in fact, walk and chew gum. And even listen to your ipod.

I mean--okay, on one hand, yes, I'm not entirely sure it will help. But dear God, it won't actually injure you in any way for people you do not know and do not care about, have never seen, and possibly will never interact with, to, you know, do something you don't do, don't want to do, and will not affect your livejournal life.

I think this comes back to that entire unnamed law of comparison. It is not and probably will never be a choice we have been worrying about entropy and worrying about the fate of livejournal and worrying if that beef from Happy Sam's China Kitchen was supposed to taste like that. Seriously. I mean, personally, I can worry about it all and then worry about the state of my skin (oddly dry, in case you are curious).

This doesn't refer to my flist, since I don't think anyone I've seen has posted about it yet. Or actually, anyone I know. Just a general rant of gah. It's okay if people do things you think are silly and meaningless! Crazy, crazy world.

(Is this emotional enough to be a rant? Maybe insert profanity? Damn! That work?)

okay, so took down the link )
For those following along with the popular interests controversy--short version, certain popular interests being screened from public view--they've been restored. Updated posted to [ profile] the_lj_herald. Also a link to the changelog showing the code change, or so it is said.


Okay, I give up. SUP, you have officially lost me. Either this was:

a. real and you withdrew it due to reaction,
b. it wasn't real and was to split attention between basic account and interests, then give us one back so we would be fooled into thinking you listen to us,
c. this is a test of your local broadcast system just to see if we'd notice,
d. really weird accident of some kind.
e. social experiment! (by [ profile] trobadora)

No, seriously. That's just odd. Anyone have a guess?

(Thanks to [ profile] amireal for the heads up.)

ETA: Advertiser Tracking of Flist of Sponsored Accounts with BEACON. Read the entire entry. (thanks to [ profile] goss for the link!)
Updated 3/17/2008, 9:04 PM - This post is locked.

ETA 2: [ profile] marta of lj staff has spoken in comments here. Um, not much so far, but wow. Staff speaking to us.
Screw with interests.


Remove basic to offer an exciting new level of account called sponsored users. Wait, you say. Isn't that plus?

Ah, no. At least, I don't think so.

Actually, I could be wrong, because I can't read code for shit yet. But as part of trying to work out classes, I started reading LJ code to get used to the patterns.

LJ Change Log, February 27, 2008.

I was looking at this:

huh )

I thought they meant communities. Not so much, since those already exist, so why bother with this?

Sponsored Accounts FAQ (coming soon)

And google search with some fascinating insights into how to go about getting oneself a sponsor. Still haven't turned up a TOS or FAQ yet, but possibly it's not yet online.

And this weird one (shows up on several of the google pages): Sponsored accounts are cool!

Okay, I am perfectly aware I could be reading the code wrong and this is actually plus with a new name. Except I don't think so. Also kind of amused if I'm reading this right that they've been working on the removal of basic accounts since October, the same time they started adding in the sponsored code.

Feel free to correct if I'm wrong; again, I'm reading for pattern, not literally, so for all I know, they're switching names around or something. It *could* be communities, but from what I can read on the classes, this isn't the community based coding. Nor is most of the stuff from google referring to communities instead of users.

ETA: Extra links

LJ Russian Interests Removed, picked up by [ profile] mecurtin (supplement to [ profile] stewardess's post on interests.
For my own reminders, since I like quotes, and comparisons to land wars in Asia automatically rock.

random assortment from news post because I am so easy to amuse )
So--no more basic accounts? Like the dodo, they vanish into the ether, except not hunted to death. I'm not sure what kind of extinction that is. Would we call this the equivalent of a meteorite?

I know, seriously, I should find this freakishly annoying, but mostly, I'm trying to remember this post--circa 2004, 2005? Around the time Livejournal was sold. And someone on news--or somewhere--made this prediction of what else Livejournal would lose over the coming years while like, everyone told him crazy! No way! You're kidding! OMG YOU ARE SO STUPID SHUT UP THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

I seriously want that post. And I want to checkmark it. Then I want to create an account, send a copy to everyone who mocked, and say "HAHAHA!"

