2016-08-22 03:55 am (UTC)
At now five nights? Firm is firm, but I'll update at one month and two months for more context. I'm still waking up at night but again, a.) it's been that way off and on for years, b.) I"m still in an adjustment period with it (it jsut feels so different), c.) I'm stressed from combination move in three days plus work plus all teh goddamn rain suddenly the last two weeks and d.) my period jsut started, and that always fucks with me in all the ways.

What I can't get over is how I feel rested, though. Even with teh wake ups and average sixish hours, I"m tiredish but not the 'motivate me to breathe' level. That's five nights running and yesterday, I went for a nap, it was also a Saturday and muggy and pre-menstrual, so--yeah I don't know.

I will say if you're hooking up to anything (my dad had a machine for apnea) this does not interfere with easy movement at all. For me, the settle/conform doesn't start until I've settled down adn even then, there's no sink (apparently memory foam reacts to body heat). I can move easily. (I read so many differnet stories on this that sounded like Blob Mattress Eats You, God)
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