So a question for people going to Escapade or have been to Escapade about panel contents. Specifically, trigger warnings.

For the Magicians panel on Saturday, I'll be one of the moderators, and I'd like some opinions on trigger warnings. I mean, this panel will need them, so I'm wondering how I should go about this.

My trigger list at this time (may expand): on-screen rape, clinical depression, suicide ideation, suicide attempt, PTSD, animal harm

Potentially adding: drug overdose, semi-explicit violence, institutionalization

I have a preference on how I want to do this, but this isn't about me; this is about my audience and I don't want to risk hurting anyone or wrecking their fun weekend because I was careless. While I think all of these things are dealt with respectfully, there's also the fact that it probably doesn't matter to someone with a rape trigger how it's dealt with. I'm claustrophobic; it realllly doesn't matter if it's a super nice opaque enclosed space with pillows and puppies, if I can't see out and can't get out, I am still going to react badly unless I'm really drunk or taking xanax and can easily go into an obsessive thought spiral that sucks and can last for weeks or months. It's not the same thing, I know; PTSD is much worse, so I'm extrapolating if it's that shitty for me, it'll be hellish for anyone with triggers.

Now, it's not like we're going to show video of anything triggery, it will be confined to discussion, but again, that may not matter to some people with a trigger.

Discuss triggers at start of panel:

This is happening no matter what, just in case; it's not like all of us haven't wandered into a panel and forgot the entire description or we were hanging with some friends and sort of drifted in with them and only belatedly realized this wasn't the panel on creating believable sockpuppets.

(...that would be an awesome panel, btw.)

My plan is to start by going through the most common triggers that the Magicians has (see above) and also ask if anyone has any specific concerns.

Here are my options for more transparency

1.) Putting a list of triggers on the door/outside the door/inside the door:

This has the benefit of giving fair warning beforehand. It could be done in two ways: non-specific ("This panel will contain discussion of some common triggers please ask the mods or you can see fact sheet by the door" maybe???), or specific ("This panel will contain discussion of these triggers [list here]; if there is something else that concerns you, please see the mod").

(Note: but with better wording than those, promise. Hope.)

2.) In addition, I could add a blank sheet of paper people can write down their concerns when they come in so they don't feel put on the spot or feel they have to share something so personal. Then I can check it as the panel starts and address anything that's not covered by the triggers not mentioned.

3.) Or any combination of above or all of it or maybe ask who is going and give them my phone number and ask them to call me so we can talk about it??? I literally thought about doing this, which like, has to qualify as really goddamn weird and I just can't see how this will encourage people to like me and not carefully avoid me while looking spooked and/or wary.

(I want to make more friends, okay? One of my goals for Escapade is to hopefully lure at least one person into friendly email, and if I'm super lucky, chat at night and exchange fandom squee and so forth. So I'm kind of committed to making a good--or at least not uncomfortable--impression.)

Thoughts, anyone? I want this to be as fun and safe and interesting as possible for everyone involved.
raine: (Default)

2019-02-13 07:15 am (UTC)
One of the ways I as a mod have done it is a general “if there is something you find triggering, please say so” and write it on the flip chart so people know it’s an issue up front and we do our best not to go there. Most people respect that, but I’ve been in panels where I’ve had to shut people down because they weren’t respecting that the topic was fraught with land mines.

I have modded at least one panel at Escapade every year for the last eight or so years. As long as you are willing to be upfront about how you want the discussion to go, you should be all right. If you’re worried, tell Meg or Charlotte, the con chairs, and they will help you, even sit in your panel if you’re that nervous.
ruric: (Default)

2019-02-13 08:18 am (UTC)
I've done Escapade a couple of times (alas not for years) and remember it being a chill and respectful con. I think both 1 and 2 are good options.

With 1 people will at least get a good upfront warning and with 2 they get the option of listing anything that might cause issues without having to share with the room.

When I did Escapade it wasn't a HUGE con so it should be relatively easy for someone to find you and ask any questions pre-panel if they've got any specific concerns? Or perhaps let people know that they could leave a message in the con suite and you could check back?

A Magicians panel sounds fun, wish I was going - alas it's a bit of a hike from London UK!
toujours_nigel: BFT (Default)

2019-02-13 10:30 am (UTC)
I would like to add alcohol/substance dependence to the list, and maybe guilt about killing, as separate from PTSD?

A combo of 1 and 2 seems like it should cover bases.
greywash: Eliot smokes; drinks; has a lot of feelings. (eliot waugh)

2019-02-13 01:27 pm (UTC)
This is a semi-aside, and you probably already know about this, but just in case it's helpful, [ profile] highkingfen made an episode-by-episode list of trigger warnings that you could offer/provide a link to? I'm not properly on Tumblr anymore so idk if she's updated it for S4, but that'll cover S1-3 at least.