As you can see, I am not doing any of that, because that is a lot of effort. And also, well. Again. A lot of effort.

However, this was funny.

[ profile] ru_news announced it to their userbase before, say, [ profile] news got around to it. When they got around to it. Which was just a bit ago? Right?

Translated at [ profile] sf_drama. So far, it seems a legit translation. Let us all ponder the news community no longer being--er, about news.

To entertain ourselves--list out five things Livejournal will never ever change, because my God, they wouldn't! It's part of Livejournal! And we will gleefully check it off as they remove it in the future. Just to see.

I'll start.

1.) Paid Accounts will never have ads!


and further future changes below the cut )
Thursday, March 6th, 2008 09:49 am

okay, so not just me?

For those, like, say, me, who panicked when livejournal wasn't working, [ profile] trobadora started LJ Refuge in insanejournal since greatestjournal is now tragically dying. Plz to go there to get all your status needs.

I, for one, have a severe headache and a wicked temper today. I'm currently debating whether to release it into the wild or eat more dark chocolate. This decision is hard and while I decide, I think I will finish the bar I have now for evaluation. Which will make me feel better? It's a hard question. It may take several bars to answer.
Intersting thing.

The other day I went in to edit an flocked entry; I was told a few minutes later it was now public. What, I said. Because I hadn't changed the lock, only edited something. Hmm, I said, adn went to check.

Apparently, at least for me, when I open a locked post to edit, it defaults back to no-lock unless I change it again.

Anyone else notice this? Has it always been that way? I never had that happen before; I now feel vaguely like I need to go back and check all my entries for the ones I thought I flocked and then edited later.

ETA: Okay, let me be the first to say, God, I can be extremely dense. [ profile] amireal states the problem was in the firefox extension LJ Hook. Fixed. *facepalm*
Okay, final post today. Probably. Really.

This is actually mostly informational. In some of the entries I locked down recently, I also had recs posted in them. I'm adding these here for reference, since a.) good fic never hurt anyone and b.) I am moody and bored and you really want to *argue*? Seriously?

Smallville rec posted 8/19/2003 for [ profile] emerlin's Before the Songs Were Made. Medium long.

Smallville recs posted for 5/30/2003.

Smallville recs and links posted for 4/30/2003.

Smallville recs and links posted for 2/10/2003.
I know, intellectually, that this is not the normal way to handle these--er, issues, with [ profile] news.


wow )


Awesome post on the [ profile] burr86 thing by [ profile] gmth (link courtesy of [ profile] trobadora)

But all that aside, I have to ask you something: Do you GET IT now? Do you see how easily fiction gets conflated with reality?
Saturday, August 4th, 2007 12:47 am

miller test case


For those interested in the Miller-test-case scenario.

One story, two versions, by [ profile] wilde_stallyn, evaluated by LJAbuse.

Pulled from [ profile] mskatej's lj comments.

(I'm seriously trying to figure out if I should label all these entries as strikethrough 2007 as well; I'm seriously *nervous* about Labor Day weekend.)
Okay, checking something.

[ profile] ponderosa121

Okay, this is new.


Quickly reorganizing the links.


This can't end well.

Quoted from the post:

Has there been more Strikethrough nonsense going on or something, and I've somehow missed the wank? Because it is very odd, she's not strkethrough'ed, just... de-LJ'd (ponderosa121), but she's very definitely suspended.

Dude. Are we malfunctioning?

[edit] Oh, evil twin. She was blissfully unaware, and her response to the deleted? "Huh."



Apparently, she's been suspended over a drawing posted on pornish_pixies cited to contain "minors in explicit sexual situations." Probably some Snape/Harry. And since there's no appeal system... well. In a show of evil twin solidarity, I'm most likely jumping ship to GreatestJournal. We're both over there, under the exact same names.

Read the post, including thoughts on creating a new community for fanpeople.


