Stolen from [personal profile] dine here:

Jim Hines takes on the manly, extremely manly, did I mention manly? task of calling out the Fake Writer Girls! by name, so as we can all immediately identify them and their girl-cootie books. I'd like to thank the commenters for exhaustively listing all the Fake Girl Writers. Y'know, for disapproving of them purposes. So much disapproval. Hopefully the comprehensive list someone is diligently making will be up soon for ease of disapproval purposes.


This is because I have googled and googled forever and cannot seem to get my keywords to find this book, so trying here.

I'm looking for a fantasy book about a kingdom (monarch of some kind ruled land?) that is the target of a conqueror and the army is made up of father and daughter pairs; the father is called the Prime (or the best pair father is called the Prime) and the daughter is called something that starts with an S and is not Satchie, Sachie, Sechie, Setchie, but it's like that. They wore headbands to symbolize their warrior bond, and this was one of the best books I ever read, but as this was before Kindle, it was a paperback lost to the wilds of moving. The religion is goddess-based and the main character marries into the royal family due to her being part of the father and daughter army's lead pair and her mother in law tries to poison the peppers and oil the girl received from her grandmother.

Finally, Octopus Crawling on Land Aka All of the Nightmares - somehow, this combines the chest-seizing horror of a snake's slither with what the despairing screams of billions would look like if they had corporeal form.


The book is The Sword and the Lion, by Roberta Cray, aka Ru Emerson. Thank you, [personal profile] kyriacarlisle!!
...who just wiki'ed the fucking Oslo Accord.

Jan Egeland, The United Nations Superhero Man - Holy shit, I can sing this now. What the hell black magic does Ylvis have?

He's a peacekeeping machine.

Stonehenge - mildly NSFW lyrics, rhymes high, technology, today; seems to like Civic cars

Also, I appreciate the infomerical offered in the other vids, not least of which is the jacuzzi and bacteria digression.

I could be working. Or....I could be obsessively watching Norwegian youtube video. By a guy who does not look unlike Benedict Cumberbatch if he were just slightly less...British. From a distance.
Child has found Homestuck and Welcome to Nightvale while Teen Wolf is in hiatus, so my free time, small though it is, is now spent being pimped by my child into things I wasn't terribly interested in before but now much love or die. It's like living with a fangirl, minus the female accoutrements, and with added height exactly one inch greater than my own.

Also, he's on youtube like a drug addict.

The Fox - Child made us watch it this weekend and suffice to say, I didn't realize you could combine something not unlike Lord King Badvid, preschool sing-a-long, and furries and make something that will haunt you for all your days on earth. You're welcome.
Sunday, April 21st, 2013 04:43 pm

(no subject)

So for two weeks I've been on twelve hour days and Saturdays for the build that they decided on Friday will be delayed until June. On one hand, I love my work and I love my Duckling and I love all the other ducklings and I love seeing their progress. On another--two weeks averaging around sixty-five hours each week, and I'm tired. On the third--assuming I had tentacles--the new testers are amazing and I don't regret that they came to me for help and I was able to give it to them and get to know them, so I'd have done it even if I'd known there was a delay.

Why Animation Has Betrayed Me

The Story of Simon Petrikov by mydeathstartsnow, Adventure Time - see, I watched this show casually and without commitment of any kind--honestly, I didn't even realize I watched it enough to be affected--and yet. Fuck Adventure Time. I knew it watching it was pretty much the equivalent of living in someone's brain during a particularly surreal four-hit acid trip, but dude, I Remember You was not fair.

This is still, not live action, and at least three quarters fanart, which probably is what makes it amazing, since as a rule I don't like still vids, and yet--the multiple styles and types work as well as action does, switching between scenes and emotions the way live action simply can't, not usually, and goddamn heartbreaking. I'm pretty sure the storyline is pretty clear even without a lot of knowledge of the show, but mostly, I love the use of fanart in this one. I've seen it done before, but using it not only to carry a storyline, but switching stye and type from chibi to manga to convey the emotion like this is not usually this powerfully done.

Though I am perfectly willing to be proved wrong if anyone has recs of it. For me, I need a gateway vid to get into any particular style, and this one seems to have done it.

Also, fuck Adventure Time. I was fine with feeling like I was having acid flashbacks from certain points in my college career at random. Now this. Goddamnit.

Other News

Currently re-reading the complete Anne of Green Gables, including The Blythes are Quoted - Montgomery's last works before her death, and I'll say honestly, some of them are among her best. I was afraid something would spoil the Blythes for me--HAPPY ENDING OKAY--but no, never, and the new short stories were interesting and among her most polished work.
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teen wolf vid recs

Strangely, not as easy to find awesome ones as one might think. But.

Welcome to the New Age - Teen Wolf - All - Really deeply awesome in all ways. Some shaky cutting, but some cut like glass. Gorgeous, is what I'm saying.

Call Me Maybe - Teen Wolf - All The Guys - It's basically the homoerotic supernatural adventures of all the hot guys. It still does not even come close to how much actual shirtlessness the actual show does in a single episode.

Broken - Teen Wolf - Derek/Stiles - Well, okay, I just really like their joint hotness.\

And then there's you - Teen Wolf - Derek/Stiles - it kind of breaks my heart a little bit.

Abominable Snowman - Teen Wolf - Derek/Stiles - It's almost sugar-shock adorable. Oh Stiles.

Sourwolf: A Sterek Production - Teen Wolf - Derek/Stiles - I would watch the shit out of this movie like, every day.


Just found this one:

Radioactive - Teen Wolf - All - Another version of Radioactive. I don't know how to describe how well it works, but it does amazing things with cutting and the text additions make it haunting, which rarely works with vids like this but here is unbelievably effective.
I wasn't sure how to rec this one, since it is--at least in composition--very unusual, and I felt the last third broke in a huge way the entire theme she was going for. However, unless I just hate a vid altogether, I rewatched a few times because hey, freaking Severus Snape, and there really aren't enough vids about him.

To Your Grave I Spoke by katrindepp, Harry Potter, Severus Snape, All - the first two thirds are consistent and then the third third is a hard break from the beginning, which again, talk about dissonance, it felt like two separate vids slammed together. However, repeated watching makes me see what she was trying to do, and it does work really well once you follow the framing she set in motion from the beginning.

severus snape, below )

If I ask nice, anyone have any good Snape fic? I'm not really picky on pairing, or even if there is a pairing, but I'm in the mood for it.
In the event that someone finally notices that my current email threads at work aren't me being charmingly naive but painfully sarcastic (my boss visibly restrained herself from hitting her head on her desk when she caught up with it, but if she isn't complaining, I feel I'm still okay writing short, moving essays on why I think something is wrong so very wrong are you drunk right now wrong but not using those words), I have decided that my life's goal will be to watch and document every vid ever made to This Is War. I mean, why not. Some people collect stamps. Stamps do not have a lot of swordfighting and explosions. You see where I'm going with this.

This is, in effect, my bulletproof song. Let me show you.

This Is War - Harry Potter, All - this has some timing failures, but seriously, I want like ten of these for this fandom.

This Is War - Harry Potter, All - utterly gorgeous.

This IS War - Merlin, All - I'm guessing how little I specifically know of the canon post season two is what makes me take the entire thing as EPIC and AWESOME and WHY AM I NOT WATCHING THIS, and them I remember, not until Arthur knows the goddamn truth already.

I'm going to specifically warn here for some serious, serious fast cutting. I mean, I love fast cutting, but there was definitely a moment or several that dramamine would not have been amiss.

This Is War - Supernatural, All - a couple of unusual choices in cutting, but the more I watch it, the more I like it.

This Is War - Supernatural, All - I love this one like air.
In case you missed this one, you can fix that right now:

The Adventure - Harry Potter - the once and future Neville Longbottom.

