This is more along the lines of a cut scene from Don't Blink (Or You'll Miss It). I ended up never using it for anything, but I did have it half-imagined, before I realized that I had no idea where it was going to go.

In Which I Got Confused and Stopped.

qaf - the cut bit from don't blink )
Third WiP.

It was a Christmasy thing last year. It passed, thank God.

In Which I Realize That This Is Just Wrong and Move Away Quickly.

qaf - the one with the cookies )
And another one.

This is sort of because of [ profile] josselin. Cause we were chatting and then this came up, and I still have no idea how that happened.

In Which It Started Light and Then Wanted to Degenerate to Scary Melodrama, So I Stopped.

I'm seeing a theme here.

qaf - the thing with two of them )
In honor of WiP Amnesty Weekend, cleaning out Ye Old WiP Folder. This is possibly the most disturbing place in my computer.

Have I posted this? I don't think so. Well, that I can find.

In Which I Wanted to Do Light, Then Justin Got Weird, and I Stopped, Because It Was Supposed to Be Porn, Dammit.

qaf - threesome pornfic )
You know, it's one of those times where you *know* you had some idea of where this was supposed to go, and then it got lost. Possibly with all those socks that keep disappearing, and okay, my obsession with teh Mystery of the Missing Socks really is getting disturbing.

This snippet has *nothing* to do with socks. Unless they are in cahoots with my snippet. Which would be so not a surprise.

This is, seriously, a really pointless snippet. Queer as Folk, middish season four. I think I wrote it for someone ([ profile] burnitbackwards? [ profile] nonchop?). Do you remember what I was *thinking*?


scenes from the loft of a cranky boyfriend )
I promised myself that if I was good and made serious headway into at least one other WIP, I would just post this thing, just to get it out of my folder for good. I did, and I was good, and now I get hot chocolate.

So. Stumble and Fall, QaF, Justin, Brian, Daphne, follow-up to my Echo and Steps by [ profile] josselin. The thing that wasn't a thing, then grew.

In the future, I will never, ever let Josselin trick me into writing. Ever, ever, ever.
There's really not a bad time for porn. Even when one has to reset their DVR because one accidentally hit cancel and so can't watch QaF until after midnight. Porn was made for moments like this.

those who favor fire )
First, [ profile] josselin posted more Joke! Go here. Dance, monkeys, dance!

No, I have no idea what that means either, but the story is very cool. Check it out. We love Josselin when she's producing and not traumatizing us with really, really terrifying websites.

Also, I bought a new mouse and ice cream. That's my only excuse.

It's a *really* good mouse.

it's easier than falling )
I know, I know. I'm tired of this story. *Everyone* is tired of this story. But I will finish it if it kills me, because dammit, I *can finish something I start*. And also, because it's so close to done I can taste it. I mean, *so close*.

To [ profile] josselin, who kept poking at me to just *do* it already. And poking more. And also, making Brian/Emmett sex strangely hot. In a way I try not to think about too much.

Earlier parts can be found here, Stumble and Fall, WiP.

stumble and fall, the continuing, unending adventures of possibly the weirdest thing I've ever tried to write )
So. Yeah. That vampire thing.

Thanks to [ profile] cjandre for the beta, because she is just that cool, and she and [ profile] svmadelyn, who sat up with me when I angsted about titles and really, I was getting strange there near the end. And for [ profile] josselin, who never ever writes not-stories about anything even resembling vampires. Ever. Ask her.

colder in my skin )
Saturday, March 27th, 2004 12:34 am

qaffic: know

Just for the record? [ profile] josselin is unclean.

I still love her, though. But unclean is unclean.


by jenn and [ profile] josselin

We were snippeting. And kind of bored. Or you know, really bored.

know )
The soap opera continues. At this rate, no one will ever take me seriously again. I'm okay with that.

Hell, I'm *high* on that. Could be the snow, though.

stumble and fall, continuing adventures of Justin and His Issues )
Okay, mea culpa. I freaked out and wrote a back-up to the challenge, because for some asinine reason, I got blocked after around four hundred ninety-two words. I had no idea that was possible. But there you go.

Anyway. Second story, same picture, [ profile] slodwick's "A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words" challenge.

