2014-08-24 06:05 pm (UTC)
Apparently I am alone in this, but I love the way English has so many different languages incorporated and I love how you can trace history through words that have been retained (and even ghosts of changed pronunciation--chair got imported before 'ch' became the /ʃ / sound in French, you can see we imported 'pedestrian' after the Grimm's Law shit happened so we have 'foot' but 'pedestrian'). And personally I'm very pleased that English has dropped cases using inflection and just gone with using prepositions and stuff. I'm sloooowly trying to learn Greek and like just. The declensions. The cases. asdfjoweds

On the other hand, I get why it's frustrating. I have awful memory so I have no idea if I struggled with spelling or not (French immersion when I was younger, so I dunno if that did anything) but I do volunteer work with adult literacy programs so yeah. It'd be nice if our orthography matched everything else to make it simpler.
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