Fucking brilliant. The music, the cuts, the progression, Neville. Who he became is exactly who he always was. And he was amazing.
I loathe insomnia sometimes, but right now, not so much.

What About Everything, Supernatural, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Everyone. Ever. - Though I can't find the right one now, the first vid I saw with this song was from Dr. Who and immediately went to my playlist when happiness is needed. This one, totally does the same thing. Which while I'm not saying Dr. Who is all happiness and light, SPN is television horror, but I was bopping along to Dean in Hell and Sam Suffering and monsters attacking and hugging, God, the hugging, I had no idea there was so much hugging, because it was just perky. Fantastic clip use and very, very, very good use of theme; it took me a few watches to get why this came together so damn well (again, bopping to decapitation, even for me, not normal). This is probably one of my favorite vids for ever and ever.

(Note: this could be just me, but some of the lyrics to scene match are, on rewatch, beyond hilarious in context of the show. And I don't mean just the moon and stars bit, though yeah, near the end, hilarity.)

Iridescent, by angelwings4191, The Avengers (Pre-Movie) - Like the ubiquitous This Is War (not complaining, I could watch vids to that song all day. And have!), this is the equivalent of Superheroes Coming of Age. I like these like a lot.

Speaking of.

This Is War

This Is War, by angelwings4191, The Avengers (Pre-Movie) - This was the first Avengers to this song I saw, and it's one of the most immaculate use of cuts and scene choice I've seen in a while It's the shortened version of the song. It's probably the best I've seen using this fandom and this song together (But if you want to prove me wrong, links!).

This Is War, by ultimateranger213, The Avengers (Pre-Movie) - This isn't quite as clean as the first one, but honestly, if I'd seen it first, I'd probably have bonded with it first, and I'm not sure they're really directly comparable even with scene choice; there's a different feel in how they sequenced and their emphasis. The most perfect match of scene, mood, and clip I have ever seen is at 2:24-3:32 - seriously, I shivered just now getting the timing for that. Also gorgeous use of Captain America and Iron Man 2 Evil Armies (Or Robots) of evil earlier--especially the second one's snap-match to the salute and beat was like experiencing perfection.

I see I am still awake. God.
While rewatching Queer as Folk vids so as to carefully select the ones to send to [personal profile] norabombay and [ profile] trickesterquinn, it hit me how very much you could be stockholmed into thinking some really surreal things were normal. I'm not even talking about like, the sheer amount of drug-fueled sex; I'm talking about Brian's stint as private investigator of a murder with Hunter as taking one for the team so as to get DNA that Brian then uses to solve a murder. In his batmobile.

(It was totally a batmobile.)

Explaining the season three-four plotlines were possibly the closest I've ever come to an identity crisis. Even more annoyingly, all but [personal profile] sisabet's vids are absent from the net; I am staring at Blue Room in Archway with the horrified realization there are people that have not seen it and will never see it and mourn like whoa.

I'm sorry, all of you; it and Acid are like, the pinnacle of late season two/early season three Brian Angsts With Stoned Orgasms Like You Have No Idea (But Does Not Kiss on the Mouth) to a beat with clever use of the color blue to symbolize his manpain. Sometimes in group settings.

God, I miss that fandom.

ETA: On rewatch, Acid should come after Blue Room in Archway, or the entire sequence of repeating glimpses of Justin looking turned on and freaked out in a brick red hoodie does not penetrate as a seminal Brian/Justin moment (well, less semen that one might think, so semi-seminal?) of Great and Terrible Significance, not to mention wondering what the fuck Brian's nasal passages are made of, fucking titanium? The man snorts cocaine from twinks' asses (I swear this happened in the show once. I mean, everything else did); his sense of smell is epic.
Cat's in the Cradle by [ profile] daasgrrl - House/Sherlock/Fortysomething

From her summary:
Summary: In the beginning, there was Sherlock Holmes. And Holmes brought forth the brilliant doctor House, embodied by the lovely Hugh Laurie. Who prior to that in Fortysomething played a slightly less brilliant doctor, Paul Slippery, who begat three sons, the eldest of whom was played by the equally-lovely-if-somewhat-peculiarly-named Benedict Cumberbatch. Who of course grew up to play Sherlock. And the Universe looked upon its work and pronounced it good. And then my head exploded.

In a variety of ways, this is like, a metatextual moebius strip of awesome. The echoing scenes between House and Sherlock interspersed with the fortysomething clips (I have never seen the show, but good God, I kinda want to now) with good flow and just--I love it. There's so much to chew on.

Yes, it's 4 AM but one, I have tomorrow off and two, Friday's dr appointment was both stressing and relieving. I leave it to you to make that excuse hold water.
This Is War by dreadnus - All Treks - it took me a couple of watches to really get into it, but even the first time it was a powerful vid on peace and the wars that are supposed to secure it.

Everything You Want by spookifbi8 - Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/Spock - this Vertical Horizon song is one of my always-watch in vids. It helps that it's an excellent Kirk/Spock.

What Do You Want From Me by caserox76 - Star Trek Reboot, James Kirk - the vid is an interesting watch, but I can honestly say it's the fact this song is so completely Jim Kirk that drew me in. Some nice cuts, a little muddled but some great pov and direct object shifting.

Running Up That Hill by gin1119 - Star Trek TOS, Kirk/Spock - technically, this isn't the strongest response I've seen to the Closer vid responses, and it's not entirely consistent, but some of the mirroring is genuinely unsettling when watching it as a response.

When You Call My Name by juicy1111 - Supernatural, Dean/Castiel - I really don't need to explain why this one kills me.

Not Enough by michaelvm92 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cast - contains both text and speakover, but very powerful season six vid of the cast.

After the Fall by pinkpaperclouds - Sherlock BBC, General - SPOILERS FOR ALL SERIES 2 - Wow. Gorgeous.

The Weight of Us by tomorrowsrain - Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/Watson (esque) - SPOILERS FOR ALL SERIES 2 - Kinda broke my heart.

Sherlock and Lust by deductism - Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/Irene - SPOILERS FOR ALL SERIES 2 - Very nice cutting, really appropriate song.

Don't Be Dead by deductism - Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/John - SPOILERS FOR ALL SERIES 2 - Again, heart, broken, thanks series 2!

Hallelujah by hotandcoldcollision - Sherlock BBC, Sherlock- SPOILERS FOR ALL SERIES 2 - I need to find out who is singing this one so as to add to my Hallelujah playlist. Soft and a little haunting.

I Would Have Died, I Would Have Loved You All My Life by JateCharaireFATE - Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/John - SPOILERS FOR ALL SERIES 2 - beautiful Sherlock/John, and pretty much heartbreaking altogether. I especially like the scene choices here, they're pretty much flawless.
These are pulled from some of the ones recced to me in my last post (I'm still gleeing through them) and randomly hitting youtube, as I am in the fannish honeymoon phase and I love everything.

Tonight I'm Fucking You by [personal profile] kuwdora, Charles/Erik - okay, first, this is the newer high-quality footage, so if you were waiting for the strobe to end, the strobe is over and thank god.

This has some of the most flawless cutting in the entirety of fandom, which is kind of the norm for her, so no biggie. The vid transitions from Erik-centric to team-centric with the change in music, Erik the badass to the students being badass to Erik again to pick up the theme that Erik does not count the cost of revenge; it's always worth the price.

Okay, I'm going out on a limb on what I got out of it after five watches; it's an argument Erik's having with Charles on what he is and what he'll become. No matter what Charles thinks, he's a weapon and he treats himself like one; the students are weapons. Nothing he does is too much to attain his goals; he's still arguing it, through Charles living Shaw's death, through beating the shit out of him on the beach, up until Charles hits the sand with a bullet in his back.

He could be saying, this is what I am. But he could also be saying, I'm sorry you thought I was more than this. It's a toss up.