HTML can be found here, Out in the Middle of Nowhere.

out in the middle of nowhere )
There are so many really *cool* ways to spend your birthday, but I chose laying in bed with a romance novel and cinnamon schnapps and coffee up until a few minutes ago. And frozen Patio enchiladas. Horrifyingly addictive badfood.

Also, I added more to How It's Gonna Be.

In all fairness, I actually have written a lot on it, but unfortunately, I went non-linear, which was a bad idea and I knew it, even though it seemed like a good idea at the time. I write straight through. Skipping a scene assures that scene will not be written, and so forth. I kept thinking I'd write *up* to that scene, then be comfortable posting, but that didn't happen. Oh well.

Anyway. The melodramatic adventure continues apace. For those who have completely forgotten....

cliff notes )

Caught up?

Right. Onward, then.

how it's gonna be, more )
I have no idea if I'm doing this correctly, or if it will be a mess of weirdness. Which is entirely possible.

Okay, I'm trying this one first. Reader interpretation is a huge part of what I do--bigger than I realized before now. But this one was recent, I have AIM convos to remember with.

Stories Out of Childhood by jenn, QaF, Justin/Brian, Justin/Gus

stories out of childhood )
Hmm. I suppose the answer to what I do when I'm stressed is showing big time here.


Earlier portions posted here.

stumble and fall, continuing )
Okay, considerably less wired. *g*

I need a favor. A big favor.

incomplete grocery stores )
I really need to leave my computer before the chair starts to resemble me.

stumble and fall, more again )
Now I can blame drugs! Yay!

More Daphne!Crack fic, aka Stumble and Fall.

more snippetting )
Just blame it on sleep deprivation.

*sighs* I'm too tired to actually be ashamed of myself, but it'll happen soon.

more snippeting )
I'm *bored*. No one posted new fic for me to read. It is sad, sad, sad.

More snippets. It's like an addiction. Snip or die.

*hugs to [ profile] jaymalea, [ profile] ranaeros and [ profile] ragingpixie for encouragement and also, telling me yes, this is very, very weird.

qaf snippeting continues )
Don't look like that. I'm just snippeting for fun. I originally posted this for [ profile] josselin in comments, then got really *really* bored and added a little. If you'd all keep me more entertained? This kind of freakiness would *not* happen. *nod*

part 1 )

part 2 )
Kind of short, sorry about that. Kind of long in the coming, but see, weird pairings do things to me.

Anyway. Um. Part something of the story that just keeps going. For the curious, we're at one hundred pages. Please don't remind me of this or I will start panicking.

Snail power! Or something. Hmm.

how it's gonna be, next part )
Follow up to Slowly Turning. Um. Yeah. Porn.

Thanks to [ profile] cjandre for the pre-read and corrections. *hugs*


lay me down )
I'm getting lackadistical in my journaling. Mostly because, scarily enough, I have nothing interesting to say.

I have *boring* things to say. Like--icons! Whoo! And God, that's a lot of spaces, how are you people *filling* them?

Oh right. Like this.

[ profile] misskatherine made me a *gorgeous* one after I begged prettily. Because I am shameless.

It moves and stuff! *bouncy*

That could actually be the sum total of my news right now.



Because this is unique.

Busy Week on the Fridge by [ profile] julad, written for the Grocery Store challenge. Just seriously *cool*. And fun to read.


Another in the QaF snippet collection. For the beautiful, wonderful, amazing [ profile] gem225. She deserves stories in her fandoms of choice. Until I can write them for her, I give her this.

Thanks to [ profile] jaymalea for the pre-read.

slowly turning )
Tuesday, November 4th, 2003 07:03 pm


First off, the fact that I was pretty damned useless for most of the morning can be dropped solely at the feet of [ profile] josselin, who not only scalps random Justins but also, does that thing where she posts stuff and makes me...

Okay, look here and *see* her meanness.

I'm contemplating that entire fifty icons thing. It's like Fangirl Farr or something all over my friendslist. I'm not sure I even *have* fifty icons to put up all at once. Do most people?

Though really, the horrors I could come up with, considering the ickiness I'm capable of in icon-making....


How to Be Heartless

*computer goes down as client (C) comes up. N is one of the other clerks*

C: I need a Medicaid card.