Also read here, Fandomtossed


Aja on the latest suspensions.

We have latest suspensions. Should I be ready for Memorial Day weekend?


1.) Er. So we can no longer see a strikethrough. You know what? That is beyond a bad sign.

2.) I--er, I have nothing.

I am wondering if I need to check my userinfo now every day. Maybe do a print out just in case.


[ profile] svmadelyn found it.

Lj Releases

Among others:

* Un-linking [profile] user tags for deleted/suspended users
* Hiding deleted/suspended journals from profiles (unless you're looking at your own, or looking at the full profile view)

*slow blinking*

What? Why?

(that's really a rhetorical question at this point, isn't it?)

ETA 2:

[ profile] ponderosa121 just posted to her GJ here on the situation.

People are asking about the situation on [ profile] news here (looks like it's starting on page six).
You know, this thing going around LJ feels vaguely like the fannish equivalent of leaving a forwarding address.

If I vanish mysteriously, I am at place!

OTOH, if we do have a fannish migration, I've decided that instead of seperis, there will be the rise of a new fangirl. I will call her Bob.

In this day and age, it's just too hard to change identities suddenly. People catch you. There are IP things. And well, let's face it, sometimes Certain Things kind of stand out--oh, say, saying your country of origin is Chile, you love Clex, and you keep friending herohunter, for example. Not that I'm talking about anything specific.

But this. With the Mad Scramble across a billion blogging sites (seriously, y'all? Let's get together and *vote* or something to see who we honor with our underaged porn presence), people will get lost. People will change names. Just think--you're sitting there, oh, two years after the--hmm. Need a name here. Ah. "The Great Fannish Scattering". Yes.--after The Great Fannish Scattering. We'll call it Scat for short.

...hmm. No, we won't. Go back.

The Great Fannish Scattering. It's two years later. You are sipping latte and thinking about your flying car (seriously, where are the flying cars already?) and your upcoming vacation to Mars for the new MediaWestinSpace convention. And you are talking to BetsyBoom. Your bestest friend ever. And you are hitting wayback machine, as people do. And you discover--

BETSYBOOM IS YOUR MORTAL ENEMY SUPERHARRYSLUT (not referring to actual person by name of superharryslut. Seriously. Is there a superharryslut?)!

You remember it all. She told you that your astral marriage to Harry Potter was invalid because she already married him there! She posted obviously photoshopped pictures of the honeymoon (you know photoshopped fakes, unlike yours, which were Divinely Inspired by His Heroness). Flame after flame. Picture after picture. Terrifyingly detailed narratives of intimate astral trysts. She touched his astral robe! Whore.

But she's your best friend now!

You see how this can only end in tragedy. there's a lesson in this I hope you all walk away from thinking about very seriously. The first would be, check out your polygamous astral plane husband's history first. Second--well. Hide better. And some other stuff.

For your assignment: imagine you are the person I didn't name, but the pov of this little story. What do you do when confronted with SUPERHARRYSLUT aka BetsyBoom's real identity? And no, astral plane assassinations are not acceptable. Those fuck up your karma, yo.

I worry about these things.
Or How I Had to Wiki Miller's Test it's not April 1st, right? Right. So this isn't a very bizarre joke.

*thoughtfully looks at smallville tags*

You know. In case it comes to that.
It's midnight, so my lj will let me post.

I feel like an infomercial. God.


For those new, Waffles is my rabbit.

picture under cut )

Due to drama and circumstance, Waffles has been restricted to his cage or his playpen outside. It's a long story that involves pneumonia and etc. Anyway, I took him out today, put him in his playpen, spread out some cut grass for him to chew or destroy, whichever, some water, his green castle, and left him to do his thing.

I came out about an hour later to see the pen kind of bent, and the dog staring at something on the ground.

Wait. I *remember* this.

Anyway, here is what has to hae happened. Dog got into pen, took out rabbit (I seriously have no idea how else it could have happened--the rabbit does not have wings and the pen is now permanetly closed on all sides). Chased rabbit. Rabbit played dead.