Suddenly by LightNeverFades, Charles/Erik - very, very alternate universe with a gorgeous narrative flow. With every ending is another beginning and another chance to get this right.

Happy Ending by echelonslostangel, Charles/Erik - fantastic movement between XMFC and the three other X-Men movies. Some beautiful cutting to the vocals, not the beat, that works. Also, I want to cry, dammit.

Until We Bleed by xCanuckChicklette, Charles/Erik - very, very short, does not change the impact at all.

The Betrayer by sigyn27, Charles/Erik - it starts very abruptly and it takes a few seconds to pull into it, but the heavy beat, the clip choice, and the growing stain of darkness in Erik spilling outward is beautiful.

God's Gonna Cut You Down (Johnny Cash version) by KaseytheJudge, Erik (Charles/Erik implied) - the only thing that really annoys me is the movie audio in there. It didn't need it at all. The visuals did the work just fine, brutally so.

Losing Your Memory by KaseytheJudge, Charles/Erik - this is kind of what you watch when you just need to absorb the entire tragedy. Following Erik being stripped of his humanity by the Nazis and Shaw, the way Charles tried to show him what he still could be, and the ruthlessness of Erik finally discarding it entirely. It ends a little abruptly, but man, ouch.

Perfect Drug by [profile] danegan, Charles/Erik - I literally can't get my head around this one more than to say, love or hate, being Erik's obsession is dangerous. The mirroring of Shaw and Charles is possibly the creepiest thing I have ever seen, and it's amazing. I need to watch about five thousand more times or so.

Magnetizing by CobaltOnyx, Charles/Erik - I'll leave you to discover whey I like this one.

For the KisCon crowd

I'm tracking down the vids we watched that Sunday to post a list (if anyone remembers what they suggested and can remind me, please do). Someone asked specifically about this one.

Spock's Down On His Knees by MissSheenie, Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/Spock - short, sweet, and may I say, awesome.
Love the Way You Lie Part 2 (Rihanna) by Brevanna03, X-Men First Class, Charles/Erik - and winner of most gutting chorus ever, lyrical literalism, and I think I might cry if I watch it--more than I have already, which is a lot.

Til the End of the World (Brittany Spears) by [personal profile] talitha78, X-Men First Class, Charles/Erik - and the other winner, fantastic build to the yes, still gutting ending. Just. Hell yes.

Black Star by TheDyingPain, X-Men First Class (also, X-Men the Movie, X-Men the Last Stand), Charles/Erik - shorter and not sweet, but let's face it, the movie didn't give us a lot of sweet. It did, however, give us this, which makes me happy. You know, when there is not wincing.

*curls up in a ball* Yeah. Of course I'd fall for this fandom. I wrote Clex. It's not like I couldn't see this coming. Send help. Or hey, fic.
When You Fly Too Close to the Ground by 404ing, Supernatural, Castiel - this isn't a vid, exactly, but it's breaktaking.

Still looking for my perfect X-Men First Class vid. Until then. It's been ten months and I'm tired of this lack of productivity.

in an x-men au, far, far away )
Friday, June 10th, 2011 09:49 pm

vid recs aplenty

Okay, so I have said that a.) my tastes are hopelessly mainstream and b.) I have a song fixation, which is why I just watched something for a fandom I don't recognize that involved Like a Prayer, because come on, vidding Madonna? Gotta encourage.

Then there's the time I get my Definitive Vid for a Song. Which means I have watched it five billion times and oh, my heart.

You Found Me by N0ReturnPr0ductions, BTVS, full cast - oh, my heart, like it is bleeding somewhere, on the floor, with wailing and dirges and whatnot. It's also one of the few vids I've seen that does something magical in nailing both the lyrical meaning, the beat, and the intent behind a song in one fell, highly interesting swoop.

(This is not a requirement of a vid being fantastic; it's just something I don't see often.)

longer than expected )

Blurry by rdeffleymoviesnew, BTVS, Buffy/Angel - this one really, really works because I loved the song's video and watching for intent, it hits some of the more brutal parts of Buffy and Angels' relationship both as Angellus and Angel. And I like the lack of romanticization; a lot of what I liked about them I also liked about Buffy/Spike and what probably turned me off Riley; even if it's love, it doesn't fix anything and it's still rips you apart.

Say When by shoopdancer2504, BtVS, Buffy/Spike - I'm not sure this is the right vid for this song, but it was one of the most interesting in mirroring--and acccurately mirroring--their lives. I could have lived without the voiceovers, but otherwise, yes.

Crawl by doode25, Supernatural, Dean/Castiel - I didn't love this until my third watch; the few instances of clip repetition kept throwing me since I couldn't figure out what the vidder was doing. And there are some fantastic moments with the handprint flickering through that drew it together. The lyrics are crueler than the soft melody of the song and set against the brutality of the scenes, it's hard to look away.

Nowhere to Stop by lolawaldorf, Supernatural, Castiel - this was recommended to me when I asked for Dean/Castiel recs and the song combined with the progression of the vid makes me uneasy as hell and I can't even work out why

Running Up That Hill by rdeffleymoviesnew, BtVS, Spike/Buffy - the thing is, I do not think you can go wrong setting Spike and Buffy to Placebo. Faintly depressed melancholia combined with violence--that's the show!

Without You I'm Nothing by KiaGala, BtVS, Spike/Buffy - Placebo from Buffy POV is not to be missed; I would have said this is how Spike would conceptualize himself in relation to Buffy, but not in how Buffy saw herself in relation to the world with Spike as a symptom of something wrong with her. Especially in lines that seem to be focused on her interpretation of Spike's pov. It's surprisingly subtle for Buffy's misery; this is a very, very good visual argument of Buffy's state of mind for all of season six.

Now back to the hunt for X-Men First Class vids. I need to wallow.
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vid request?

Okay, so I'm done with the entire fucking constant misery thing for a bit. I've watched my comfort TV (Due South, of course; I could watch Fraser forever), I've watched my comfort vids, I've replaced my Kindle (again), I visited my best friend in Chicago and her and [ profile] norabombay drove me to Gary, Indiana so I could see the city that Fraser was vanished to by witchcraft in during Ces's About a Dog (yes, and also, rumors of green water).

I have a goal list.

1.) Answer LJ comments again.
2.) Answer feedback again. Christ.
3.) Write something.
4.) Program something.
5.) Write more.
6.) Post what I wrote last year. Christ. I haven't posted fic since last year. That's gotta change.
7.) Apply for several jobs and see what happens.
8.) Try for an apartment in the Domain. I mean, its stupdi out of my range, but if I get one of those jobs, I will give up food. (I will still feed Child. Or send him to my parents for food.) And I will have a party. I will have a party and it will possibly be in a place with no furniture, but there will be chips. CHIPS.

Right now, however, I need vid recs. Due South, Ray/Fraser, or Supernatural, Castiel/Dean, and yes, I do see the resemblance and it worries me, but not really, 'cause cool.

Fascination by charmax76, Billy Elliot - watch this and try not to smile so hard your mouth feels like it froze a la Joker circa Batman's Michael Keaton era. Because you can't not smile and if you say you did, you are a liar who lies because the song, the subject, the sheer exultation is impossible to fight and why even try?

I'm saying, you're reading this and you need to be watching that, and it's the visual equivalent of goddamn ecstacy, okay? You may need to hug someone. And I say, don't fight it.

Go forth and be happy.
So this is rather awkward.

Did someone at some point prior to February 2010 send me a vid, possibly to beta?, that was bondage related anime? Because--I mean, I don't even recognize these people, but weirdly enough, that didnt' make the plotline--did I mention sudden!bondage?--unfamiliar. Then someone's legs get cut off, IDK, I mean, yes, I randomly collect vids, but I am almost sure I would remember randomly collecting anime soft-porn bondage set to Alanis Morisette's Uninvited.

