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Moment of Enlightenment:

After a few too many go arounds up against the developers this build, it's faintly possible I am losing a sense of perspective in that I just had to go and quickly erase a comment in reply to a condescending explanation of why this program is not working no matter how I test it.

The comment? In public? To several paragraphs of explanation of why wrong is right and of course this program is working, people (you) are the problem?


...I really need to get out more.
alwayswondered: A woman's tattooed hand stroking a fluffy white cat. (There's probably no test data.)

2011-04-12 04:32 pm (UTC)
I feel your pain. I just spent about 30 minutes on the phone to our global service desk trying to get them to SEND A FUCKING EMAIL notifying the user base that the system's going down for two hours tonight. Now I have to stay late tonight and manage/test/sign off the release on my own at zero notice because my teammate is in bed with man!flu.

marycontrary: (Default)

2011-04-12 04:40 pm (UTC)
You life in Texas, right?

At the least, you can't possibly be working with sillier programmers than this =(
kickair8p: Totenkopf's Brain Sculpture (TotenkopfBrainSculpture)

2011-04-12 05:19 pm (UTC)

...I really need to get out more."

I need to get out more than you -- I had to look up "w/e". D:

artisan447: Kono (Kono serious)

2011-04-12 06:20 pm (UTC)

Totally appropriate response *nods*

(unless it was accompanied by an xkcd comic, in which case you might be on shaky ground ;)
scy: (Default)

[personal profile] scy
2011-04-13 01:54 am (UTC)

Re: work - I will say that people are being creative about all the wrong things - like their MEDICAL RECORDS. >.<

norabombay: (Default)

2011-04-13 04:50 am (UTC)
I use the "what would rodney do" metric on these. If I have written over a page on WHY THINGS ARE WRONG ON THE INTERNET, than it is something Rodney would do. And I shouldn't send ti.
nagasvoice: lj default (Default)

2011-04-13 05:58 am (UTC)
That's actually pretty awesome.
I like that idea.
Of course, if I wrote emails as I imagine Rodney would, I'd probably be leaving a trail of burnt bridges and flaming jello in every footstep.


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That's why he goes bad, you know -- all the good people hit him on the head or try to shoot him and constantly mistrust him, while there's this vast cohort of minions saying, We wouldn't hurt you, Lex, and we'll give you power and greatness and oh so much sex...

Wow. That was scary. Lex is like Jesus in the desert.
--pricklyelf on why Lex goes bad

Obi-Wan has a sort of desperate, pathetic patience in this movie. You can just see it in his eyes: "My padawan is a psychopath, and no one will believe me; I'm barely keeping him under control and expect to wake up any night now to find him standing over my bed with a knife!"
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Jenn: Because you are an addict.
Jenn: There are twelve step programs for this.
Beth: i dunno they'd work, might have to go straight for the electroshock.
Jenn: I'm not sure that helps with bead addiction.
Beth: i was thinking more to demagnitize my credit card.
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Anonymous: sorry. i just wanted to tell you how much i liked you. i'd like to take this to a higher level if you're willing
Eleveninches: By higher level I hope you mean email.
--LJ, 4/2/2004

silverkyst: I need to not be taking molecular genetics.
silverkyst: though, as a sidenote, I did learn how to eviscerate a fruit fly larvae by pulling it's mouth out by it's mouthparts today.
silverkyst: I'm just nowhere near competent in the subject material to be taking it.
Jenn: I'd like to thank you for that image.
--AIM, 1/25/2005

You know, if obi-wan had just disciplined the boy *properly* we wouldn't be having these problems. Can't you just see yoda? "Take him in hand, you must. The true Force, you must show him."
--LJ, Issaro, on spanking Anakin in his formative years, 3/15/2005

Aside from the fact that one person should never go near another with a penis, a bottle of body wash, and a hopeful expression...
--LJ, Summerfling, on shower sex, 7/22/2005

It's weird, after you get used to the affection you get from a rabbit, it's like any other BDSM relationship. Only without the sex and hot chicks in leather corsets wielding floggers. You'll grow to like it.
--LJ, revelininsanity, on my relationship with my rabbit, 2/7/2006

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--LJ, cpt_untouchable, on my addition of The Fourth Bunny, 4/13/2006

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