My week, in other words, just about almost got even worse.

Ran to rescue, cuddled him for about an hour, which was nice, since Waffles kind of hates me and hates life. Then after cuddling adn generally acting loving, he bit me lovingly in the stomach and stared up at me until I took him, with all due ceremony, back to his cage. He nodded thoughtfully and promptly returned to eating his apple.

I really need a pet that likes me. Oh, wait, I have Thumper.

because pru and madelyn are nuts )

I--he came to me in a box. It's hard to explain. But I love him. And sadly, he does beat Waffles for cuddliness.

Fandom Notes

Collected from everywhere. Like I said. Informercial. But after tomorrow, hopefully one with good hair. As I will get my hair recolored.

I.) [ profile] fanarchive

Posted by [ profile] bethbethbeth today:

Now, for the update: we have mostly hammered out the structure of the organization and are lining up legal help. On Monday, I will be posting a couple of long and complicated posts (sorry!) outlining the structure and recruiting specifically for the first board and committee chairs. I would ask all of you to please try and invite as many people as you can to join
this community from your own circles, especially if you don't see a lot of representative people on our membership list yet, and also to forward those posts to any appropriate fannish mailing lists that you might be on, or to other fannish people who might not be on LJ. We've gotten a lot of generous offers of help in comments both to the original post and many of the posts here. I haven't had time to reply to all of these, but if that includes you, THANK YOU, and rest assured we will soon be showing up on your doorstep hat in hand. :D

The post collecting volunteers will be up shortly, as will the summary post. If you did not post on the original thread and would like to volunteer, you can drop emyrys a note to be added.

Volunteer post is here.

If you haven't joined, yes, I'll say it, go do so. Our archive. I mean, without you? The rest of us might vote to do blue text on a pink background*. Do you want to be responsible for that while reading your Methos/Green Lantern crossover porn? Do you?

(*this is for dramatic effect. I don't think anyone there is actually evil.)

Please, feel free to spread the word.

II. [ profile] thecaelum asked me to post this:

I don't have the energy or the focus right now to make [ profile] canon_sidekicks or [ profile] social_meta into the kinds of communities that I know they can be. These are both good ideas, and self-sustaining communities that need just a little attention to become relevant, useful, and vibrant little corners of fandom.

Because I'm lacking in what is necessary to run these communities, I'd like to give them over to someone or someones who would be willing to take these ideas and run with them. No strings, no catches. Full ownership of the community would be yours, to do with as you see fit. I would not be involved at all.

If any of you are interested, or know of someone who might be interested, please let me know.

Please drop a line at to [ profile] thecaelum at mizrudy at or in her post here.

III. Strikethrough 2007

For those still mulling Strikethrough 2007 (I seriously love this name), [ profile] stewardess has posted "How SixApart's Greed Allied Them with Neo-Nazis". This offers an intriguing possibility on what led to the purge that led to Fandom Harmony We Are All One. Interesting and cynical implications for what we can expect in the future.

IV. [ profile] 3daychallenge

[ profile] amireal has a new challenge here.

Topic: International 'What did you say about my mama?' Day Challenge!

This special edition DVD challege is a week-long event! And by that I mean, a week of porn. Please. Bring us porn.


I was curious, so I went looking for livejournal statistics. Because we all know that my favorite thing in the world is random math.

Pulled from Livejournal Statistics.

How many users, and how many of those are active?

Total accounts: 13056367
... active in some way: 1783402
... that have ever updated: 8237102
... updating in last 30 days: 1017235
... updating in last 7 days: 585470
... updating in past 24 hours: 182223

I'd commit many horrible acts to get a breakdown between user accounts and commmunity accounts, and types of accounts (permanent, paid, early adopter, plus, and basic).

*wistful* I'd get to play with numbers for weeks.

ETA contributed by [ profile] shusu - [ profile] twistedchick does math.

Ooohhh yeah. That's what I'm talking about.

Okay, done. LJ, it is after midnight. Plz post. Kthx.


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