...I was sorting my vids by fandom and then Anime!Bondage!Vid!to!Uninvited! I guess this goes in the Anime folder. *blank*

There's also a scene of what seems to be a whole bunch of twinky-looking people in leather straps who may or may not be engaged in some sort of slap-fight while tripping each other? The two--main?--characters seem to be a blonde with a lot of hair and a brunet who looks really like he's not sure how he got there either but isn't entirely objecting during the sexing. I mean, don't get me wrong, I do not object to anime bondage soft-core porn, but I also want to assure myself I'm not like, breeding it somehow.
From the depths of youtube (circa 2006-2008):

The Greatest Movies Never Made (Why, God, Why):

The Greatest Love Story Involving Million Dollar Fighter Planes: Top Gun Recut: The Romance of Maverick and Iceman by chuck13171 -- the original.

The Greatest Love Story Involving Things With Lots of Extra Teeth Involved: Must Love Jaws: The Men Who Discovered Zoophilic Polyamory With a Great White Shark by vayabobo -- it makes you believe in love.

The Greatest Love Story Involving Boats in the Far Past: Titanic II: Jack Is Back by sonydreamcast- I would watch the fuck out of this movie.

The Sequel To the Greatest Love Story Involving Boats in the Far Past: Titanic III: Leonardo DiCaprio Shoots At Matt Damon And It's Hot by xnightshadex-- yeah. He does. It's hot.

And of course, the One True Star Trek XI: Star Trek XI: The Wrath of Kirk by bethrael- I would fangirl this so hard.

The Greatest Horror Movies Never Made (Wow, So I Didn't Notice This in the Original)

Scary Mary: The Mary Poppins Horror by moviemker - okay, it's not like you didn't suspect.

The Sound of Music: The Horror Cut by chuck13171 - seriously, wtf was that? I want this movie.

The Lion King Recut: Simba Gone Bad, So Bad by LeonSakau - this is a viable AU, is what I'm saying.

And returning to the present:


Period Drama: Breathe Again by KatSw3 - she also made two other favorites of mine, but I have a weakness for period like whoa. Tell me you're shocked.

I Shall Be Free by charmax76, Shawshank Redemption - gorgeous vid for a fantastic movie.

Strange Infatuation by silverautumn - Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, because honest to God, there can't be enough faintly creepy videos about them.

Creepin' Up On You by wafflesnbrains - Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, like I said, never can be too many.

* Must Love Jaws link fixed!
...Frank Herbert is never going to get a good adaptation of Dune, is he?

Yes, Dune 2014, once Dune 2010 and Dune 2012, in which the part of Paul Atreides, the Kwizatch Haderach, Muad'-fucking-Dib, he who can fuck your shit up because he really does know exactly how you will die (in detail), Emperor of the Known Universe and whose knife fight with Sting--er, I mean, Feyd-Rautha--that I watched during the fragile cusp of puberty and--well, yeah. Did you ever see that fight? Step off, that was awesome--will sparkle.

Yes. The father of the Giant Sandworm of So Not Subtle Political Philosophy--or God Emperor of Dune, whatever--is Robert Pattinson and I don't think I will survive knowing that.

And okay, call me crazy, I really want an adaptation of God Emperor of Dune--and if God loves me, Heretics of Dune and Chapterhouse; Dune just to see what they do with the entire Emperor Sort-of-a-Semi-Libertarian-(if-we-are-really-flexible-on-the-definition-thereof)-Sandworm (Leto, wtf) because come on. I can't see how it could possibly be good. I don't care. I want my goddamn Sandworm God movie with the random bouts of political monologuing, the great ennui of being a all-seeing, all-knowing sort-of-sandworm, the really uncomfortable realization that Duncan's clones are fucking his other clones' kids and again, wtf Leto, before we get to Chapterhouse: Dune and get really confused about 'imprinting' and--oh.

It just hit me that Duncan, in all his lives, always gets fucked over whenever he's dumb enough to nail an Atreides. I guess I know what my first purchases are for Kindle next month.


District 9 Vid to Inama Nushif - I haven't actualy seen the movie, but I really enjoyed this one.

Strange Infatuation by silverautumn, Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar. Beyond gorgeous, with near-perfect timing and oh. I almost forgot how very much I ship them.


I am saying, the father of the Giant Sort of Sandworm God shouldn't sparkle. I do not think my sanity will survive it.


Maybe Not Happening? - I should not be this relieved something I love isnt' being remade, but--Pattinson. No.
My lack of shame about this is telling; I seriously love vids made on super popular music. Yes, I know that leads to five billion My Heart Will Go On's, but the thing is, even at the cheesiest level, if they work, I'm so there. Then there's shame, but that's after you're finished crying about the love that never dies.

However, then there are the ones that do really, really, really well. Gakked from fail_fandomanon that always brings the most interesting recs to the yard, because my weakness is vids made to the Fray, and also, Fullmetal Alchemist, which always breaks my heart and never bothers to fix it after.

How to Save a Life, Fullmetal Alchemist

The entire reason I started watching--and perhaps buying the manga--was a fourteen second bit before a commercial on cartoon network or something; no idea now. This is one of the things I'm super fannish about and never want to talk about, because I will cut you if you are negative about one little thing. The first step to not becoming scary is self-awareness; I could be scary for this show. Like, sockpuppet army of righteous defense scary. And I'd also be really bad at it, but you know, I'd try.

(This is one of the many useful things about having a son. No one even blinks if you utilize him at Barnes and Noble to explain why you're carrying a small fortune in anime and give the cashier rueful looks like, what can you do? Yeah, he's getting tired of that. I may need another plan.)

Anyway, the vid isn't everything that ever broke my heart. But it's really, really close. Good timing, good scene choice, fantastic escalation, and more than that, brilliant use of the song as it is and as it could be.

If you don't cry by the second section, you have no soul, okay? Just, I will judge, oh, and how.
Yes, I'm still awake, but!

So I forgot about this in the midst of--everything.

My Merlin fic Tintagel was translated into Russian by TaiD here for the Russian Merlin Big Bang and archived at AO3. Even if you don't read Russian, the artwork in there is amazing; the picture of Ygraine and Nimueh feels almost like a stylized medieval portrait. So yes, I stare at them and go "oooh."

I was reminded because a.) today I saw a request to link Tintagel today to it (Russian translation! HOW IS THAT NOT AWESOME?) and then tonight when [personal profile] svmadelyn sent me to youtube to watch a cat fight a printer, I ran across a trailer for the Russian translation of Tintagel by algine2006 and holy shit it tells the entire story like, perfectly. I've watched it three times and seriously, wow.

Okay, so I am very distracted from panic; thank you Russian Big Bang.

Also of excitement:

Here [personal profile] cybel posted a podfic of When the Sky Falls Down (Smallville, Clark/Lex), which I somehow--beyond understanding--missed.

At this point, there is every possibility I have a notice somewhere of winning the lottery and missed it the way I seem to be like, losing time or whatever. I apologize both to TaiD and Cybel for being so late being squeeful--this is awesome and I appreciate your hard work so much and am so happy this stuff exists. *hugs you both*
Whatever, you're doing? Just stop. The TV will be there later, the nukes aren't going anywhere, and the guy getting brain surgery is unconscious, so fuck it, no rush.

Vid Rec: Alone, as sung by Heart by [personal profile] sisabet for Merlin, Merlin/Arthur. Yes. Alone. Alone. By Heart. Because hello, Arthur has some fucking depths, bitches. And he wants to get Merlin alone. Like, now. I mean, a lot, apparently. In his manpain.

Specially recommended is any moment Arthur makes like a Dark Ages Byron and stares into the distance looking sixteen hundred years too early for emo and desperately wishing for a guitar while pondering his miserable life. Also, you never really realize how much Merlin and Arthur have embraced the idea that personal space is so last major religious shift in the west until, you know, you watch.

