2014-08-24 04:29 am (UTC)
OMG, now I'm grinning over here. Yes!!! And it's even worse if you're Scottish!!!

Like, seriously, my mom's bad English (speak a lot of Ks and rolling Rs) was understood better than my school English in Scotland.

Spelling isn't too hard though when you follow certain rules (namely doing the d/t c/k and the Great Vowel Shift in reverse) The latter is the thing of evilness that has condemned poor English speaking children to special spelling bee hell!!!

German isn't quite like Latin, but for the most part if you know how it sounds (and know the rules) you know how it's spelled. Phonetics was always crazy easy in German. It was the English that made me cry (and we literally would get an English text and had to transcribe it--and in British English to boot...no damn Yanks there!!!)

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