I am an antisocial troll who went to a con, like, once, twenty years ago, so I can't really speak to the more proximate issue with any kind of authority, but I like your warnings by the door option and would wholeheartedly second the blank sheet of paper option. The Magicians in particular adds a kind of layer of warning-related complication, because it does typically come with so many warnings in fannish circles, that people can feel really blindsided if their triggers Aren't On The List but do turn up on the show. I don't know to what extent this sort of thing will come up in a con context, but my partner has major needle- and drug-related issues, so, The Magicians is, as you can imagine, fraught for her; we've been watching it with me telling her when to look away and when it's safe to look back. This wouldn't bother her in a discussion session but it'd bother the hell out of her in a visual clip. I know that, and I'm rewatching while she watches for the first time, but that requires a level of me knowing what kinds of things are likely to bother her that obviously isn't immediately accessible to a mod.
cathyw: Gromit pouring tea (Default)

2019-02-14 02:16 pm (UTC)
oh that's a *wonderful* thing... I have a friend who wanted to watch the show but I also know she has many triggery issues...
greywash: A lounging pinup girl, holding a cocktail. (Default)

2019-02-14 03:28 pm (UTC)
FWIW, in case it's an issue for your friend, I think it kind of underwarns for body-horror-y stuff, especially all the stuff related to eyes, which I know is a common trigger, so you might want to pass that disclaimer along, too...
stranger: Zhaan from Farscape (Zhaan)

2019-02-13 03:47 pm (UTC)
You might also want to contact Megan (if you haven't already), at the Escapade email address, and ask that the panel description on the website and in the program book include a warning that the "Magicians content includes possible TRIGGERS such as rape, suicide" or whatever wording you prefer. This would be an early warning that (a) there are common triggers in the show and (b) they could come into the panel discussion.

Good luck, and I hope to see you at the con (but not at that panel).
nestra: (Default)

2019-02-13 03:49 pm (UTC)
You could also ask the concom to mention something at the Welcome panel on Friday, or at least ask if they think it's appropriate.
havocthecat: the lady of shalott (Default)

2019-02-13 05:46 pm (UTC)
It's The Magicians. I think the whole thing is basically going to need a trigger warning, if trigger warnings are the order of the day at Escapade. (I mean, I'm not a dudeslasher, so I don't do Escapade. I have no idea what SOP is at that con.) I mean, the canon is pretty hard on everyone. It's brutal. Book and show, and I've only read the third book and seen the first season, but still.

It's a great series! But it's dark.
gwyn: (bucky confusedface)

2019-02-13 07:29 pm (UTC)
One thing with Escapade is that a lot of people come and go during panels--so you'll get latercomers a fair amount, and people who leave--and they're not always necessarily leaving because they don't like the discussion or are being triggered or squicked.
jmtorres: From Lady Gaga's Bad Romance music video; the peach-haired, wide-eyed iteration (Default)

2019-02-13 11:05 pm (UTC)
Hi I recently fell headfirst into Magicians and that warning list would have been excellent to have beforehand. I'm thinking about is there anything I would add; I recently posted about the quentin/eliot/margo threesome having some consent issues tied with alcohol use but I think your warnings umbrella that. Possession, I might add? people's bodies getting taken over is like, fantasy genre-specific rape scenario, but yeah.
norabombay: (Britney Kick Ass)

2019-02-14 05:33 am (UTC)
My take, as I think it might be relevant:

Given that there is literally no way to discuss the show for beyond 15 seconds without hitting something that is a big conten issue for someone- I would acutally put a sign up at the door that says something like:

Content Note:
The Magicians book and TV show contain heavy themes of: on-screen rape, clinical depression, suicide ideation, suicide attempt, PTSD, animal harm, drug abuse and semi-explicit violence. Many or all of these topics will be mentioned during the panel.

For a more specific, episode by episode list of what happens High King Fen has a list here:

We can also mention it at the beginning, but my rewatch slog through Season one is reminding me of things I had forgotten about, like Fogg's eyballs, anything involving Christopher Plover, etc. etc.

It's a hugely entertaining show,but it gets dark.

I don't remember how to post links on DW, but I wish we could do the whole thing in this voice:
jesse_the_k: barcode version of (JK OpenID barcode)

2019-02-14 07:01 pm (UTC)
I've provided links to con-goers (other places & times). To simplify moving from print to the web, I use a link shortener.

Here's one for [ profile] HighKingFen's list


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