...oh my God, the chorus made me laugh so hard I cried. The crying was for Arthur's pain, okay.

(Thank you [personal profile] svmadelyn for emailing me so my night would get exponentially better.)

I think this makes me happy forever.
Thursday, August 26th, 2010 11:08 am

here be recs aplenty

Who is epic? That would be [ profile] keewick who vidded Merlin to I'll Do Anything For Love by Meatloaf. Yes, the long version. No, the really long version of nine minutes. Yes! Who does that? She does! And it's totally worth watching. This is one of those moments where people will ask "Did you watch the nine minute vid to Merlin?" and you want to be able to say yes. Yes, you did.

Taking a moment from stalking [ profile] akavertigo (and hey, who is holding on to her kidneys anyway?), Kradam Mpreg, yes, a wip recced to me by herself above. It's kind of hilarious and I feel bad for Kris and kind of hate Daniel but it's weird, I always love Adam even when he's a douche. Also, it's funny to see Kris panic. I mean, every day is panic day!

Okay, that's all I got. I'm trying not to look at the aianon anymore in teh next hour? For productivity!

ETA: Link to vid added. I swear when I did this it was here. Obviously it was eaten by monsters.
If you are a period drama person--which I am--you already spend a lot of time squeeing over every ball scene because you get to see the penultimate show-not-tell; dancing is how we know our couple is meant to fucking be. Gloved hands, careful distance, each stylized, formal movement that never comes too close and the most explicit thing you will ever see is clasped hands.

Everything, everything is conveyed in matched body language; the synched movements of their bodies, the unflinching eye contact that lasts the length of a life and when they look away from each other, you feel it like a shock of cold water.

That's a lead-up to this vid.

Lacrymosa by [ profile] solestella - multifandom - this is an almost-eclectic mix of both period and modern dance, both formal, semi-formal, and casual. Above and beyond the amazing use of movement that's carried between cuts--which I love fast cuts, the faster the better, so this works for me in a big way--it also manages to carry the similarity of body language and expressions of sexuality and passion that's implicit in period and explicit in modern dance as well as formal dance.

I talked about movement--this one is all movement, above and beyond this being, y'know, dance. The continuity between clips is unreal--while the times change, the rhythm and the meaning don't, and matching a Regency country dance to ballet to the waltz to the tango shouldn't be this flawless as she carries the emotion and meaning between them effortlessly. Especially recced for the bridge, where it's all passion, focusing almost entirely on every way that dancing conveys passion and want and desire, and how no matter how it's expressed, they're all very much the same.

This isn't sex; this is everything that comes before. This is yearning, when everything you are is focused on that one person, this one place, because it's going to happen, you know it, and this is where you can't do anything but show just how much you want it and what you'll do to get it.
The worst time I can possibly get into a period drama mood is right before VVC; I want vids that are All BBC All The Time and also, you know, good, and I can't find any. My standards slowly but surely raise during the month pre-VVC, because I'm rewatching Premiere or hitting my vid collection and re-reading my old vid recs and you don't watch youtube period drama montages set to music for consistent theme, point of view, or meaning--you watch them to see Darcy, Thornton (holy God), Bertram, and every Austen and BBC period drama hero ever walk around being hot and brooding. Except this is pre-VVC, and I want more out of my goddamn romantic montages. Cutting on the goddamn beat, okay, I'll settle for five hundred My Heart Will Go On if they cut on the beat.

(And have wonderful moments of dissonance playing British Actor Bingo cross-referencing BBC period drama and Dr. Who; it's the most awesome thing in the world.)

Then there's the--other ones. That I love like stupid and everything, and objectively I know maybe they aren't magical but then there's a three second clip of Richard Armitage brooding in a window wearing a cravat and come the fuck on; I'm so in.

I'm super stupid for these.

Period Romance Montage to Run, performed by Leona Lewis (also includes the Titanic and Anne of Green Gables. Seriously!) I may have bought this song just now.

How Six Period Drama Collides, music performed by Norwegian Recycling, I think?

Period Romance Drama to Life After You, performed by Daughtry (I love this one like you have no idea; I sing along to this one while sniffling. That bit with Thornton staring broodingly out of the window; my God. And Edmund running after Fanny!)

You Wait for Rain - period drama all in the rain. *hands* Seriously. It's All Wet, All Rain, All Period, All the Time. Hello, welcome to my kinks. This one has a theme.

All the Right Moves - period drama dancing! This is the porn of period drama--oh, don't look at me like that. Obviously you haven't seen Pride and Prejudice. Or Emma. Or--well, what did you think the dancing was supposed to symbolize?

Hungry Eyes - ..okay, this is the porn of the period drama. Yeah. Go now. I mean, right now.

Note on this one: find this vidder, someone. This one could be kind of amazing; watch her scene choice and her cuts. I need to look at the rest of her stuff.

One day, I am going to buy a vidder at VVC, hand them a pile of BBC period drama, all the music I don't admit I own, and look really hopeful. Sure, they might kill me later, but oh my God. So worth it.

I have very specialized vid shame. It involves cravats, petticoats, and, um, running in the rain. Bring your judgment. (Or possibly, bring me your recs; going through youtube like this is killing brain cells that could be used admiring men in cravats.)


Here With Me, The Young Victoria, performed by Sarah Brightman - just, IDK, the music and the effects seriously work for me. And the speed. I like things with fast cuts.

Tanglewood Tree from Fingersmith, performed by Chris and Meredith Thompson - I wrote a lot of fic after watching this vid. This makes me want to read the book. A lot.

From Comments

[ profile] mardia recs I've Been to a Marvelous Party here. Also located at youtube here

[ profile] meretricula recs Just a Girl from Much to Do About Nothing here.

[ profile] serrico recs Lacrymosa, period and not period, here - I just watched this one and it is utterly, utterly gorgeous.
So this was unsettling and utterly, utterly brilliant

Legends Never Die, posted at LJ and posted at Dreamwidth by [personal profile] fan_eunice/[ profile] fan_eunice - Nightmare on Elm Street - I'm still kind of watching and thinking about how much this one just gets to me. The beginning is brilliant, and the narrative is--IDK. Like, unsettling.

Which is why one day I want a challenge done just for horror movies; I mean, don't get me wrong, for a movie buff there is meaning in tons of movies, but I hate and fear horror movies as much as I'm drawn to them. Wait, going under cut, please watch before reading because I don't think this is a vid that I'm interpreting as pretty much anyone else would.

vid: legends never die; this is why history is just like fortune telling )
So does anyone know if youtube had some kind of religious experience? Several vids I had on my favorites that were taken down are now up again and acting like they never left. That's--odd.

links to two of them )

Hands up--anyone else notice a revolution? Because seriously, this? Is odd.

ETA: [ profile] giandujakiss says youtube is bringing them back due to negotations with the copyright holders. This is possibly the first and last time I will say this--well done, youtube.

And in case this didn't get across, you really really really need to watch Map of the Problematique by silverautumn, SGA. It's amazing. I would kill or at least beg really humiliatingly for a downloadable in HD, because there is nothing about this one that isn't awesome. She catches every damn beat and the cuts of the city coming up from the water are not to be missed. She also did my favorite Children of Dune vid, Hey Jude. Just--wow. I mean, seriously, wow.
I am spending an inordinate amount of time on youtube watching period drama vids. Not even like, technically superior ones, either--I am talking, I want to see every single British romance set with corsets and set to the most romantic music on earth. God, I want Evanescence right now.

Actually, I want good BBC Emma 2009 vidness because Johnny Miller, been crushing on him since Hackers, y'know? And God does he do a cravat justice. And knee-breeches. That's not happening so far. Well, there were two cuteish ones? But not like, what I want.