J: Let me check--the computer's acting up....

*does things. Computer mocks.*

J: Okay, it looks like it's not going to work. We have two options. One--

C: Not going to work? I've been waiting *two (baaaaad word) hours* and you couldn't have told me this before?

J: It was working before.

*unkind sidenote--C had a silver ball stud in the skin just below her nose, upper part of the upper lip. from distance, jenn's desk, say, looked like really large pimple. jenn gets little entertainment sometimes.*

C: So it's not working.

J: *feeling bad* Not right now, but--

C: *says several unkind things and stares at jenn in a not-very-kindly way*

C: Well, (baaaaad word) You people are a pain in the (baaaaad word) ass.

*jenn abruptly loses all sympathy*

J: *huge sunny smile* And you have a great day too!

N: *waving at departing back* Have a lovely day, ma'am!

I make my own fun.


Places to Go

Didn't I say I was behind? Mean-writery [ profile] josselin.

While We Tell of Yuletide Treasure: Secret Santa in Obscure Fandoms I keep looking at the list, thinking, I could do that, I could do *that*, but then again, what if they ask me for like, Baron Harkonnen slash?

Okay, so at least it would be canonical, but the movie? Scarred me for *life*.

At least I'm not seeing Pokemon. Yet.


Things I Don't Want to Do But Probably Will Anyway

I actually said that I'd never write another crossover, but in LJ the other day, Joss mentioned Lex/Justin, and well, Lex is slashable with like, tree bark. So of course, the first thing I thought when it was mentioned was not "oh, what*ever*" but rather, is there a good reason for Justin to be in Metropolis?

*shakes head* He just isn't a tights kind of boy. At least, I hope not.

Though I could just send them both to Chicago. I send everyone to Chicago to traumatize them fictionally. Chicago for Trauma, New York for good sex. Canada for falling in love and running away. Texas for cage fighting. California for Deep Revelations and Stuff. Once I sent people to Phoenix to dance. Because I can.



He burned on nothing but air for hours before they left. Softer now, boots kicking at nothing when Brian pushes the loft door open before the sun's touched the horizon outside.

A ball of golden, boneless boy slung over one shoulder, giggling into his back, fingers worked into the waist of his jeans. Scratching every so often, just to make him shiver. Liquid when spilled onto the couch in a tangle of silver mesh and leather, smiling at the ceiling with glassy eyes.

Brian's hands comes away slicked with glitter, the smells of alcohol and sweat, teenage boy, and a long night on the floor.

"Playtime's over," Brian tells him, and Justin closes his eyes on a smirk, tiny pink tongue slicking parted lips.

"Not yet."

He watched Justin for hours tonight. Incandescent in motion, wrapped in light and sound and feeling, and Brian remembers how he tasted, metal and vodka coating his tongue. They don't id him anymore, if they ever did.

"What did you take again?"

Justin opens his eyes on the ceiling. "Sing the song."

It's stupid. "A, B, C, D..."

"E. E. E." He's laughing, feet kicking into the air like Gus. "I'm so high."

Bent back against the bathroom wall, legs wrapped around his hips, Justin licked the hit out of Brian's mouth, eyes closed like this. Sharp little nails sinking into the back of his neck. Soft, pretty mouth whispering dirty things against his lips.

Justin sits up, fingers twisting in the collar of Brian's shirt, pulling remorselessly. "Brian," Justin whispers against his ear, wet and warm. "Have you ever noticed that the loft smells like carrots?"

And then there's this. "Bedtime."

Justin's fluid beneath his touch, melting against him once his feet touch the floor. Something to be picked up and carried along, humming some crappy hip hop from CDs Brian would never allow in the loft.

Brian doesn't bother with the lights. He could find his way in perfect dark.

Justin spreads across the bed as slow as honey, fingers restless on the duvet as he lifts his head. "It's kind of like being blind in here." Even in the dark, Justin finds him effortlessly, one leg sliding around the back of his thigh, and Brian lets himself be pulled against the platform. "I'm not, am I?"

"No." Brian braces one arm on the bed to keep his balance. "Try opening your eyes."

Justin's pulling him down, mouth soft and warm. This easy twist of his body, and Justin's straddling him, eyes wide and dark. "That helps. Did you know that you're glowing?"

