2014-08-23 11:45 pm (UTC)
You give great rant!

Well, I covered feminism, body image, poverty, social justice, all the oppressions, and parts of them all can be sung to the beat of Bulletproof Picasso's chorus already this week (try the ones with no commas and McDonalds and Wal-Mart close together; it's eerie, but what can I say, I had it on repeat while writing).

So, obviously, time to pony up and get to the important shit: language and fucking French.

But: Fish and fiche sound the same but mean different thingsā€¦ Really? For me the first has a short i (like first) and the second has a longer i (like quiche) (which it would because French).

Of course it does. Because fucking (discount) French.

If you say it with 'micro' it does, or so I think when I say it now. However, hilariously, when I worked in the library for student work-study, if anyone left off the 'micro'--which was often, too many syllables in a protracted conversation when we got a new shipment--it was 'fish' every time. A guy came to my desk and leaned on it while I took a breath and said "Tuna or salmon?" and burst out laughing because it took me several beats to hear the joke.

Fuck upperclassmen, too.

So French is also responsible for shitty fish jokes and douche seniors who think they're doing standup on Comedy Central: thanks France.
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