A Period Drama Romance - I know about one third of the source, and also, I think I recognize a lot of these people from Dr. Who. Is this like spot the Canadian actor? I seriously think Persuasion and Mansfield Park are my favorites. Persuasion is just so--and then! I want to melt, trufax. Then Edmund. Running. After Rose Fanny. Just. Gah.

How Six Period Dramas Collide - I like that music remix.

Notes from the edge:

1.) People in British period romance run a lot. Often, after someone else. Sometimes, in the rain. Maybe, crying. If you are lucky, all three at once. I approve.

2.) I like I can tell who is Heathcliff by the most brooding male on the screen. Don't even need to check the list. Except sometimes, I mix him up with Jane Eyre, because let's face it, Heathcliff and Edward really really really were separated at birth, and then one went psychotic. I leave your judgment to decide which is which.

3.) ...I really am picking up a cravat kink. This cannot be healthy.

If you want me to remain sane, you will rec me vids so I can melt quietly into a happy crinoline and knee-breeches puddle for a bit.

...and Star Trek just arrived. You know. I have a bad feeling how Pride and Prejudice could collide with Star Trek. Let's all hope I don't go there.
The Sword in the Wizard, Merlin AU trailer. Warning for high level creativity.

...okay, you just got to minute one and you are trying to eviscerate me with your mind. You may only do that if you get to 2:55. Come on. Now you're curious, aren't you? Bonus if you don't read the youtube comments.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.
Um. Guh.

Reach Out and Touch Me, Merlin/Arthur

Um. Okay. Hands up. Who watched this five times convinced you saw them mid coitus? Don't be shy. I know it's there. they really spend that much time writhing sweatily in their beds?


(courtesy of [ profile] unamaga via [ profile] chopchica)
If I Was Your Girl by Danegen - you know, I really--all that is canon? Really?

*blows out breath* Yeah. That was good for me. Special note for 1:16 on for that very, very, very special sequence of events.

No, really. He watches Arthur that much? And I don't even--with the sword? And the--you know, I don't even know what to do with that. I mean, I know what to do with that, that's why I'm a damned fanfic writer but since QaF, I've had to use a lot more imagination than say, canon events.

Hey, rec me vids? Already drooled over Red (God) and Elemental and Bitch (most. appropriate. ever). More direction, please? I think there were others, but can't remember for sure. I can watch again! I am okay with that!
In the spirit of explosive Merlin on my flist--y'all, that was zero to WHEE--I'm stealing two of [ profile] astolat's vid recs, because, um, wow.

Elemental by [ profile] wistful_fever is gorgeous and beautifully put together and sniffle-inducing.

Red by [ profile] obsessive24--same thing.

So you know, go watch those. And then watch the show so as to see more.

...this means I'm going to be reading the fic soon, isn't it?
Thursday, August 21st, 2008 09:23 pm

and more vid recs!

Climbing Up the Walls by [ profile] obsessive24 has finally been posted yay! This is the SPN/Firefly/Heroes incest vid I was talking about here and discussing with [ profile] cathexys, [ profile] musesfool, and [ profile] kernezelda in comments.

I cannot recommend this vid highly enough. Share your thoughts if you get a chance.

Gloria by [ profile] sweetestdrain, The Sarah Conner Chronicles, Sarah/Cameron. This one is just. Um. Wow. Also had comments in earlier entry linked to above. It's amazingly complex for me, with a lot of possibilities that deserve to be played with.

And more vids as they come! Using tags "vid recs" and "vividcon" for these.
Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 06:09 pm

more vid recs

Maybe I'll use this post for vid recs from VVC.

Like a Stone by [ profile] sdwolfpup, Prison Break

Whoa. And. Fuck. Okay, the hot on this is exponential, and the fast scene cuts just add to the obsessive, sweaty, heated need pounding through the entire thing. It's all about addiction, to drugs and to a single person. I just--really. I've watched this four times and then bought the song, okay? That.

There's a lot I could say technically about it, though I don't think I have the vocabulary yet to really explain, much less the actual knowledge, so laugh at will.

It's a fast vid, even when it's not, with flashes of the slow descent into desperation and obsession and need. It's sharp and violent and follows the character's pov in a very third-person limited. I thought I had favorite moments, but the truth is, I love it all. Watch for: the wall and echoing between the characters early on, the fight in the yard, and the bit near the end with the knife and back to caressing the wall. Around someone. Drug use as heaven, with a semi-explicit pose of ecstacy and spread thighs was fantastically timed.

This proves dirty is sexy. And God, is it.

Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You) by [ profile] fan_eunice, Dr. Who

Master and Doctor. It sounds like the start of some very specialized porn, and well. Yeah. The vid's fantastic though, as quirky as the Doctor, and gets across both the whimsy and the fixation both. You will laugh. But you'll still hurt a little at the end. She's that good.

White America by anonymous, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Veronica Mars

This one has some discussion as well as the link. I'm still thinking through what I got out of it, which was intensely both racial and classist (by that I mean, exploration of class), but this one has a *lot* of discussion and I'm still not sure. I liked it, though. A lot.

Yes, I have my drugs. Kinda a bit high, really. I may post dS fic tonight. If I can keep remembering how to type.
VVC was, per usual, fantastic and incredibly fun, and per usual, left me shellshocked and vaguely punchy after, which is why Sunday nights are so necessary, because after a weekend of visual stimulation and heavy discussion, Sunday night badfic reinactments are kinda the only way to deal (and participating in badfic LARP gives you a strange appreciation for anatomy you never had before--please don't ask. Rum helped).


panel: color )

panel: what do we want from vids now )

panel: i suck )

panel: in-depth vid review )


Personal thoughts, which are probably of interest only to me:

vid: climbing up the walls )

vid: gloria )

There are about ten other vids I fell for hard, but these are the ones I discussed actively so remember best. If I get a chance and when the vids go up, will put up links. Cause seriously, these were awesome. All of them.

Vid links

Placeholder for vids as they go online.

Highway Café of the Damned by [ profile] jmtorres and [ profile] niqaeli, Stargate (movie and SG1) - oh fantastic. This made me *ridiculously* happy. And just--okay, Daniel just made me laugh and sigh and smile a *lot*. And the song is just so amazingly appropriate, you have no idea.
I meant to rec this like, when it came out, but then there was sleeping and such.

But. Totally not missable.

Papa Don't Preach, Vid, Torchwood, by [ profile] fan_eunice and [ profile] greensilver. From the entry:

So, greensilver and I may sometimes disagree, but there is one thing we stand absolutely united on. And that is our deep and heartfelt concern for Jack and his unplanned pregnancy. We couldn't just leave him an unwed mother like that, now could we? No, we could not.

You really, really, really have not lived until you see Jack telling his papa he's keeping his baby.
Gakked from [ profile] slodwick:

Ritual Habitual by [ profile] popcornleader. I'm also stealing the text of her rec:


Seriously, that's all I can say -- this video is SO FREAKING AWESOME. It's a Supernatural constructed reality, and it's basically flawless It's twisted and dark and violent and so well done, it gave me chills and had me gasping at the screen and I couldn't love it more IF I TRIED.

Watch it. SRSLY. *flails around*

Yeah, seconded. I haven't been that creeped out since War Drums. Beautifully done.
This Woman's Work by Holly Gilmore, Firefly, Zoe, Zoe/Wash.

Hmm. I was going to do this as a conditional, but I changed my mind. There's some odd clip order choices, but to be honest, first, second, and third watch, I just didn't care. It's powerful and it made me cry. Spoilers through the movie.

short thoughts below cut, spoilers for vid )
In continuing adventures in youtube....

War Drums by izzerial, SPN, gen - you know, just watching this, it's a lot less like a weekly adveture and a lot more like a war.

Some of the clips are--odd, but it's very intense. I'd give a lot to get it in a higher res, but--yeah. I feel unsettled.

i need a better word, spoilers for vid )


okay, wait )
Two things. Less than pleasant first.

