2016-08-27 04:22 am (UTC)
oh, I see!

my husband and I had promised ourselves a new bed (our old one was...well, old). and then we failed to manage it for months on end, caught up in "well, we should research....".

i eventually got angry with us on our own behalf, and one day broke out the tape measure, determined that an innerspring king mattress would NOT fit up the stairs, demanded to know if anyone we knew had a foam mattress they liked, and bought the one with the most friends-who-owned-one-and-liked it.

the same day, I selected my top 3 fav. platform bedframes (which apparently foam mattresses need those? idek that's what i was told and i refused to look it up, I just said OH FINE and ran with it) in our price range from a vendor we have used before and asked my husband to pick one. I then purchased it, and two sets of sheets, and two comforters.

basically i did not research because I'd spent too long researching and driving myself around in circles. i just moved to the fuckits. the fuckits have comfy mattresses..... which I'm gonna go sleep on because it's getting late. :)
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