2014-08-24 12:16 am (UTC)
You're fine with most primary level words in daily life and a surprising number with only or two exceptions in the word itself, honestly; th and ch are rule driven as well. 'eau' is rule driven in French--goddamn France--but they didn't teach that rule when they taught the word and reinforce with a few more in that line. If they had, phonics would have been fine, because 'eau' like 'th' and 'ch' were accepted as letter groups with a particular sound associated to them and letter groups are indeed part of phonics.

Sauter sounds like 'solder'; there is where the problem shows up unless visual and auditory come together to set the rule in our heads and we can extrapolate it out as a phonics concept. It's also why--from what I can tell anecdotally--top readers will always have problems. I read three grades ahead and doubled that yearly; I was college level at the end of fifth grade as far as vocabulary and using words in context went, but I couldn't pronounce many of the words correctly to save my life or recognize them if someone said them without often being told.

Phonics greatest problem is that it needs heavy expanding on the letter-sound sets taught from the first on common words to set the extra rules inherited from other languages and stop considering them all outliers.
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