Seriously, I Need to Say This?

There is a time and place for fic critique. Unless you have never been here before, I think it's pretty self-evident it goes on in here.

But there's this thing I like to call time and place.

Please don't, when I am doing a quick squee-rec, like, say, oh, tonight, come in and post anonymously a sly poke at a different story in comparison to the one recced. One, it's kind of tacky. Two, that's not something a given author needs to see randomly pop up if they're reading my lj.

And yes, I know what fic was referred to. And I seriously in all ways don't agree. That entry was not the place or the time.

(This is absolutely not in reference to last week, btw.)

YouTube Vids Recs

If you watch enough youtube vids? You really *do* find what you were looking for.

Fandom: X-Men

So Much Better by LadyofTear, St.John/Bobby. I--really love this. Their love is so torn by destiny. And it gets extra points for not starting in that mall scene from X2. Happy.

Fandom: Star Trek Voyager

Holding Out for a Hero by Sazzy1972, Janeway/Seven. Whetehr or not you have seen Voyager, like or hate the pairing, or have issues with gorgeous blonde Borg--watch this. I pasted this to [ profile] svmadelyn after the first minute. You'll see why. This? This is *awesome*.

It runs a little long for me personally, but it's a riot.

Summer Nights from Grease by Sazzy 1972, Janeway/Seven. Oh my God. Same as above. This is so awesome. And seriously, Janeway as Danny works on a variety of levels. A variety.

ETA: Someone have any good Logan/Scott? I really want Logan/Scott for some reason.
This is definitely one of those days that could be improved with the application of alcohol.

I am *so* in a mood. And not even for a reason! Well, to be fair, I was in a mood, and you know that thing that you do where you go over the last five or so days and think of everything that pissed you off? And make lists? And then plot elaborate revenge?

...maybe that's just me.

I am seriously considering creatively renaming all my tags, like say, sga fanfic 2006 will become Lots of Puppies Die.

It's a thought.


Sockpuppeting 101

Posted in comments in F-W:

I'll post again and mention my old sock-puppeting days. The vital thing that Msscribe seems to have forgotten is that people have memories. When I was sockpuppeting I kept a list of every attribute I had given my socks, every birthday that I had mentioned, and I made sure they all tied together. I also endeavoured to make them have different writing styles - one would use consciously more stilted and simpler vocabulary as well as making spelling mistakes etc.

There will be a quiz later to assure you have read and understood the material. During the lab practical, everyone will be expected to create and maintain at least two sockpuppets, one of which must be a male Chilean who loves Clex.

Comfort Fic Recs

Because everyone has them for days of darkness and despair and avoiding suddenly taking off on some kind of sockpuppet crusade.

101 Ways to Get Lucky (In Love) by [ profile] scribblinlenore - mmm. Comfort fic. Harlequin comfort fic.

A Dangerous Desire or McKay Makes a Match by [ profile] janne_d - that wins for How To Make Me Smile Sappily. Cause for serious. So. Adorable.

Pilgrim's Hands Do Touch by [ profile] beadattitude - happy sounds of *touching*. And all--*flails*--hand-y. Pretty.


Falling For the First Time by [ profile] sisabet, SPN. I--um. Love. And Glee. And Puppies *everywhere*. And seriously, download already. Love and puppies and glee! HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT?

I--should be working on something? But instead, there will be sulking. And staring at the moinitor. And ooh. I'm going to mull my fannish existence.

(I have still not discarded the tempting process of manufacturing a viciosu flamewar with someone, floucing away, and coming back under a new name like BobLovesSheppard or something. Or AstralWife. Expect not those names, because you could find me under them. So another one. It could happen.)

(SheppardAstralWife? *uncertain*)

(Maybe SuperHarrySlut.)

(Maybe I'll just write a story all in lowercase letters and see what happens. In the second person future perfect. With wings.)

(No, I have no idea what that tag means. I just--yeah. It exists.)

ETA: I swear to God, if lj does not fix the damn problem with emailing comments, I am bringing all my porn back. Even the stuff that sucks. I WILL TYPE IN THE STUFF I WROTE WHILE I WAS FOURTEEN AND IT WILL APPEAR ON FLISTS AND PEOPLE WILL CRY CRY CRY. DO YOU WANT THAT ON YOUR CONSCIENCE LJ? DO YOU?)

ETA: - contributed by [ profile] z_rayne in comments, and seriously, this *deserves* to be shared.

Metaquoted on LJ
I've been trying to do a single coherent rec post and con report and that's not going to happen. Basically, there will be dribbles. But I have to do this particular dribble now, before I burn out my initial reaction to it.

Link to [ profile] dualbunny's VVC vid "Cuz I Can".

I had a curious reaction to the BSG vid "Cuz I Can".

oh )

Yes. Download it now. Now now now now now.
A. VVC was *amazing*, per usual. Vids were *awesome*. I'm abusing the privilege of astericks. Will hunt down the vids that premiered adn post links, because oh my GOD there was a sparkly Atlantis vid.

No, seriously. There were *sparkles*.

But for now, the one I saw while doggedly trynig to catch up on flist.

Moons of Jupiter by [ profile] fan_eunice, which is a total love-fest of Doctor Ten-ness that makes me all fuzzy for Tennant.

B. ...someone really thought that it was a good idea to abuse-troll (I--can't think of another term that applies), the pro-ana communities? Seriously? I thought it was a bad joke.

very short huh )

Right. Longer than I thought.

C. Fixed remaining bad HTML on And All the World Beneath. Finally. What I can't figure out is why some of it just didn't translate to *either* P or BRs in the HTML, it just ran them together. It was--twitchy.

D. I miss [ profile] svmadelyn. I mean, despite the fact I'm fairly sure that she tried to smother me the other night. There's really no other reason I can think of why the pillow was over my face so many times, you know? I mean, she says I was doing that, but you know? I wonder.

E. Met some *amazing* people and had this like, ten hour conversation with [ profile] lovelokest and [ profile] onnakitty that felt like ten minutes and was perenially startled every time someone mentioned how late it was.

F. May I never hear the word 'manbreast' again. It looks bad in text? You wouldn't really realize that it actually sounds five hundred times more traumatizing when spoken.

G. Waffles bit me. I think he's kind of bitter I was gone. It wasn't a hard bite, and he totally played it off as an accident, but I could totally tell.
Sunday, July 15th, 2007 04:12 pm

vid recs, sort of

This entry is basically a placeholder for vid recs when I finally find my links. I have meant *forever* to rec *and* link, and rewatched the Star Trek III: The Search for Spock vid set to Dante's Prayer and cried my eyes out. Again.

Currently only one now. I just decided if I actually have an entry devoted to it, I am far more likely to, say, remember to do it.

vid recs and links )
Because [ profile] lierdumoa is the *coolest vidder ever*....

If I Wrote You, SGA vid, general. It's utterly breathtaking.

Her summary: Season 1 retrospective. Fear, grief, strength and hope among the members of the Atlantis expedition.

I've only watched it like, fifty times, but--oh wow. It's amazing. Leave her pretty comments so we can *get more out of her*.
Tuesday, January 13th, 2004 10:55 pm

(no subject)

Vid Recs

I'm still working my way through my massive download the other weekend. Which is reminding me of the joy of subtextual onetrueluv. *sighs* Then [ profile] altricial, who really *is* like this vid dealer, starts writing in capitals.

Now capitals mean READ RIGHT NOW.

And she said WATCH THIS. But in a much longer way.

So I did.

Stay, B/J. This is a link to the LJ, since direct linking seems rude and well, she needs feedback for this AMAZING WONDERFUL JUSTIN VID by [ profile] kitkatbyte.

See? Capitals. Totally catch the eye.

Beautiful look at Justin, all in love, and Brian being--well. Brian. It hurts. And chasing it with [ profile] sisabet's 66 helps. A little.