"You're so fucking high."

"Like--like fluorescence. Luminescence." The SATs were unfortunate, Brian thinks, watching Justin's forehead screw up in concentration. "Bright. Something really, really holy."

Brian snickers. Some people find religion in church, but Justin tends to find it in orgasm. Not so different--both find him on his knees. "You think that, Sunshine."

He's close enough to see the smile, flash of white teeth and then Justin's pulling at Brian's shirt and then his own, murmuring about heat exhaustion and preventing strokes in this reasonable tone that would sound so much better if he wasn't tilting starboard the entire time. He's loose enough to roll onto the bed, high enough to just stay there, shirt caught under his arms and staring up at the ceiling like it's the Sistine Chapel. Or like it's promising him the world's best blowjob. "This is so cool."


Someone make this thing move or I swear, I'll kill them both in bed just so they'll leave me alone. Pajamafic my ass. They won't even undress, dammit.

*sulking with a good reason now*
I've learned it's *so* much easier just to give in and *go* with it. Mountains don't ever move, tides will always come in, and Jessica always, always gets her way, somehow. I'm pondering how exactly this happens.

[ profile] dammitcarl for wanting and [ profile] ranaeros for co-audiencing.

not brian/justin )
Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003 10:22 pm

qaffic: echo, qaf

I--don't know. I mean, I think I know what I'm doing, but hmm.

Critique or advice appreciated immensely. Pre 3.7.

echo )
Tuesday, October 21st, 2003 12:29 am

qafwip: foray 2

[ profile] velena is crack. Writing-crack. Wonderful, *addictive* writing-crack.

Dedicated to [ profile] righteoustmk for Daphnecons, to make us smile hugely and be very, very inspired. *huge, massive hugs*

foray 2 )
Saturday, October 18th, 2003 01:34 am

qafwip: foray 1

[ profile] velena and I play. She's *such* a sweetie. *hugs*

foray 1 )
That really *is* the dumbest subject title I could think of. Well, that or pink elephants attack.

I'm blaming [ profile] julad for this one, too, since she's easy. And what the hell, [ profile] harriet_spy, because dammit, she hasn't been blamed for anything in way too long and she just might feel neglected.

on the art of emotional reactions in fic )
Just scribbling. I feel like hurting someone fictional, and it's way too easy with Lex right now.

Wow, that sounds mean, doesn't it?

To [ profile] julad.

stop and see )
I honestly at this point have to wonder what the hell I think I'm doing.

Less melodrama. More drugs. They make everything better. I should apply this to my life. I swear, I'd be much happier, if less well-adjusted.

...yep, that's right, more )
Yesterday ended up being--very weird. On a variety of levels.

Went to work, wrote out appointment letters, found out two of my coworkers watch QaF. Discussion ensued. Kind of shocky. Scared all the guys into hiding. Quite funny.

Gathering of some of the LJ QaF contingent on AIM last night, which was incredibly fun.

AU snippet by [ profile] josselin and a continuation by [ profile] soundczech The premise? What would have happened if Brian had walked in on Emmett and Justin.

I always keep my promises. Snail power!

I really should have thought through this snail as mascot thing more carefully.

the melodrama goes on! )
And this is where I had to go take my antibiotics. And fell asleep.

and...more stuff )
My only excuse is that this entire general-exhaustion thing has left me completely unable to do anything that requires actual movement other than my fingers. And shame is really, really outdated. Retro, even.

the melodrama continues! )
One--so far, I'm not dead. Dizzy and inordinately tired and unable to sleep, but other than that? Dandy.

Two--Sanity's really, *really* overrated.

insomnia and google collide )


melodramatic planning! )
You all get why I don't often make icons now, right?

Well, I gave it a week and my nose is still doing revolting things I won't discuss, the congestion won't end, and nausea's added for reasons I won't go into for any reason short of imminent death, and only messy death. Headache on fourth day straight Four fifteen appointment. Yay me.

So of course, after taking enough sudafed to cause poisoning in small experimental rodents, I spent time this morning in socks, ugly polyester pajama bottoms and wrote.

Slowly, the snail pounds through the snow and molasses wilderness.

and the story continues )


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