2016-08-20 10:19 pm (UTC)
I was grumping IRL how it's almost impossible to test anything but high end mattresses anywhere (there are a couple of places, but just not many). Now, I'm not sure how useful that would have been. If I'd tested this in a store, I would have said 'nice' and liked it, but I wouldn't have assumed it would be that comfy for sleep. It's not soft--it's very comfortable and conforming, but it's not pillow marshmallow bliss (which makes me twitch because no no no).

I mean, on half a week data, I don't have enough to work with on why, but it does now occur to me that when you relax into sleep and are still, there's a different body dynamic going on, and it's not something awake I can quantify, just guess. However, assumign this mattress does not collapse or whatever and performance stays relatively the same, it may be a similar dynamic to good waterbeds or air mattresses in that its' less like springs pushing you up at all times beneath plush or pillow-tops, but instead layers that slow your rate of descent downward. I feel weirdly philosophical about it.
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