And [ profile] keewick, psychically intuiting everyone's desperation for even *more* good vids, released Paperbag, which is all fast and liquid and Brian. And good.

It's raining vids. I am drenched with happy QaFdom. I will wallow, since my last look at my bank account shows that I need to wallow in something.

This would probably be a *really* good time for me to find out I'm actually the daughter of a millionaire who just died without heirs. *sighs*

But I have double VCRs and that means copying tapes. And people who have been threatened with copies of first season QaF need to start to be afraid as soon as I get some blank tapes. Oh yes.

I'm all for pointless entries these days. I had this weird idea of talking about reader intepretation and so forth, but eh. Also, I'm behind in email and answering comments. My apologies on that.

Oohkay, and [ profile] jcalanthe just reminded me I hadn't answered. *grins* It's like karma, except probably not very much.
Saturday, December 27th, 2003 03:24 pm

pretty pretties

[ profile] goss makes pretty, pretty things.

Very, very pretty, and it's a cover for Standing in the Common Spaces.

It's like magic, what she can do with art. DAMN. Just *damn*.


[ profile] jainieg is corrupting my morals. Yes, it's true. She's a massive influence for the Dark Side (aka Ethan). All of you following Hostile/Hostel (or is that the other way around?) know this already, but really, it bears repeating. Like, a zillion times.



For kicks, if you haven't, and I can't *imagine* why you haven't, download [ profile] sisabet's Whiskey For My Men; Beer For My Horses. It is just *so* cool. And never would I ever have guessed that any country song would work, but hey, [ profile] sisabet is just *that* good. No, really. Funny, hot, and just great.

I have the slowest modem in history. I could get up, *walk* to [ profile] altricial's house, and get them directly from her computer faster than I can download them. But that's okay, as good things come to those that wait, patience is a virtue, the grass is always greener on the other side, and there's never a bad time for good smut.

Like this.

Fic Recs

The Son of the Dawn by Paul Plesko. I'm never going to get over my terror of first person POV--if you've read what I have in this fandom, you already understand the scarring is pretty much permanent--but Paul keeps excellent control of Brian's voice and tone, so I pretended I'd never read a first person before in QaF and that worked. Post season three--I had some quibbles with some of the wording, but nothing that nail-to-chalkboarded me or anything. And well. It's hot. And also, I'd just like to point out, okay, ouch. But in a good, hot way. I'm not entirely sure he needed to hyphenate some of the words, but hell, I don't have a dictionary with me atm, so not too worried.

It was a test, I thought. A test of ownership. A test of commitment. A test of feelings. If I said "no," then he'd want an explanation... a justification. Why could I seek pleasure elsewhere while denying him the opportunity? And I couldn't explain it, really... I, who valued brutal honesty, couldn't handle gentle honesty. These feelings violated everything I'd believed for the last nine years. "No fetters. No baggage. Travel light." And he was asking me to change that.

I just liked that bit.

Okay. Downloading. Go modem! Go modem! Damn you, *go*.
(a)...end of Titanic. Right, I know, I'm just a prostitute for the entire industrial-entertainment conglomeration that runs the world and Leonardo di Caprio is the antiChrist, but I. Don't. Care. Watching large ships go down while musicians keep playing and all those people dying? I get a flat thirty minutes of pretty much relentless crying.

Moments that are the whimperiest.

Old people in bed, waiting for the water.

Two kids in bed, waiting for the water.

Captain with his steering wheel, waiting for the water.

Musicians playing, waiting for the water.

You see a theme here?

Though there's this one unintentionally, I'm sure, break-moment where this lady slides on her stomach ALL the way down the Titanic's deck and instead of weeping for her death, I stop and wonder how many splinters she got in her stomach and how uncomfortable that must be right before going on to a watery grave. It's bad enough to drown in freezing water, but imagine all that salt water in those open cuts, stinging! *shivers*

(b) Armageddon. I'll say it before, I'll say it again. The eternal love of Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck's characters is liken unto Romeo and Juliet, but without everyone dying and a lot less in the way of sex. If that entire death thing wasn't hanging over my head, I'd be all over them. Stupid reservations regarding undead sex. Bah. That entire damn movie is a river of woe for me. From the second they start boarding the ship until Bruce dies in a flare of white.

(c) Tarzan, Disney version. I don't even want to hear it. The song and the parents building their little house--gets me EVERY time. I'd blame Elton John and hormones, but I've watched it too many times to keep that kind of excuse on hand. And the mommy ape! Come ON.

(d) Pearl Harbor -- see, prostitute for the entertainment industry, I am totally their market. But all those people banging to get out of the ships? Roosevelt standing up to make the speech at the table? Gah. Hurts.

(e) Anytime I re-read Winston Churchill's speech regarding how England wouldn't ever give up during WW II, and the really embarassing part is, that one happened the first time in class, which got me no points with anyone.

(f) Buffy fifth season finale. Spike's expression. Buffy's speech while falling. This perfect second when you give up and let go. Last ten minutes, I and the kleenex are one. Still does it to me, even now. I was still crying on AIM while chatting with Lena.

(g) Smallville, Ryan dying by inches in that bed.

(h) End of Darkstar's "Save the Last Dance for Me". Every. Fucking. Time. You'd think by now I'd be desensitized, but oh no. Dammit.

There, I've embarssed myself enough for one day.

Rec Correction

Maps and Legends, the wonderfulness that I was assured is finished and being polished AS WE SPEAK, is by Rachel Anton and Laura Blaurosen. My apologies. My only excuse is that I was so desperately grateful for readability I dind't pay attention to, you know, the authors.

To The Siamese Twins, I'm fixing that thing with the link, I swear. See below for explanation on why I haven't yet. *hugs* I'm so sorry.

Bored Out of My Mind

I considered redesigning my webpage again, but then I forgot the new password for the main directory, and I hate editing in WS_FTP. It hates me and also adds little blocks everywhere and everything is in a big paragraph instead of being spaced out correctly. Hate that. And I have actual editing to do! I do!

*sighs* However, I can still uplaod and download without trauma, so....

cover! yay! )


I'm still working out the good/bad manners of vid reccing. Feel free to tell me to take it down if you're just terribly uncomfortable.

66 by sisabet. If I could literally boil down everythign I love about QaF into less than five minutes of images, this is what I'd use. It's fantastic.

Battleflag by sisabet. Again. See above.

Fast As You Can by [ profile] silviakundera. Yep. Took me two days to make it download and my computer cooperate, and I won't waste energy explaining my hatred of my monitor for making everything os damn dark, because completely worth it.

Keep Me by [ profile] silviakundera I want this song, dammit. Must look. Pretty. The cuddliness is unending.

Eleventh Hour by Mesa. I could swear I read it before it was recced by someone here, but I cant' be sure, and it was good, good, good. Love Justin. Just love him.

[ profile] isilya gets creative as hell. Justin is thinking along with Michael. Short, sweet, and *true*. Hurts. I'm okay with that.


Slowly but surely, I'm trying to work my way through Across the Pond. I have a system to keep the trauma to a minimum. If the summary tells me the plotline and ending, I skip. If there is any kind of virtual giggling, I skip. If the title makes me roll my eyes, I skip. Basically, my MO in the SSA and Level_Three.

Now, that's level one sorting. Level two is usually where I get trapped and frantic, because once I start reading? Can't stop. Train wreck in progress? Can't stop. Turns suddenly Brian/Michael with rugrats and a picket fence and pet dog unexpectedly? Can't stop. Have to read to the bitter, bitter, bitter end, and this could be (i) on 'things that make me cry ridiculously'.

And by the way? Nestle Treasures? The way to enlightenment. Especially the coconut ones. I at least ten pieces further into enlightened *right now*.

Hmm. I need to make more icons. Soon.


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